No More Plans: Reverse Targeting; I Am the A.I.

How to live? Best advise is… follow The Way.

First, you will need a core personality reference point. I am of the mind that you might as well make it a good one. So many survivors make theirs miserable, immature, lacking, needing, depressed, hurt, anxious… Thanks to the bad MK doctors and mad devils like Mengele, Cameron, Gottleib, West, Hebb, ect their main or first point of TBMC (trauma based mind control) programming was to break our connection to the things we loved and replace it will doubt, cynicism, pessimism, anger, hate, jealousy, envy, greed… ect.

Ultra GRRL with Kitty

I suspect that is why I lost my first beloved pet, Kitty. Kitty and I were the best of friends. He was a big Main Coon cat and just the most loyal guy ever (except my boy cat Boomer is my main man now). I was away at camp for 2 weeks. I was with a friend of mine who was Anglican, I believe. This camp was actually a bible camp. I was an atheist as a child so I had to be assured that the religious stuff would not dominate the experience. It didn’t and in fact, I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the bible stories and wondered why the Catholics never told the stories like that.

My family came to visit me half way through on the weekend. My brother and sister were positively morose. They were instructed not to tell me, so as not to ruin my time at camp. When I got home I found out and I was devastated.

After MK Ultra Girl discovery in 2015, I filtered my life with the new awareness. Ping! Cat was murdered. I can actually differentiate between natural catastrophe and diabolical MK. It is a part feeling, part knowing, but it is real as day. I am connected to all life like an organic AI computer. I sift, discard, rearrange and master the code myself. (this BTW is the core function of how to reverse target). I had instant knowing of the truth when, Diana was murdered and when the towers fell.

MK Ultra Girl discovery has connected me back up to the human race. I was really just doing my thing in a vacuum before that, trying to DO things that would bring me the connection AFTER I did them. FYI, that is not The Way.

One day, I will go on about all the absurd mistakes I have made trying to fulfill this connection to humanity (that was destroyed by the MK controllers in amnesia as a child). It finally occurred to me in 2015 ish, and I credit my girl cat Tabu, for helping me to see the light (another story) to stop pursuing these ideas in my head with a single minded purpose against ALL the signs pointing elsewhere.


That is why I nearly died in 2013 while in Mexico, trying to set my life up as a working photographer in Cabo for 6 months and an aerial photographer in Canada for the rest of the year.

Guess what? I did it AGAIN! LOL. At least this time I can laugh and I made the course correction early enuf to not completely lose my good life that I so casually, arrogantly tossed aside for another “This is what I am doing” vacuum packed anti goal. (Remember, 9 months ago, I came home from Mexico, broke, carless and homeless)

Not surprisingly it involved trying to set up the Mexico life again. So many things went wrong, that I had to abort my 6 months trip and book a flight home after 2.5 weeks. As, soon as I did, the problems began to ease and right themselves. My feelings began to reverse back to a grounded controlled core personality – some people do like me.

Now I am just waiting to get on the plane. I might even get to a cenote if the last of my ill spent money is returned to me. Total monetary loss is about $2,000 in travel costs. The last of the minor sum I received for 10 years of work building Vancouver Aerial Photography. Otherwise, I am proud of myself how I live frugally without lack. Still need to work on the bridge to the human race, but you know what I discovered? So does everyone else.

Ultra GRRL
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