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I have been joking around lately about how much I have of my desires and how little I am doing for it. Really it has all been done before and if I want to feel guilty about it, all I need to do is think about the years of toil and turmoil I have spent in the past. However, that is neither here nor there. Sitting in the joyous now is the real prize.

Looking back over the two and a half years this blog has been in existence, this will to manifesting my desires has now born fruit. I was really crawling my way through at first, but it was my intention to make this joyous self so. And now, I think I can say that I have actually got it. I am almost afraid to do so for fear of bursting this bubble but isn’t that what all healers are doing? Letting the world know they have attained something and offering a way for others to attain it?

All around me lately, I see examples of my very inner thoughts and needs to know. Reflections of my awakening are everywhere. I may be a bit past the date in relaying this news because it was really about a month ago that I was in the midst of so much excitement and love. I was floored because I always think I am being very prudent and careful and closed in. So receiving these gifts was a surprise. Now, I have secure love as opposed to excited love. Still good.

I believe these manifestations are a result of my meditations. They also happened right after my fast and mediation retreat on the beach that ended in dehydration but was complete none the less. So, I continue to meditate but the whole elaborate display has calmed down a bit, which I should be grateful for. One thing I have learned over the last few years is to do nothing and expect nothing and have no emotions over it. Then good things happen.

As it turns out so much of what I have practiced to get here is part of so many teachings of so many different cosmic beings and people that I have met and/or read and listened to the teachings of. I love my group of peeps that get me through. I met a lot of teachers in LA in DEC. 2006. That Celebration of Oneness Festival was a real kick off for me. I met Dick Sutphen, Susan Schumsky, Tim Van Orden, Michael Beder, Mona Miller, Byron Katie, and a bunch more way showers. I am also happy for so many of the folks I met through working at The Raw Spirit Festival. Claire, Aeon, Dan, Larry, Apollo, Frank, Durk, even Happy, whom I feel sorry for now and I believe has taken her lumps to a degree. However, I always feel a reserve for people who have exhibited extreme behavior in the past when hoping for the future.

And of course, I am indebted and grateful for all my friends and acquaintances in the raw food movement. There is a great awakening in this world right now and eating more like a raw foodist is a supportive aid in attaining ease and liberty in these troubled times. So I wanted to say that I get alot out of all of you. That I read your posts and listen to the audio you make and send me and I watch the videos and respond to most things. So, thank you.

Speaking of these troubled times… I know I harp on it all the time because I feel a sense of duty or obligation to help people. Often I think I should just go back to Canada and get involved in Politics and sort it all out because I know I could. But I remember choosing as a kid that I would not go that way. I chose artist many years ago. I didn’t want the pain of a political life. I have kinda decided to just fully give up on that impulse and fully devote myself to being a joyous spiritual being since it seems to be working so well. However, I find it hard to stop listening to Alex Jones. Yes, I admit it, I am an Alex Jones addict. I just have this need to know where “they” are at.

What am I talking about? this new world order stuff. I can’t put it into words but I can tell you that the war has been won by us the good guys. It was won in the early 2000’s. How did I know? I can’t tell you that. I just stopped talking about the revolution at that point. Up until then I had been the leader of it. What we are seeing now is a playing out of dissipating energies. Lots of people have no clue and will be caught in the undoing and rebuilding, which is fine. I however, prepared for it and am sitting pretty right now. It wasn’t by chance that I am not over my head in stress and debt and unhappiness like I was for many years. I don’t want to brag or boast too much because that can get me into trouble but I do want to take this opportunity to give myself a pat on the back. And thank all the others that helped me and continue to help me here.

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