MK Ultra; Dr. Ewan Cameron; The Allen Memorial and My Mother

This is a picture of my mother, Emma Jane Atkin (nee Crunican) when she was 20 years old. She was a beauty like Jackie O or Sophia Loren. She went to art school in Montreal in the 50’s but dropped out. Not sure the reason as this is one of those things that were not fully explained as I grew up. She said that it was because she broke out in boils because of the paint. She had a fiancée that she broke up with. She grew up on an apple orchard near London Ontario. She was artistic and talented. She loved fashion and made her own clothes.

While I grew up, not much was spoken as to the why of my mother’s state. She was always crying, always low energy, often in bed or on the couch, on tranqs and anti depressants that I can assume she continued while she was pregnant with all her kids. I knew she went to the notorious and now exposed hospital called the Allen Memorial in Montreal, run by the now famously sadistic psychiatrist, Dr. Ewan Cameron.

There was never any mention made of any connection to her state and that she was a patient of this mad doctor. I knew she had had shock treatment, but not how much or for how long. I knew that she had left the hospital before completing her treatment, but no explanation how. She said she was not part of the LSD experiments. She suffered in silence with a brutal and insensitive husband, my father and a disengaged, dispassionate natal family.

One day in the late 90’s I watched the CBC documentary, The Sleep Room, and got an education on the practices of this hospital. I immediately wrote the government to tell them my mother was also part of these experiments and was entitled to the measly 100,000 compensation the first court case settled on for some of the victims. This was a few years before she died. I got a letter back that said it was only for certain victims of a certain experiment. My mother was already in a nursing home, almost at the end of her wasted, long suffering life. She was not in any condition to help me with her case.

It has always bothered me that my mother never received proper treatment from her family or my father or the criminals who perpetrated this act. Nobody seemed to give a damn about her condition and blamed her for it. I still do not understand why not one of her brothers or sister ever stood up for her. She never received any help from her doctors or therapists either.

Needless to say, my mother’s life was very sad and I was helpless to help her. It is still very sad and troubling, compounded by the early death of my brother, Michael Atkin and the institutionalization of my sister when she was 19 years old. Is there a relationship between the tragic events of my brother and sister’s life and the abuse my mother suffered? I believe there is. And what about me? Fortunately, I am still alive and of sound mind to finally tell this buried story and hopefully get some answers.

This is my mother, Jane Crunican, getting shock treatment.

My mother died on Feb. 2nd 1999. She was only 67 years old. She had very little. She lived on a pittance after she separated from my father in subsidized housing that I had to fight to keep her in, after the building tried to evict her. I was successful in keeping her in this housing as I entreated advocates to help her in her area, as I was in BC and she was in Ontario. Curiously, her own family did nothing to help her when this happened and they were close by.

Saying goodbye to her in April 1993 when I left Toronto for good to start over in Vancouver, was the saddest thing. I had to lie to her because I was so broken up about her despair over my departure. Although we had had rough patches, I was her lifeline and her only connection in Toronto. I told her I was only leaving for 6 months, whilst knowing I was leaving for good. I saw her twice after that before she died.

For some reason, I googled for information about her case in July of last year, 2013. I learned there was a new court case that won compensation for other victims of Dr. Ewan Cameron and his creepy entourage. I emailed the lawyer just to find out where he got the information about these victims. I wanted to know about my mother. Where could I find her records? Within one week, this movie came out, called State of Mind, the Psychology of Control. Produced by Infowars and directed by James Lane. Within the movie at approximately the 1:03:24 mark, depending on which version you view, , a terrified woman is getting shock treatment presumably for the first time, by the good doctor himself. It is my mother.

Dec. 29 2016 update: Here she is at 1:39: 38 in another version of the movie:

Neither James Lane nor the info wars team returned my numerous and persistent inquiries about where they got this footage. I assume it was got through the freedom of information act in the states, which is a clear indication that she was part of the MK ultra program.

Now, I really need answers.

