MK Ultra Girl Remembers Art Show

In 1985, I lost my brother, Michael Atkin in an accidental drowning death near Port Carling, Ontario, Canada. He was 19 years old. In 2010, I returned to the corner where I last saw his image fading away into the afternoon sun- College & Bathurst Streets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There I found this cast off, undressed doll set up on a cookie tin with a red apple placed on her belly.

Michael was neglected. Nobody ever taught him how to swim. Nobody taught him about life, safety, or care. Our parents were both amnesiac MK Ultra trauma based mind control test case victims, foiled by their own perceptions & deceptions wrought by doctors in white lab coats from the Canadian mental health industry.

Michael was hit by a north wind as he came out of the sheltered bay that knocked him out of his canoe, without a life jacket. 2 young boys tried to help him and were traumatized for life as they watched him drown in front of them.

It was an occult significant day, July 7th. That same year, in the spring, a young man living in my shared house committed suicide by drinking drano. Shortly after Michael died, an acquaintance turned Toronto punk legend, hung himself as the third and final part of a ritual suicide pact.

MK Ultra Girl Remembers shadow government (deep state) sponsored mind control programmers and handlers conspiring with multiple Canadian, US & international agencies. Your turn.


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