Media Kit

Ellen Atkin, (MK Ultra Girl) is a professional visual artist/ media executive with a solid demonstated work history. Ellen Atkin went public with her family’s history of targeted mental illness abuse in Jan. 2014 on the internet. The genre was crying out for answers, hope and evidence. Ellen Atkin provided all of that through investigation, writing, interviews and confrontation across the social political spectrum via all media substrates.

In 2013, she had discovered her mother in a film clip dated 1953 receiving electroshock by Dr. Ewen Cameron & 6 nurses. Then she found another film clip of her mother as a patient of Dr. Ewen Cameron from 1958. In 2015, Ellen discovered herself as the poster child for trauma based mind control on children. Concurrently, an image surfaced of a Joseph Mengele (Dr. Green) ringer with a young patient who is likely her father, (coinciding with his first “nervous breakdown”) from a 1949 Quebec mental hospital year book.

The most famous case is that of the MK Ultra Girl photo, also known as the “Strain All Urine” photo. After 6 years of targeting by the cult of genre exploiting mk ultra victims to discredit, defame and destroy her, Ellen is raising funds for a Biometric Facial Scan by the industries most respected company to settle the controversy.

Years of persistence and inquiry into the tragic lives of her family and herself, initiated by seeking justice, has led to her accumulating much evidence (medical records, photographs, testimonies, etc.) Now she represents her shattered family and supports other individuals in the many lawsuits underway seeking justice for lives destroyed by The Montreal Experiments and all #darklab victims.

Please join in the efforts to correct history and shed light on a dark area of our collective consciousnesses by validating all trauma based mind control victims’ unacknowledged suffering and abuse. There is no greater good justification for torturing people in the name of paranoid war games.