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Wow, out of the ether springs a new generation of mini raw food gurus. This exponential growth spurt is exampled by literally thousands of active & intentional practicing raw foodists of varying experience and degrees. Where do they come from? Everywhere. How do they meet? The Internet.

This sudden divulging of experience has taken the unspoken authority of the older icons down a few pegs. This spry and nimble populous cares not for strict adherence to rigid beliefs. They can’t be bothered sorting through contradictory information or perhaps worse, do it at lightening speed and relay it back to you with cheeky aplomb. They don’t check off a laundry list of so and so’s book or broadcast. It is as though all past and present raw information has been digested and refed through a “I’ll interpret this thing my way” tube. I’ll become my own expert guru, thank you very much. What a breath of fresh air.

Check out the dynamic duo of Heidi and Justin Ohlander and their amazing oratory feats at Raw Food Right Now, on line since August 2006. They just get right in there, introducing more people and places in the raw world than I thought possible. Their statement- “The mission of this blog is to be a place for those of you who are living in the real world and are interested in the raw food lifestyle. This is the site to visit to find out what’s happening in the raw food world. We are also dedicated to making raw food quick, simple, and fun for everyone!”

Turns out mine is not the only raw food blog out there! Heidi and Justin have pulled together a list of over 225 raw food blogs. Raw Traveling even got a shout out. Thanks! They just put me to shame with all their info and techno wizardry. They even have a their own radio show! Other people are blogging relevant and fascinating information as well. Like this article on what caused the deadly 1918 flu on Shahee’s Tribal Globe blog.

Only up and running since late 2007, Give it to me Raw community forum has seen its membership soar into the thousands. Listen to the founders bio: “ Dhrumil Purohit is 25 year old spiritual player from Delaware. Best summed up as a Prius driving, Kanye West / Eckhart Tolle bump’n, Green Business having, tall model dating (he wishes), raw food eating, authentic living cat who is on this planet to have a good time and bring people together.” Could it be, he’s someone you can identify with?

Here you might come across an opportunity like this one: I am interested in having a garden co-op type of deal for raw foodies or organic planters. I have 3 acres in beautiful nor cal and no time to plant, cultivate, and tend a garden. I would pay for all water costs in exchange for getting some veg/fruit at harvest. The sister site, We like it Raw is constantly updated with new articles and videos that are eclectic and relevant. Once again, humbled.

The next latest, greatest do yourselfers are the The Raw Divas, Tera Warner and Amy De Wolfe. I am wincing at the thought of putting together all their brilliant content, mountains of material and masterful marketing since July 2007! It took me 6 months to finally put a link into a post. Check out their free 7 day detox. Instruction, support materials, guidance and community forum are all part of the package.

I am also a member of, the community associated with David Wolfe’s SunFood Nutrition Company. I don’t get the feeling that David is involved in the forum like Drumhil is in his. It seems to be more of a dating site. But you can still interact and meet people easily.

I don’t even want to cross the ocean, but there seems to be a lot going on in the UK too. ‘Bout time, their diet was pretty scary.

When I first encountered a dense dirth of dogma and impossible for me to follow restrictive diets, I actually went out searching for answers. I knocked on raw doors, physically as opposed to virtually. I met some great friends but I also met some players. I have heard and seen too much damning evidence against many so called raw food gurus. There is even a raw food guru groupie scene. Even if there is an ethical approach taken to teaching a raw diet, it is still only one person’s opinion. Either way, these primal initiators should be happy that what ever they were up to has worked. The movement is going viral.

Everyone has their reference. For some people it was seeing Julianno on a TV show, for others it was watching a David Wolfe video or reading a Gabriel Cousins book. For me it was reading Victoria Boutenko’s book Green for Life. Now, it can be stumbling across a raw food blogger or a social networking site of cool people. I don’t know if anyone of these new marketers are getting rich (I know I’m not) at it but they sure are at it hard.

I remember my first potluck at RAWBC. The newbie raw fooders were more up to date with info than the older members. And I wasn’t impressed with the pallor of most of them their either. Subsequent meetings revolved around discussions of 40 day water fasts, mono diets, no seasonings, no wine and strict veganism. I really wanted to get some more opinions and ask questions but I felt too ignorant and humble to do so. 

In a lively and interactive forum people are all equal. The playing field is leveled. Status is a non issue. People don’t need to sell all their stuff, quit their job, buy a motor home and bankrupt themselves for answers, like I did. So getting on with your life and eating an alive diet doesn’t have to be such a big freaking deal. It is for me though…. just kidding.
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