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3 years ago I had an eco–village vision, built in La Ventana/ El Sargento, Baja Sur area. At the time, I realized I would never do this on my own or with the guy I was with. So, I dropped it. Well, apparently the cosmos took my order, because, lo and behold, Quercus Baja, did all the work while I was going about my humble artist life and created it for me, NOW, for cheaper!
Just before I left La Ventana at the end of May, 2012, I met Fernando Pena & his business partner, Guillermo. Fernando’s family (architects and engineers) are the founders of Quercus Baja. I thank them for building it! Here’s why I love it.
Guillermo & Fernando

Have you ever looked at ownership in La Ventana and dismissed it because of all the hassles?

Hassles like dealing with fideicomiso, security, building, designing, hiring, water, electricity, paying bills community isolation and the expense?
Quercus takes care of all that for you.  Just show up and enjoy your land and your solar powered eco cabana with your community.

Quercus is a club. It is built by a Mexican National family company with 4 other successfully completed projects in Mexico. Quercus is the first eco development of the company and the first in Baja.

Look, I am jumping right to the chase, because if you are interested you will contact me with more questions.

In the Quercus Baja Club, members have the following advantages:

1. Legal certainty
2. Avoiding the hassles of ownership by fideicomiso, security, ect..
3. Being part of a sustainable community.
4. Benefitting from a high appreciation value of the land (expect prices to rise by at least 50% in two years)
5. Enjoy all the amenities of the project (palapa-bar, swimming pool, hiking trails, botanic garden, water sports rental equipment, etc.)

All these privileges and advantages are granted only to the 45
shareholders of Quercus Baja.

I know it is a lot right now, but I had to get this post out because the lots are being scooped up. The one I wanted was sold last week.

One of the best things about this project, to me, is that the owners are Mexican and the buyers, so far, are all Mexican.

There are only 9 lots remaining at the $10,000k US dollar presale price. Then they go up to $12,500… and further go up after another increment is reached.

For 30K, you can have your own solar powered eco cabana on your own piece of paradise, ready in record time (maybe by this season).  Is there any option out there that can compare with that? I don’t think so.
How many people do I know in LV who are sitting on an isolated piece of desert and not using it? I can think of 3 right off the top of my head. People want community, but maybe the heart of LV is getting a little too nutsy for you – it is for me.
P – 19 is my lot. I outlined in red on this diagram: 

 P -25, P – 24, P – 22, P – 12, S – 19 & S – 10 are sold so far.
The contracts and the website are being translated into English right now.
Everything about this project feels right to me.

contact me ASAP if you have questions.
778 552 1299

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