More Content Coming and Merry Christmas

I know it’s been too long since my last post. I’ve been meaning to do this and meaning to do that but not getting around to the content. I have however been working away on the marketing side. And for that I am pretty proud. A lot of those new links and ads on the side are affiliate programs that I personally endorse. I also added Google Adsense. Slowly plodding my way through the internet marketing course for dummies or late bloomers.

I intend to continue to add slide shows and movies as downloads that can easily be accessed through megaupload for free. These will include my travel shots like the one I have done so far and also movies on raw food. I am also hoping to rewrite the whole blog and make it a bit more professional. In fact most of the content is missing. I haven’t even compiled it yet. So what you see here are off handed entries that are more personal.

Since I arrived at Happy Oasis near Prescott Arizona and took on the job of Marketing the Raw Spirit Festival, I have encountering a plethora of raw food websites and blogs. And I am a little humbled in most cases. However, as far as my knowledge and understanding of the movement and diet goes, I have a fair amount to contribute. What do they say? Opinions are like A**holes, everyone’s got one!

In continuing the process of exploration of the movement and understanding of the diet, I am experiencing first hand the entire arena and the players involved. More later on that….

For now, I am spending my days living and working with the abstraction of someone else’s dream. Not my cup of tea really but I took this on to experience what it was like to live and work in an intentional community that was about raw foods. I was actually headed to the Tree of Life when this came up through an email that I sent out to Happy Oasis. For those not familiar, Happy Oasis is both a person and a place- her home. She is the founder of the Raw Spirit Festival.

So now I know that I am not interested in this type of living. There is nothing magical or better about it than any other situation. In fact there are several draw backs. One is that you never leave work. However, I am learning more good information and appreciate the quietude and peace.

Thanks for being my audience. And I am promising that I will send out more good content about raw foods but also about my personal journey. I am not going to worry about the angle or approach to take in presenting my material. I am just going to put it out there. Although I see nothing wrong with making a buck or two though this raw food world, I will remain a visual artist rather than health practitioner. And god help me if I ever become a Raw Food Guru.

Best Christmas and Holiday Wishes to all

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