Nazi Punk Skinhead Men’s Rights = Gay

No for real, Gay. As in homosexual. Man on Man. Man love..

Here it is, neatly laid out historically as only time can tell. It is the nutshell of the movement and the key players, dates and influences as it occurred in London in the 70’s, 80’s and after. One kingpin agro dude Nicky Crane featured against a backdrop of social engineering test grounds during the hard core MK days of the boom and post boom generations.

I was at this gig at the Cabana Room which was at the Spadina Hotel.
I had a claustrophobia attack.

Ultra GRRL was in the TO street scene of music, art and movement politics. Except I could never figure out what the politics of the punks or the skinheads were. They seemed committed, but to what, I wasn’t sure. I even asked a few of them and they just stared at me slightly confounded. But I knew it had something to do with socialism and there were def ska and reggae tones which made it cooler for us. My movement politics change the world future was reliant on a spiritual renaissance which led me here.

It was a bit of a shock when I recently met a Vancouver scene punk who brought up some old names I hadn’t heard in a while, Yob and Orbit. What ever happened to.. not pretty. But there were others and my friend kinda had a crush on one. After repeated hang outs and signal dropping, he wasn’t hitting his cues, which led her to conclude: Gay.

25 years later, sometime in the 00’s, I stumble upon a photographic art gallery in Yaletown featuring a Bruce La Bruce show. There it was, skin heads blowing each other. And more. The movement’s bad smell.

Now the men’s rights movement has, madly off in the wrong direction, politically dovetailed itself with the neo nazi skinhead punk 2.0 scene and the scary far right. Well, I have news for you. All roads lead to Gay.

One target’s tormentor at the JTF2 in Toronto is both nazi and gay: a miserable and bizarre case of a paperclip offspring on an MK spaz op with no over site.

There are more first hand accounting shit head stories in my hood to verify my claim. The next time you think there is anything cool or misunderstood about nazis, skin heads, punks, men’s rights groups and the far right think again. It was all part of the hard targeting, socially engineered, think tank managed, borne from the heart of darkness perverted future created by mad devils who would rather destroy all life for everyone than get caught.

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