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17 thoughts on “MK Ultra; Dr. Ewan Cameron; The Allen Memorial and My Mother”

  1. im very sorry that you had to find out this way. My mother was tortured as well, but she wont tell me how. She was raised in a convent, and beat for being left handed, ridlculed everyday, and more, which she wont discuss. I found out others had these type of pyscological treatments, like shock therapy done by the catholic church at the time. Natives had these experiments done, and any french girl who was living in a catholic convent. Most natives were in camps controled by the anglican or catholuc church, ultimately run by the catholics for experimentation on all these people including your mother. Nazi germany before WW2 had an advisor come to Canada to find out how all these experiments were done, and took the canadian camp ideas to Germany. Canadas food guide was made from the possibility of with holding vitamins from native children and adults in order to find out the nutrient capacity allowed before you could die or get sick. The Jesuits are the controllers of all the past and present experiments….it still exists and even our education system is controlled by the same organisation.

  2. Thank you for your comment Spin. It certainly does fit. My mother did enter a convent at some point, I believe it was before the hospitalization, but I don't know for sure. She didn't stay long and didn't say much about it, except that she had a deep hostility towards the nuns who where there. Once again, no details about what happened to her. And my uncle, her brother was a Catholic priest. I suspect it was him to rescued her from the Allen Memorial. But he may have also been instrumental in getting her in too. I don't know. Apparently my mother and father met at a party held by my uncle the priest, Paul Crunican.

  3. In Marguerite Paulin's book about Maurice Duplessis, she writes that in 1937 the premier of Quebec received a letter from Nazi foreign minister Von Ribbentrop asking if Germany could send scientists to open a research station on Sable Island. Interestingly, MKULTRA-linked psychiatrist Heinz Lehmann arrived in the Laurentians that same year.

    The Nazis learned from American and British eugenicists, funded by the Rockefellers, who also funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin where Nazi doctors like Mengele were employed during the war. McGill University in Montreal was a hive of British eugenics, and great names in Canadian medicine from Lehmann to Penfield to Cameron to Hebb many others received money from the CIA, Scottish Rite Masonry, and other secretive groups that were interested in controlling human behaviour. Quebec was the kind of traditional society where a corrupt elite could have a field day experimenting on the disadvantaged and minorities.

  4. My mother was also beautiful. My mother was also targeted, along with 2 of her sisters for MK ultra abuse because of satanic bloodline. Mom conceived me in what I believe to have been a satanic ritual rape on All Hallow's Eve. 9 months later I was born in what i also believe was an MK ultra operated unwed mother's home just outside of Lincoln Nebraska where the doctor let me fall to the floor immediately after my arrival, instead of catching me like he should. I recall the awful jaundice yellow of the delivery room walls and his equally awful, demonic eyes. So trauma conceived, trauma born…
    If you read this message and would like to communicate further, you can email me at: a dozen
    Peace be with you!

  5. Such stories as this really need a moment of silence, not words……..Dufferin County Mental Health, the family doctor, Headwaters Hospital and Homewood tried to "help" my mother (when she was sick with pneumonia) to become a lifelong addict and mental patient in August, 2000. The College of Physicians, the Health Review Board of Ontario, and the police are all complicit in it. I am still waiting for the results of my second Health Review Board. I was informed by the Ombudsman that if I am not satisfied with this board's inquiry, I can appeal to the Ombudsman since the Health Review Board is a government board. Since August 2000, I have been sued by psychiatrists for $5 million for opposing the psychotropic drugging of children on the very day they were in the Ontario Legislature in front of the Select Committee on Mental Health. After 6 months of legal bullying and terror, they dropped it. Et viola, you have the present Liberal Mental Health blueprint "Navigating the Journey to Wellness". People, do read it. It is crystal-ball gazing into our future as psych patients. Let's all help each other to cauterize this horrible mental health movement which is really behaviour modification big time and our future as lifelong addicts. The people reading this blog may be the most important link alive today to a salvaged culture.

