new years eve 2006

I was gifted with a 4 day seminar with Byron Katie at the Crowne Plaza hotel in LA near the airport. It was something that i won while i was in Pasadena on the 17th of dec. at the celebration of onesness fetival. It has jsut finished and I can say that i have added a hwole bunch of new names to me contact list. Low and behold, the Raw Family were there! I met Victoria at last. Ironically she was there as a gift also and was trying to remain anonymous and step outside of her tireless role of raw food researcher. She told me that after I announced to the room that the Raw Family were with us. Ah well, it was the last day after all.
Byron Katie is an author and councillor of sorts for her own self exploration program that centers around asking yourself 4 questions. It is very simple work that can be applied to any problem. The entire four days were comprised of people havingtheir turn with her in the chair beside her on stage. It was tiresome, interesting, and facinating all at the same time. I did come away with something although I am anxious to get going on my trip.
She organized a talen show for newyears eve that i participated in. I got up and sang Joni Mitchell’s song Both sides now in fron to of the whole audience (300 people). It worked out great. Here are some images form the event.

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