MK Ultra Girl – Integration

As threatened, Mk Ultra girl is owning her material in more concise and tangible formats. After a year since MK Ultra Girl Discovery, we are now moving into the Integration phase.

The shock has worn off and many worldly shifts have helped to validate and open portals for furthering the cause of all MK ultra (the programme) vics and revivors.

2017 marks the year when all aeons old lies are revealed. This catalyst will help to wake people up in much the same way as I was last year with discovery of myself as a little girl in a picture meta tagged MK Ultra girl being electrocuted.

More predictions for 2017 include the fall of the Vatican and all Royal Crowns.

2017 also heralds the coming of the long awaited international class action lawsuit against all covert black ops on innocents… (consider yourselves warned)


Live interview with Lance Scurv this Sunday January 8th at 2pm Pacific Standard Time.


Survivor Traps, Nazis, Blood Types, Fallen Angels, Soul Fragmentation, Gangstalking, Reality Shifts, Aliens, Reptiles, Solutions, Ministry and Creator

Ellen Atkin will attempt to explain the far flung concepts that keep us reverting to fear and desperation while under the spell of the programme.

Hot New Musical Release Outro by Hip Hop duo Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy composed this haunting outro using words written by
MkUltra Girl to further the message about trauma based mind control and
the public/political issue that it is to become in 2017.

Foreign Policy is a hip hop duo from USA & RUSSIA.
From USA side: Adam Afterlife – Vocals, Rhymes, Lyrics.
From RUSSIA side: Masta Shake – Beats & composition.
Debut EP album “Through the Looking Glass” out fall 2016
We have already begun working on the Upcoming LP “BLACK BUDGET POLITICS”


Interview with Elissa Hawke!

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23 thoughts on “MK Ultra Girl – Integration”

  1. Thank you for your comment Crackbabble. Yes, I have heard that from one other source within MK circles. As with all these assertions, let's see some proof. Do you have the medical journal? Have you seen it yourself? Are you just repeating something that went around on an MK gawker forum? Why is your profile anonymous? I encourage discussion on this topic. And for the record, I do not have memories of an injury that required me to be in traction.

  2. Hi. I just wanted to ask that since these experiments are still continuing, and these organizations run most governments of the world, how do you maintain your security? Do they not try to stop you from talking?

    And ofcourse spreading the proof and truth is the most effective way to inform people. But what would be the best way to actually try to stop them if they have all this power to even make Delta-Assassins? + I just really want to find out more so is there any extra information you could give about MK Ultra in general which you haven't gotten to expose yet?
    I'm not really good at writing so I hope I haven't offended you in any way.
    Thank you.

  3. Excellent question Anon. Thank you for your comment. I try to address this all the time. It is for this reason that I offer my services as a generational target, RH negative, ect. I have in fact done work arounds- worked from the outside in, in order to create a life for myself. This is possible. I am proof. It is not a life for everyone. If I ever get the time and place to actually tell the crazy, unbelievable, often times harrowing adventures of my life, I might be able to impart my methods. But for now, I use my inner sense to try to impart the most relevant nuggets, but I don't think much of what I say is digestible. I can only speak in parables often. I present evidence, clues, breadcrumbs publically for the world to analyse and draw their own conclusions. I try to help because I have been thru the worst of it and still take it on all the time, but for me, it is normal. I grew up that way. I don't complain about it. I go at it. That is my purpose. My raison d etre. As far as your perceptions and understanding of the programmers, deceivers, handlers, attackers, the truth is not what you have been led to believe. They need us. we are assets. We have the power. We need to know how to use it. I know a bit about that. hope that helps. ultra grrl

  4. I should add, that my testimony, talking is what is saving me from soul annihilation. I turned off so much of this information for many reasons. But I had to turn it back on to recreate/ reclaim my essence. I was losing life force. So, I took up the mantle of my shamanistic self without fear of recrimination for my own well being. You have to fight for your truth. Because I am an artist/ salesperson, it doesn't really matter much to my clients that I am also mkultra girl as long as I maintain professionalism and deliver, which I do. Business is business. People understand it is only an aspect of self, not the totality. Spirituality, self expression and all its components is allowed in this life. ultra grrl

