MK Ultra Families – the Atkins and the Crunicans

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October 2015, I , Ellen Atkin, discovered this image on the internet.
It has been well used since 2007 on the net. My mother was
electroshocked by Ewan Cameron in Montreal in the ’50’s. A video of her
being shocked is part of Infowars produced movie, State of Mind: The
Psychology of Control (2013). A still from that vid is part of the movie
Push as well. (2009). My sister is clinically insane. She was a violent
schizophrenic, My brother drowned in ’85. My father was also inducted
into the Ontario mental health system in his early teens and had a
strange affiliation with many catholic priests. Nobody in my family has
every received any compensation for the torture and abuse we received
thru the governments, health care systems and the mk ultra program.

 I just discovered this clip with the first ever explanation as to where this came from… This woman on the hospital bed getting electroshocked is my mother, Emma Jane Crunican, from London, Ontario. She married John Atkin from Windsor, Ontario in 1959 in Montreal.

Quote from the maker of this clip:

Uploaded on 12 Apr 2007
Video I made for Habitual Inmate by The Bastard Fairies.
I used Public Domain footage from a surreal film called ‘Mental Health’ made by the Oklahoma State Department of Health in 1953.


I think this image here could be my dad… He went skitzo when he was 16, joined the seminary, was hospitalized 2 weeks later because of a “nervous breakdown”… Then he went to university (western) and managed to get his MA and become a high school English teacher.

That dude on the left is Joseph Mengele. When I do a reverse image search on mkultra girl, that original photo without all the insets I added, the search bar does an auto fill with the phrase: josef mengele experiments list. 

Nobody on either side of the family will say shit if their mouths were full of it. Some distant relatives have been helpful but only with a few anecdotes. 

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1 thought on “MK Ultra Families – the Atkins and the Crunicans”

  1. You are very brave.
    So horribly wrongful; taking innocent hearts and hurting them – destroying Families.

    Zero compensation from a sycophant system that is beyond sick; refusing to admit horror's justified in the name of making money and killing minds.

    I love you, Ellen
    And, I see a very revealing film being made by prize-winning you

    In the name of Self Empowerment and Sacred Self.
    No more human sacrilege of hearts that are precious and multitudes violated.

    Bless every ounce of beautiful you.

    Grateful for strength like Ellen holds true in a wounded world filled by so many liars untrue,

    Katherine Marion

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