Mk Ultra Girl vs. Resolve

It is getting harder to appear crazy. With only a few days left in 2017, will we see presentation of the class action lawsuit for all mkultra, MILAB, gangstalked & targeted individuals? I did predict it. And I have been working towards it. Remember in Discovery, that I said I will carry this forth for all victims/ survivors/ revivors/ thrivers?

My disclosure is everyone’s disclosure. My blinders off, is everyone’s blinders off. Very much like Jane/ El in Stranger Things, I too have a sense of purpose to set right the wrongs against my mother, Emma Jane Crunican/ Atkin and as it turns out, my father, my sister, myself and my brother, Michael. That is what started this research and my first contact with Alan Stein, the lawyer now in the news representing the latest cases concerning the vics from the Allan Memorial, as it was known in my household. This is the same subject that has taken over the entertainment world. Those are our stories BTW. I will be getting paid.

Why is Ewan Cameron (same family as the UK dethroned PM, David Cameron) the fall guy? Because an American journalist exposed him in the late 70’s. Since then, public narrative has focused on him as the evil scientist set apart from society today. Nothing could be further from the truth. The program did not end, nor did it start with Cameron, IMO.

These same torture experiments were done to children of military, orphans, street people, refugees, natives, the underclass, ect. And the same program is where the missing 21 trillion dollars in US budget dollars went a few years ago. It is the same program that orders around the men in black, that handles, targets and gang stalks millions of people in North America today. It is the deep state. Everyone of these people need compensation too, IMO.

There were a whole bunch of other doctors, nurses, orderlies that were all a part of that operation. Some are still alive. Dr. D.O. Hebb, Dr. Ruth Kajander, Dr. Heinz Lehman, Dr. Jolly West, Dr. Martin Fischer, Dr. James Hamilton, Dr. Morse Allan, Dr. L. Wilson Green, Dr. Martin T. Orn, Stephen Aldritch. Did you know that University of British Columbia is one of 2 institutes in Canada that can legally conduct LSD experiments on people? STILL!

There is no one else near or dear to me or my family to whom this task will fall. I AM THE END OF MY LINE. Clearly, for my parents, deference of justice or truth telling for their infirmaries was towards a vain hope, a deceit that only lay more pain and misery for themselves and their children. This is the same deceit that imbues our esteemed colleagues today. The same deceit that thinks it is better to cover up than to resolve.

100K doesn’t begin to cover it. Lets start at the number that Omar Kahadar got recently from the Trudeau guv: $10.5 million.

The generational devastation brought upon my family is worth more than 100K The acts against us were criminal, conspiratorial and deliberate. They carry on to this day. But maybe this is the last day.

No doubt, blame shame and guilt were heavily laden onto my parents and onto me for any mention that there was something afoul within the projected family. However, anyone who knew us, can testify we were as oddball as the Adams family. Even to day there is NO ONE in my family will tell the truth.

The story on my mother’s side is this: She was depressed. We tried to tell her what to do. We work. Gramma paid for her treatment at the Allan out of the family farm.  She spent her inheritance on that. It was her own fault.

The story on my father’s side is this: He was obsessed with the Catholic Church. He was having mental problems in his early teens. He was very smart (School Valedictorian). He has a “nervous breakdown” after 2 weeks spent at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, ON. He went to University, got an MA in philosophy and english and began a career teaching high school English, married my mother, had a family… he was eccentric.”


The persistence of the program thru secret societies and ritual abuse is to promote the lie that humans will transform into a new godlike thing from the parasitic flesh sacks we are today. This is the whole idea behind all the luciferian satanic mkultra programming- to keep the human side of us in the dark and under the control of these liars that there will be redemption/ escape from the original sin (the molding of man) by transforming into fake God. The new agers and fake survivors that pretend they left the cult but didn’t are all on board with this too. They call it ascension/ rapture/ economic reevaluation/ swiss indo/ nesara/ fantasy island. The programme is just about enslavement now because I can’t see how any of the fallen can still believe there will be escape through this metamorphosis. However, the carrot continues on the stick for so many in all walks of life.

Very much on cue like a good sci fi/ detective novel, the unraveling of my case, my cause, my inquiry ramped up in 2013 after I saw my mother in the clip of Mental Hospital,

(the original production from where the others ripped, in this case it was INFOWARS produced State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control).

Alex Jones is CIA/ zionist shill, IMO, parroting the fake right dialogue to keep you trapped in the lies; Lies, they benefit from. Not one person returned my emails asking about the origin of the clip in 2013. Imagine you are watching a new documentary about a subject you know intimately and your mother is the patient being electroshocked on the table in the movie? What would you do?

On July 24th, 2013, I learned of the Janine Huard case after doing an internet search on the subject.  I knew of the first case filed in the 80’s, but only as a vague memory that was awakened when I saw the cbc doc, The sleep room, in the late 90’s.


I emailed Alan Stein on July 24th, 2013. As timing would have it, between July 24, 2013, the date I was inspired to do an internet search on the Allan Memorial, and July 27, 2013, the movie with my mother getting electroshocked came out. 3 days!

I am a truth seeker. This is a side effect of having your brains fried without your knowledge or consent. People with head injuries are always trying to put the pieces back together. Pieces that were flung through all space and time all across the universe. Is it any wonder that spiritual inquiry is a fervent occupation for survivors? It doesn’t make it any easier to find the truth when it has been hidden by religions, all religions, since the beginning of time? So, despite all the best intentions and sentiments, most seekers and spiritualists are really only clinging to a log floating in an MK sea. The rest are frauds who steal our material.