  5. Thank you for your reply! It’s really amazing to be in contact with someone who’s actually been involved in this. I'm sure you have read many of the other survivors' stories on the cults and programming. Are there any which give false information in your opinion, that you can maybe specify? Like maybe it wasn't written by real survivors and was untrue. And what are your thoughts on David Icke? – Thanks

  6. Thanks again for you comment. Hmmm. the other survivors, the stories, the cults, the fakes, Icke.

    Personal testimony is good. In all its forms. Ultimately it is for personal healing, which is the most important thing really, soul reclaiming. Is it true? It is all true, it is all lies. Every ones story is their story, their analysis, methods for finding healing are personal. IMO, they often make the mistake of believing that what worked for them will work for everyone. It is an honest mistake. But may find one decrying, Imposter! how can that be? Most of the stories are metaphors. You have to find the truth in them. Plus different characters can make two exact same subject sound totally opposite. You have to know what is true. The stories are helpful to heal, there is no point in attacking the story. It took me 50 years to realize that one of my oldest friends had used my mother's story to create a victim parasite that she tried to sell back to me! This is how insideous it is. Is it the programme or mearly the matrix revealed. IMO, it is the matrix revealed that the programme tries its best to control by keeping us blindsided by lack of knowledge, manipulations, social engineering, ect.. So, we seek the answers which were always the answers, even before the programmers got to where they are now. You have to go back to creation to get the real scoop. otherwise you are being yanked. IMO. That is why the likes of Scott Mcquate and other bible decoders are the best analyzers. IMO. Icke? I read his first book 20 yrs ago and never looked back into him. I find it hard to listen to him. It is all connected, the sinister is within. lots of the programme is trying to keep you from knowing that. then whipping up a whole bunch of bad feelings to feed the endless loop. I could go on forever. but I am going to publish my latest interview with Lance Scurv that touches on these issues. Although, I must admit, it is out there. as usual. Thanks again, ultra grrl

  7. Thanks for your reply!
    I have too many questions to ask. I've been writing down questions and deleting them. So, I'll just make it short. I've been looking up Vigilant Citizen's site, the post where he analyzes Stranger Things and how its about MK Ultra. And the Montauk Project got me interested. Since, I know you've watched Stranger Things as well (I think you mentioned it on one of your posts), I want to ask what you think of the Montauk Project. And Duncan Cameron?
    And as for the 13 families, bloodlines. What are they trying to do? And what is the point of NWO? I know the general/basic info obviously. Totalitarian military controlled world. Everyone slaves etc. Thats why they create so many wars to make it look like there is conflict and the US goes and gets involved and buy their central bank and boom – closer to NWO. Yes, but I don't see the point of NWO. There has to be more explanation for its cause. Or maybe I just haven't read well enough. What are your thoughts?
    As I said I have tons of questions, so my writing might be messed up.

  8. good gaud. there are about 10 million hits on google on this very subject. I can't answer it here. Long story short. The things you mention are stale breadcrumb trails in my opinion. I have tried to create a narrative and postulate theories that are far and away above and beyond the tripe analyses you mention. I recognize that this blog needs to be reinvented. I also recognize that there needs to be a better one stop shop for newbies to the scene. Working on it! Thanks again for you comments.

  9. Hello Ellen,
    The more I find out, as I read your articles, about the suffering of your family, the more I realize the similarity with my own family's suffering.
    From what I understand you may be missing some "parts" of the quasi "pazzle" which parts may be known to me.
    From what is seems there may be even more "darkness" in the system of unethical human experimentation that you haven't yet realized.
    Truth is a prerequisite of our salvation; though, how could, one, possibly convey negative information to a human being which has suffered so much, as you did, without risking to, unintentionally, hurt her even more? How could, one, possibly not share, even negative, crucial information which may pave the way for old “wounds” to become healed?
    Slowly, by following the pace of the Nature, I believe that, every “wound” shall become healed; every ignorance shall become revealed; every deprivation shall, at last, generously compensated.

    The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated)

    100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria:

    Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had ancient Babylonian black arts, occult oligarchs serving as his court. During this time, Khazarians become known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.

    please read the complete article.

