Let the End Times Roll

What challenging times. But honestly, nothing much has changed for me. I already was self isolating. And I already did/ do natural cures, immune system boosting, internal and external cleansing. And the people around me are not interested in the covid hype. It appears everyone I encounter sees it as a psy op, although, I know it is a real illness, but the entire playbook is so obvious that one would think everyone is immune to the hype by now. Not.

This is truly biblical. And Nibiru is very close. We will see more and more upheaval. rocks in the sky. cryptoids on the streets. Essentially, the answer is to run for the hills and become as self sufficient as possible. Forming community around these principals is good too, but I have tried to do that for 40 years and so have many others. This fake reality prevails and even when it is revealed, people will not let go of it. It is all because of MK. The prime evil.

I don’t get upset/ frustrated/ angry about the inevitable anymore. I realize that these are time wars. Ending time is really the goal. All this transhumanist alien vampire AI future is ending now but it did and does go on for all those who consent until the end of time (now- MK is the loop: the wheel). Those like Belinda Gates, Mengele et al want their eternal life in it, but in order for them to achieve it, others must believe it is their future because the currency of that wheel is other’s consenting soul essences. Otherwise, one just jumps the corporal ship and takes the road back to the godhead same way they came in. The spirit is real.

I am aware of the spirit rhelm. It has guided me my whole life. I participate in it. I am verified in that. This whole outer drama enactment we call life is an attempt to stitch up to the reality of the spirit rhelm.

What we don’t know is the currency for all the bad actors. And what I know appears to be too much for people to handle. What a conundrum. So, I stake my claim, drive the spike in as hard as I can and END the time of all time and hope to take as many souls back as soon as possible to avoid this wretched inevitable. I have already been through hell, battled demons, why should I fear mortal man?

I upset most conventional Christians. I am not interested in placating the herd. I am so anti dogma that if am not pissing them off, I have to check myself.

I am always shown things in my dreams. If there is a high enuf emotional charge, I will actually encounter the spirit of the being him/herself. Sometimes they are cloaked but the essence is always detectable. How can I eschew that for dogma?

Pray for me while I pray for you. I can feel those prayers. en masse. Dogma can interfere with alliance to the truth, but people in prayer with heart and the true spirit of Christ are golden to me. It doesn’t really matter about the finer points as long as the end times do in fact end. The sooner the better in my opinion.