Matrix Agents: Identify, Decode, Reassign

The bombastic, audacious duo of Laura Cross and Ellen Atkin are back.
Topics covered are satanism in eastern religious cults; moon landing and
the upside down backwardness in the matrix. Offering up more tools in
your kit bag to use on the spot, to decode and reassign a matrix agent
in seconds.

Ellen Atkin returns from Vipassana cutting her
course short after decoding Goenka as the willful matrix agent that he
is. She also decodes the crazy making meditation technique as totally

Google Vipassana cult and the best hit I found, I extracted this quote from.  “What
is most disturbing about my experience at the California Vipassana
Center is the possibility that Mr. Goenka, or his teacher U Ba Khin, has
actually constructed a meditation technique that is specifically
designed to prevent the meditative absorption
states (jhanas) from arising. It is, however, meditative absorption
states (jhanas) that are the Buddha’s very definition of the eighth fold
of the Noble Eightfold Path and the clearly defined avenue through
which one must pass to experience enlightenment (nibbana) within a
Buddhist context, according to the Maha-satipatthana Sutta (DN 22). It
is too devious a possibility for me to believe that a Buddhist
meditation teacher, such as Mr. Goenka, would undermine the very essence
of Buddhism, but it appears to be true.” Jeffery Brooks (a true Buddhist) 

More from the inside of Ellen’s mind as she remembers
more and more of what was done to her as MK Ultra girl, the girl in the
now famous photo used over 1000 times on the net, hooked up to an
electrical head harness complete with chin cup. Does anyone remember the
full white body cast? Oval face cut out?

Prophesy this week saw the German Shepard at the door on the property. That means that medicine bear is right in front.

is down, winners are losers, front is back, inside is out NO MORE. Full
frontal cortex of truth to power firehose is now operational.

and Laura toss the rebel/ conformist coin around to some fairly
hilarious moments as strides are hit and momentum is ramped up.

Ultra Nation is forming and in action now. As of March 6, everything changed for the better for all Ultras.

Stay tuned for our next show, next Saturday;

Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll…… how could we not?

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