    Marlon Brando_ Treatment of Native Americans_Indians by Colonialists

    At the 25' 50” of the first video (Azk IV – "Mind Control" – Dr Rauni Kilde) it is said that, "Astronauts and cosmonauts were always and are implanted with microchips so that all their body functions, feelings, dreams and subconscious can be seen on Earth".

    My father's death

    Mercury Poisoning
    The phrase "Mad as a Hatter" originated in the 1800's from the observation that people (hatters) who used mercury to process felt for hats often developed mental changes.

    America's Got Talent 2017 Mandy Harvey Deaf Singer Songwriter Inspires Simon & All to Try Full

    We are living in a mostly, cruel and mindless, world.
    Though, we may dream and keep dreaming of another world, prudent and peaceful, that we may, actually, materialize for nesting our, sacred and invaluable, lives.
    Our faith combined with our endurance, I believe that, shall contribute in materializing this better world.


    P.S.: Please keep dreaming for that better world.

    Loreena McKennitt – SNOW

      1. They have had my daughter for 7 years now. She was 10 when I last saw her. I know they can not shatter her psyche and create another DID drone but I shudder to think of what they have done to her. I have kept close and careful watch as best as I could but her blip fell off my radar about a year ago. I know they keep her extremely isolated.

        I often wonder why I am allowed to live. I must either still be of use or at the very least amusing. I am in an area where many of us have been gathered. Some of us know this, others are oblivious. Is it arrogance or oversight? Or are they watching to see what happens should we all figure it out. Would we team up or will we try to take each other out?

        I try to keep silent and stay hidden. But my shine gives me away.

        I eagerly await your response. Forgive the anonymous response, this is not my device as I have no connectivity of my own. Otherwise I have no issue revealing my identity.

        1. Hi. Thanks for speaking up. I can’t imagine what it is like to have a child taken from you into their system. I aborted mine. Which is another set of issues.
          Figuring this out is helpful.
          Connecting with others (who don’t try to discredit or destroy you) is helpful.
          Knowing yourself is helpful. (the best resource for that I found was a Shepard Hoodwin Michael Reading)
          How we think we know ourselves is really more like bouncing off walls of Kultra distopia.
          Part of secret knowledge to control people is to not let them know how to know themselves or control the whole thing through disinfo programmes (new age, etc.)
          Knowing your family history and genealogy is helpful. In many cases, it is a connection to a secret society through one or more of these organizations: Freemasonry, the military, the church, the education system, the medical system, the legal system, the political system. I would leave business out of it because, it is the one control area where one has the most leverage to perform workarounds to forming allegiances in order to thrive (even then it isn’t easy, but it is possible).
          Knowing your bloodtype: As inscrutable as this topic is, there does seem to be a co relation btwn negative bloodtypes and targeting by the cult. From my limited research it appears to be the bloodline of Jesus or the nephelim (children of the gods/fallen/annunaki/aliens mixed with their human creation (Adam) which is a mix of their essence (the lightening bolt/ thor’s hammer/ electricity/ phosphorus) mixed with neanderthal/ape? Or both.
          Heady stuff.
          There are lots of groups formed at all different levels.
          Targeted/ gangstalked individuals: (mobbing, radiation burns, DEW hits, street theatre, black helicopters, etc.)
          Ultras: (children used in any of the programmes for stealing, copying and riding frequencies to control time)
          Satanic Ritual Abuse: Cult scum, stupid people thinking they are getting a one up on the rest of society by destroying their souls and their kids’ souls.
          They all basically mesh, but the TI is the most surface, prevalent symptom of the Programme.
          In My Opinion.
          I have reversed a lot of the mk in myself, which is reversing the blocks/ implants/ demon possessions; breaking down the amnesiac walls; working directly with the other creative force for good (God), etc., by stopping all my ideas except my basic human right to exist.
          Then I took it back to the system.
          I confronted the medical professions and the legal professions (still needs lots of work), certain levels of government (still developing) and most fully, the media (the internet and its offshoots).
          Then I just got about my business. And watch it all unravel behind me.
          More or less. I have a huge list of things I want to do to help, etc, but I am miles ahead of the usual TI because we have a lawsuit already in progress here in Canada.
          It is a class action against the CIA, McGill University, The CA guv, and the Royal Victoria Hospital. All agents exposed in documents obtained through John Marks FOIA requests in the 70s. Now coined as “the Montreal Experiments”.
          At this point, before the case is resolved, I can only suggest to follow the formula we did.
          Find a lead (use John Marks, The Black Vault, The Church Committee, Bill Clinton’s apology).
          Find others in your control group (one class action for all of the above groups is too much to handle) and organize.
          Make a shit storm of protest through the media.
          Rinse repeat, gather evidence, testimony, etc..
          Petition to release deep state records, DUMBs records, hospital, military records, etc.
          Get what is available now through applications (military records, medical, whatever they release, get them or try to get them).
          Keep pushing in.
          Eventually they will have no room.
          It is already happening but there is still lots of time for them to do more damage and they will until their final hour, and try to create more temporal distortions to escape justice (those are created using the present & future slave colonies of harvested soul energy (where you can imagine a Matrix like clone army of helpless victims trapped in cryotank/ tubes/ bubbles, both captured and bred for) in places like the DUMBS, Antartica with connecting underground networks using old inner earth routes and new military tunnels to pop up locals like isolated islands in any ocean (Indonesia is big).
          Find a good legal team.
          Once our case is won, then they will see it for the gold mine it is.