  6. Thank you, Katherine and Grace for posting. Oddly enough today is my mother's birthday. June 17th. Her twin sister is still alive. She is 82 today. We must gather together and expose, heal, and receive compensation. All over the US and Canada, children of military, random street people, innocent people walking into the wrong hospital, and many others are a part of this, now their children and their children. It is called inter-generational trauma and it is for real. No more burying this shame and guilt that was never ours to begin with. Of all the issues of the day this one has the potential to bring down the core of evil that gridlocks all of our lives. Thank you so much for speaking out. We are coming together and we are vast. Your stories are touching me and the others I have connected with since writing this article. Is it worth it to remain in the shadows? Not for me. Only the guilty benefit. This grand experiment has not stopped either. They have just grown more sophisticated. Once again ladies, thank you. We will prevail. God is with us.

  7. I just learned that the use of sound waves to create imagery was invented in Montreal around the same time. It is the basis of cable TV. The first creation was wireless then they figured out how to modulate it through wires and voila, cable TV. Betcha didn't know that the images are created through sound waves.

  8. No i havent ever heard of sound waves turning into visual images however i have heard that the military were testing "silent sound" on school children at bases e.g. St Hubert AF base, to "scramble their brainwaves" according to one source

  9. This is such useful information.
    Thank you for helping me to go further at some pivotal point with what was done to my own beloved Mom when she did not conform with family silencing after she was 'shut up' by having all of us, her 5 Children taken away. taken away to a wretched place here in B.C. in the mid 70's/

    All under the guise of helping the Family.
    Such covert lies and coercion.

    No one said a thing .. for ever.
    Now most of the Aunts, Uncles; her siblings are dead and no silence has been

    I knew there was nothing wrong with Mom.
    Simply no one wanted to do the real work of helping her .. after she went into shock . of having her life and Children stolen and basically sold off . by MCFD.

    Thank you for allowing me to see that i am no alone and sadly, there is far worse .. that has happened to even more Canadians whom have been tortured and experimented with.

    With all of my healing heart,

    Love Katherine

  10. My children were also stolen, put through foster care hell, then placed in a horrible home where they grew up in Amarillo, Tx. I have learned there was/is an Mk Ultra underground facility in the outskirts of Amarillo called the Station. I have no doubt my boys were programmed there.

  11. Hi

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am the estranged daughter of Jean-Charles Pagé, who was also at the Allan Memorial. I knew he had been there but until recently had no idea of the amount of trauma he had been through. After he attempted killing me in 1965, I never saw him again. I spent most of my life thinking my dad hated me and was a monster. Who tries to kill their 2 1/2 year old daughter???

    Now after reading everything I've read on MK Ultra, I realize that it wasn't my dad's fault. I'm now doing all sorts of research to understand what kind of man my dad was.

  12. Hi Kalymist:

    Since I began this public research and inquiry into my own family, I have heard from many other people from US and Canada, who are waking up to the truth of what happened to them and their families.

    One of the most important outcomes to my research is that others can see through the lies and pain and shame and heartbreak and unresolved trauma that has been passed off as fake psychological conditions to throw attention away from the guilty perpetrators within their own stories.

    Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the healing, discovery and restitution.

    Clearly, there is so much more to the truth and to the "programme" than we are led to believe. We were and still are "experiments". I think, after all these scarred lifetimes, that there are no more shadow plays left among the guilty.

    The wagons are circling, and clearly, the paltry sum of 100,000 dollars Allen Stein dredges up for random isolated cases he chooses to take is a joke.

    In addition, it is time to stop using Alan Cameron as the fall guy. There are many many many other people and many many many other programs and institutions involved with this.

    Thanks again,

    Ellen Atkin, Mk Ultra Grrl

  13. My Dad was used as a guinea pig at the hands of the evil Dr. Cameron! He was tortured! So much hush hush, back in the day. No one spoke of what happened very much. Now in my 60s, and after obtaining, some, not all my Dad’s medical files, I am learning the truth. It is very hard to read the horrible things that were done to my Dad. I feel guilty for treating him the way I did, but I was not aware at the time. We are the last generation to fight the fight!

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