My Surroundings and Abode

This area is called Point of Rocks. There used to be a rail line through what is now a hiking trail. It was part of theold Wild West but was only discontinued in the 1980’s. It is my current backyard.

This is the house where I am staying, just outside of Prescott, AZ.

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2 thoughts on “My Surroundings and Abode”

  1. I love your last quip: “And god help me if I ever become a raw good guru!”
    That should be the name of your Country & Western hit!

    Your a very talented photographer. Your slide show is quite stunning. Your great when your flying high …

    Your honesty is to be commended. Raw and uncut. I look forward to reading further chronicles of your yummy journey into self-discovery and the beginnings of what shall surely be a bestseller!

    Kaelin and I shall welcome seeing you and meeting Happy Oasis at Raw Spirit 2008. See you in September.

    Rawsomely Yours,


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