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Reversing MK Ultra & SRA Programming

Goals & Challenges

Media Campaign Launch Overview

Current Assets

Compiled by Ellen Atkin, (MK Ultra Girl)

December 1, 2018

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  • To reveal and reverse all instances of MK Ultra programming in our culture.
  • To support victims of abuse past & present
  • To commiserate, heal, collaborate, gather evidence (testimony is evidence) and form law suits.
  • To provide space to organize and share evidence of abuse pertaining to location, institution and whatever other common thread to unite a case.
  • To provide a go to, real time reporting media hub for socio political analysis that is filtered through the mk reversal lens.
  • To offer free web pages for survivors so that their content can be part of the historical record and copyright protected in their names.  (An alternative to giving away content to social media giants)
  • To have robust and organized fundraising & survivor financial enabling mechanisms.
  • To provide a moderated forum.
  • To have on going awareness campaigns to attract funds, influence media, and effect public policy.
  • To provide avenues for healing and recovery through online material, therapy databases and any other means.
  • To create and/or correct communities where survivors can correct their standing in the commercial world and fend off the deep state.
  • To provide the whistle blower/ public informant/ experiencer/ testimony giver a copyright protected platform.
  • To respond to inquiries as more and more survivors wake up.
  • To provide privacy, media and content policies.
  • To make real time and place healing centres.
  • To plan and execute protests, rallies, media, virtual conferences & events.
  • To maintain and attract users online to Ultra Nation Media/ Foundation; Not 3rd party platforms (FB, twitter, YouTube, ect.) except to promote and draw people to the main site.
  • To gather support on an ongoing basis.
  • To provide ministry, religious/ spiritual and devotional support.
  • To correct mis/disinformation regarding MK ultra and survivor truth.
  • To revise the medical and mental health industry’s omissions of the “Montreal Experiments”, mkultra, satanic ritual abuse, project paperclip and cult influence on their foundational premises.
  • To inform the medical and mental health industries of revisionist and corrective public policy measures.
  • To bring open all instances of the Canadian & connected Governments’ involvement in MK Ultra style torture and trauma programs administered through the military, medical, education & religious systems, (including cults), secret & open societies, organizations, the foster care system, the penal system and any other applicable avenue of discovery.
  • To resolve & correct the legal & moral standstill that has carried on for over 50 years.
  • To create healing from trauma education centres to make sure this does not carry on for future generations, either from fresh instances or from generational inheritance.
  • To create educational arenas so this topic can be fully explored on a sociopolitical, academic & spiritual level.
  • To expose the compartments and departments that shielded the lies for the last few generations so the platform for such activities to carry on are destroyed for ever, for good.
  • To rebuild the lives of those effected directly by secret government sponsored torture programs, including their offspring.



Other survivor sites.

As you may have already learned other survivors most often operate in a vacuum only concerned about their own popularity. There is no end goal, other than to expose or bring forth their information. Most often they consider other survivor stories as competition to their own as though there is only a limited audience and they want to grab it. Ultra Nation will link to all these sites so people do not have to go anywhere else to find them. No agreements or sharing needs to be made for this, it is public commons information. Unless someone specifically requests to be removed.

Money, manpower, technical expertise.

I can not do everything. This summer I hired a web designer to put up and (which is just a simple WP blog, but still not my thing). I ran out of money and didn’t get up before then. The site is only a template. It is important to host our own videos. Amazon S3 is the recommended platform for that but it still take expertise that I am sure I could acquire but do not have the time to do. We need to attract people with these skill sets.

Action Plans:

People don’t seem to realize that “stopping child abuse” is more than a slogan. What people refuse to see is that there is a nazi inspired death cult that has infiltrated every aspect of society, religion, entertainment, institutions, politics, ect. They still refuse to accept the occult reality behind this take over. Until they learn and accept the occult aspect of this, they will be chasing the tigers tail playing into the hands of the controllers who are WAY ahead of them and will foil their every intention. If exposure of these deeds had any effect it would have been over long ago. An action plan needs to be adopted.

The Pledge:

Which segues nicely into the Pledge. A pledge for all members of public and private office will be drawn up, made public and circulated within communities by communities.

Sleeper Cult Operatives:

One of the biggest challenges to this crusade is that the cult has been so good at their jobs their plants are everywhere and they do not even know it. The sleeper, Manchurian candidate, programmed mk slave doesn’t remember. I still have no memories of torture or abuse other than standard father abuse. I would say the number is as high as 80%. So the pledge must include the accounting for this. If a person taking the pledge finds out they are in fact part of the cult working on their behalf, they will pledge to reveal that at their first suspicion.


I have gone as far as I can go in the process alone. Now is the time to launch this. I have 3 years of research and collaboration in the field of MK ultra and SRA abuse. I know who to trust and who not to trust.

Media is the best tool, IMO, to sway the decaying constructs of our society first pinned together by a cult that has pledged its motives to Lucifer.

Until the cult members realize that the initial promise of Lucifer is a lie, then we will continue to endlessly circle the wagons of time loop probabilities where this fact does not get revealed and more generations are ensnared, this is the core function of the military industrial complex. They say it is for your own good.

Bringing this effort to resolve will take more than me, one person. Undoubtedly you will not agree with everything I am saying. That is OK. I do not hold other’s ignorance against them either when I see them making progress and having the right intention. This is a process. A constant revealing process.

We are Looking to Fill the Following Positions

  • Angel financial Investors
  • Collaborative financial Investors
  • Financial Investors
  • Marketing managers and teams
  • Daily Content producers
  • Website creators/ builders/ programmers
  • Internet Security Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Content Collaborators
  • Forum moderators
  • Lawyers
  • Writers
  • Book Designers/ Publishers
  • Graphic designers
  • 50 applicants for a free UltraNationMedia/ website

Please contact Ellen Atkin

Ultra GRRL

MK Ultra Girl

Badassador and Bombasador for Ultra Nation

604 259 9508

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