Mexico Get Ready

Firstly I will invite you to download my slide show of the mayan riveria from my last trip there in 2006:

Secondly, I will invite you to visit while I am in Mexico this year. I have pretty much decided to go to Cozumel for three months. The mayan riveria is a short ferry ride a way and the island just seems to be a bit safer for me.

While being here in Arizona with mostly raw vegans, I have come to the conclusion that I do not aspire to be a raw vegan. When I first went almost 100% raw, I did an amazing detox while eating raw fish, drinking coffee and drinking red wine. I thought that eating the raw fish was just transitional for me so I gave it up after a while but I am thinking now that it probably helped me to detox. I have pretty much stopped drinking for now and still indulge in coffee now and then. I have definitely plateaued as far as feeling better.

Since meeting Dan and learning a lot about the raw meat diet, I am reconsidering the goal of being a raw vegan (was never 100% sold on the idea). So when I get to Mexico, I am looking forward to making up a batch of fresh ceviche! Without the guilt this time.

I am still nailing down my accommodations but have several good options. So let me know if you can swing on over to Cozumel sometime in February, March or April and we can customize the perfect adventure, detox, retreat, celebration for you.

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