Leanings and Learnings 2006-2011- What Happened to Me

What happened to me? Well, I did recreate myself, but I found out, I wasn’t too far off my perfect life from my starting point. Followers and friends will remember I packed in the executive life (I was only 2 years at it, the rest was artist/entrepreneur, read: struggling with low paying jobs and scant self employment) in 2006 and started traveling North America and exploring the raw food lifestyle. 5 years later, I am relatively settled back in Canada, but this time with an apartment on the ocean and a fairly happening career of my own as an aerial and fine art photographer.

I stopped the posts because I was busy working on my career and building up alliances. I stopped writing for myself and I stopped writing for the Agora Newspaper.  I stopped interacting with my Raw Food peeps. It was a distillation time. I learned that I always had want I always wanted. I am still learning that. Indeed, life is about learning to live with yourself and rising above imprisoning patterns through awareness and appropriate action.

I did become a lot healthier. I am the healthiest I have ever been at almost 49 years old. I look great and have the body of a 25 year old. Yes, I tried to become 100% raw, but my epicurean nature never let me for long.  Plus, I am so not a follower! And yes, it is a marketing trend by and large.

However, as trends go, it is an interesting one to follow. Right now, the debate has gone public WITHIN the community over whether animal based protiens are essential to ones diet or not. Former aficionados are coming out of the closet right, left and center admitting that a 100% plant based diet did NOT work for them. I’ve seen it for myself, people loosing health as raw foodist and vegans.

I am just not fanatical enough to defer my senses based on a belief. Which is why I am usually right about most things. I declared the raw food movement was over 2 years ago. During my field trips, I learned that most people are vegan or raw vegan more so for ethical reasons than health. I toy with the idea of doing my own spoof videos about how awesome I am and how I do it, but I haven’t found the time yet. Like right now, I am forcing myself to write this while feeling the ever constant pressure to advance my business, which has very little to do with this. I don’t think I will get many conversions to people booking or buying my photos from this post.

While health is still important to me and I will always be attached to the expansively awesome raw food community, my work that way is more political. Someone has to be on the front line to preserve and protect the health freedoms we are talking about. Does anyone know that both US and Canada are in the process of wiping out the natural health industry in both countries as has already been done in Germany, Norway and Australia? Is the answer to build secret bunkers where one can grow their organic vegetables illegally? Not for me. So my awareness and efforts are now directed to National Health Federation Canada. I am working closely with the executive directors, Marilyn Nelson, Candace Hill and Dee Nicholson to wrench away the pharma cartels’ grip on our government. This has to be the most important work of my life. I will update regularly from now on, because we are ready to generate awareness and support.

Enough for now. I welcome back all my raw food friends to the new blog: Ellen Atkin Media. It was Raw Traveling but that link is dead now. So please follow and repost as you used to. This is the same blog, I just renamed it. My new content strategy will loosely engage articles on health, photography, entrepreneurship and activism, plus of course, spirituality… can’t leave that out.

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2 thoughts on “Leanings and Learnings 2006-2011- What Happened to Me”

  1. Sounds like you've had quite an adventure! I'm relatively new to being a raw Foodist. Long time Vegan though. My hope is to merge the animal rights and health into one. There's a greater good out there beyond one's own personal health. Nice to meet you and welcome back!

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