Alan Stein replied to the July 24th email, that he could not help me because my mother was dead. On July 27, 2013, I sent him the link to the movie with my mother on with a bitch slap tone. First of all, I wasn’t asking he represent me. I was asking how to get the records. I still don’t have her records. Clearly she was a patient. How did the other vics  get their records? I WANT HER RECORDS. I WANT MY RECORDS. I want my Dad’s records. I want my records.

I spoke with Mr. Stein on the phone after that and left it to report back once I had some records. I still have no records. They will not give me records. I can barely get these volunteer blog posts out. I have to support myself. Which is done through being a relatively normal (like that will ever happen) business person slash artist. No body pays me to do this. Not only do I have to push through the blocks embedded in my own psyche to get this done, not get any help from family, nor others in the so called “community”, but when i do make enquirers I am handled by people who ARE GETTING PAID to not help me. This has to stop.

I wrote the guv after I saw the first CBC documentary on the abuse of Ewan Cameron at the Allan Memmorial. It was called The Sleep Room. I  got shut down by Anne McClellan.

My mom was alive, living in a nursing home in London, ON, even though she was only in her mid sixties. She was completely immobilized from all the drugs she was on. Drugs that her doctor, my doctor from Toronto since the late 70’s, Dr. Jean Marmoreo kept her on even after my mother refused to see her anymore. My mother died 9 months after I wrote this letter to Anne McClellan.

The profession of doctor is shilling for the deep state, IMO, which is well beyond the depth of this topic today but suffice to say, we are talking Project Paperclip Nazi doctors and underworld controllers who set up and control what we know of as the medical industry today.

Not only does Dr. Marmoreo know all about my mother’s case, I can bet she knew her a decade prior to becoming her GP.

Adding further inquiry to this prescient topic, Dr. Marmoreo was the head nurse at the Clark institute of psychiatry at the same time my mother was admitted when I was 6 years old in 1968. Do you get it? They are doing really well, the rest of us, not so much. Marmoreo comes from Hamilton Ontario, which is well known for being a dark arts practicing hot spot.


The only time I saw my mother with any energy was in the early eighties when she tried to get off the antidepressants and tranqs she was on since the Allan Memorial days, 1953 ish. She went to the Donwood clinic in Toronto. Afterwards, she began with the same type of rantings that all the targeted individuals and gangstalked are taking like now. I had no idea what I was dealing with back then.

My mom, not doing well in the early ’70’s. 40ish. She held her hands like that a lot. And hold her breath a lot too.

When the first sign of hope for your mothers recovery (the first time in my life I had ever seen her with energy and buoyancy) came with assertions of international intrigue, spying, relations to the Queen, time loops and lags, concerning people within your circles and without, it isn’t easy.  Dr. Marmoeo told me that she put her on MORE drugs than she had been on before. This is the great doctor who has completely Mked her generation of Toronto wanna be elites, the middle class, with all her epic ness. IMO, she is an MK shill doctor, just like her former business partner and fellow doctor, Carolyn Bennett.


Why is a crusty, white doctor, Carolyn Bennett, with obvious ties to MK ultra programming, that I am now exposing, from elite Toronto schools, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs?

As the political and journalistic narratives get more and more divorced from reality, more obtuse, more obviously inspired by an unseen hand, any minor sleuth can put the pieces together.

These MK loyalists (not me, although they tried, see that is me in the picture), like many house of commons sitting members, they do not know why they do what they do. Very few people on all sides of this MK timeloop understand the truth, IMO, but no one want to be left holding the hot potato.

Mkultra girl was a page in the ON legislature

I saw it from discovery, my case is the undeniable end to society as we know it. SORRY. NOT. Get over it and start acting like an adult. Divide the truth from the lies in your own lives and start acting rightly.

That is why they have people like Carolyn Bennett who just happened to be the business partner of Dr. Jean Marmoreo, who kept my mom on drugs till the end of her life, are in the positions they are in.

Exactly what experience does she have to qualify her for this position? None, other than to perform the function of mkultra handler and gatekeeper that protects the guilty and obfuscates the the truth.

She is baffled by her own BS. Nothing she says makes any sense. She is only supported by the air of power, which in her case, and all these cases is over. Look at her eye. That eye is a clue to mkultra/ sra abuse. I have it bad. One optometrist said my right eye is shaped like a football. My whole right side feels like it is always recoiling from some unknown thing which has manifested into bone loss, arthritis, and numerous painful pressure points.
Don’t wonder why the department of justice is blocking all these cases of abuse for natives and mk ultra vics. All these 100K payoffs have them sign non disclose forms. It is because everyone is in on it. Our distress, subjugation, our torture, abuse and disenfranchisement keeps their boat afloat. Only foolish cowards think that these people hold society together, IMO.
The great work essentially is a fruitless pursuit to transform humans from the larvae to the butterfly, thus the monarch symbolism. This will never happen. But it continues to be the raison d’etre of everyone “committed” to “progress”. Think the whole AI future BS.

We have me, mkultra girl

My mother in the video clip

My dad as the likely patient as a early adult after his “nervous breakdown” with a Joseph Mengele looker beside him:

My sister, alive today under the maximum recommended dosages of 8 different meds including Lithium, is out of the hospital but has the personality of a 12 year old girl. STILL people think this can’t be true. No one wants to be left holding the hot potato.

What side of the veil are you living in? Everyone has experienced both sides, if only they remembered a dream, but most people I have talked with have many more defining experiences of spirit confirmed than that.
What are you waiting for? Because you are next on the hit list. So if Alan Stein or another of the other lawyers I have contacted cannot see this for the obvious jackpot that it is, I can’t help them either. But Mkultra girl will prevail. I guarantee you that.
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I invite you to read Dr. Scott McQuate to get the context of these concepts.

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