last post before vipassana

I will be headed to North Fork CA on Wednesday the 14th to go to a 10 day meditation silent retreat. so this will probably be my last post until after that- around the 25th.

I am in Marin County right now just outside of san fransisco. near sausilito. it is an old army base here so has a victorian feel. I got here yesterday and headed straight into san fran to a discourse by adi ashanti which was recommended to me by my friend darshan. It was a good start to my meditation work. Then I went to the famous Cafe Gratitude. It was amazing. I sat at the bar and another vancouverite showed up just like me. so we had a nice dinner together. she was a graduate student at sfu working on alternative energy models. I had the sampler plate of olive tapenade, humus, crackers, soup, wrap, pesto… all very good. better than i have made. then i had a peice of chocolate banana layer cake. crazy good. the whole meal was raw. swished it down with a glass of red. I was really full when i got out of there. kinda pricey for a traveler like me but worth it. 27 plus 5 tip.

then i went to the rainbow co op grocery store. too much. way cool. just love these stores here in the states. today i hiked to the bonita point light house and toured sausilito. so i have to get ready for the retreat and leave early wed morn.

I will try to post some shots here but the internet connection is kinda slow so it may not work.

looking forward to a new me after the 25th. talk later……

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