Law Suit Updates

Consumer Law Group in Montreal Quebec, Canada is representing the case for –

“All persons who underwent depatterning treatment at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, between 1948 and 1964 using Donald Ewan Cameron’s methods (the “Montreal Experiments”) and their successors, assigns, family members, and dependants or any other group to be determined by the Court”

Please see the application for certification for the complete legal file.

The original SAAGA group has got a judge for their direct action case and it will be in the courts in May of 2020. We wish them all the best in their victory. Surely their victory will aid our class action case to victory. Ours will take longer, but it will offer more hope to other survivors and be a chance for more people to come forward.

Both my parents were patients at the hospital we are suing, The Allan Memorial of The Royal Victoria Hospital. I have their records. (No I will not publicize them. My parents took this shameful part of our history to their graves, I will NOT further sully their tortured souls to satisfy a gaggle of trolls)

This case and my story speaks directly to the heart of the mkultra survivor traumas.

Please understand that when we win, all other organized survivors will have a better chance of winning similar actions.

I am still working on gathering MORE evidence concerning hospital records for my mother, my father, my mentally disabled sister, my brother and myself.

I am ready to do a biometric facial scan of my face to match the face of mkultra girl. Please let me know if you can help.

After this is over and we win, I will set up Ultra Nation Foundation. My settlement money will be put into a trust that will fund the foundation. The foundation is for healing and deprogramming from mkultra and related black ops programs. It will be a place for retreats, education and policy writing.

When all these children get rescued, where do you want them to go? Into the foster care system? Because that is all we have right now. It is time to start thinking seriously about the future of how to realistically handle the ever increasing number of survivors.

Our current medical model is part of the problem. We need a serious group of responsible advocates to affect policy change at a most seismic level in our systems. This takes a monumental effort.

Where will that begin?

Please donate and contribute your services.

Rally at Parliament Hill on Oct. 6, 2019

Watch the whole 20 minutes here

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