Labouring to be Delivered

Updates: Medical records for both my mother and father were got in August 2019. Now we are trying to form law suits in Quebec.

The cryptic title refers to Lucifer and how much she wanted to be manifest on earth as human before the fall, when she finally delivered herself as the substance to which our RNA is now fused with in the DNA strand, the 6 sided phosphate molecule. Thank you Dr. Scott McQuate and your research on that.

I kinda feel the same way about getting my mom’s medical records. It has been over 5 years that I have been writing on line, calling government and hospitals, emailing lawyers and researching the whole mkultra thing. The impetus and main reason for all this has been to get my mom’s medical records.

Maybe, just maybe, I am one month away from having her records. After the Allan Memorial found no trace of a record of my mother ever being there, I was impelled by a Justice Dept. link to the Freedom of Information Request.

The complete absence of my mother’s file from the AMI (Allan Memorial Institute) raises a few red flags. Basically, the glaring omission points to massive amounts of culpability. They may have been removed decades ago. In any case, I have learned that there were few patients that were directly under his care. She was one of them as far as I remember. She hated him. I believe she hated him enough to not want to sue him for the re-association that it would bring up.

That is my mother at 11:18 getting electroshocked by Ewan Cameron and the nurses. There is no doubt in my mind that is her. None at all.

I have not mentioned the film clip to the retrieving agencies yet. It is something that would cause a lot of panic, I believe. But it would be beneficial to a lawyer who is suing against these agencies. It might come down to an ugly war. And I will wage it. I have no idea how my case fits in to the class action that has still not been filed. I would actually prefer to get a separate case together for myself and my family based on my testimony, my evidence in family documents, what I can retrieve from FOIA requests and those images on line, plus outsider testimony of those still alive who knew she went there.

Her sister is still alive and she visited her at the AMI in the summer of ’53 when the supposed sleep therapy was going on. Others in the family can testify she was there, but they will probably have to be subpoenaed.

Ellen Atkin
Ultra GRRL


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