          1. You almost make it all sound so easily managed. But I understand it isn’t. There is so much to take in , to uncover – I am overwhelmed and frustrated. I don’t think it too wise for me to disclose specific information in such a public forum. I know I can not hide but I don’t make it easy by standing on the “X”. I would like to share what I know…

          2. Well then you can disclose to me. A lot of people do that. I still don’t know what to do with it all but it does help me and it helps them. So call or email.
            604 259 9508
            I totally understand.
            Thanks again for commenting.

  10. “Knowing your bloodtype: As inscrutable as this topic is, there does seem to be a co relation btwn negative bloodtypes and targeting by the cult.”

    I’m questioning this story as another misdirect thrown to the MKs. I myself am O+ and that didn’t stop me from being a subject.

    What I see in these various “stories” is a backslapping way to make the MKs feel special, selected, higher beings. This is pumping up the feel good for all the cult compliant alters inside.

    As far as I’m concerned, until I find out otherwise, I just somehow tripped into their schemes for whatever reason. I don’t want to be “special”, I want to know what the hell happened to me.

    1. I hear ya Kerry. This topic is very interesting to me. I believe negative and positive blood types are on a scale. I posit, at some point enuf of a determinate factor present in all blood becomes a positive type. Blood type information is completely occluded from casual inquiry. Why? did Mengele at the helm of the NA NaziMedicine industry ensure this to cover important evidence and exposure of their crimes?

      Here is what my casual inquiry is supposing right now. Negative bloods are descendants of Nephelim, thus directly related to the fallen/ aliens/ gods/ elohim/ royals of old…. Soooooo, the vast majority of negative blood targets are FIRST on the cult hit list because a whole lot of us repented or at the very least did not sign up for the Nazi/Bush/NWO death cult inspired Kultra timeline steering BS. WE are their first targets. Call them cast off royals, repentant fallen hybrids… Some ponder that Kultra will try to vilify any neg blood traits as other worldly, therefore of the devil.

      1. I’m beginning to think the nephilim/alien stuff is just BS.

        I’m leaning more toward the simplest answer. They like blood transfusions. Preferably the younger the better. Their preference for the AB negative is, yes, because they are mostly AB negative. But they use Os because they are more plentiful.

        On the Red Cross website, they state O neg and pos are always in short supply. Why? If O is so common among the populace, why is there a continual shortage? It doesn’t make sense. Not unless they are taking the O blood and using it for other things.

        Os are prevalent in Native American, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian populations. The same people that are preyed upon the most for MK Ultra.

        There is information missing about this subject. And they are covering it up with a lot of hoo doo stories. Maybe AB negs are throwbacks or something that was the wrong direction, they are being bred out of the population. Maybe the elite are trying desperately to breed with “regular” humans. Hence all their DNA experimentation Nazi insanity.

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