Kultra Explained

Joan of Arc

MK ultra is the culture we live in. Kultra.

It was created by using experiments on children mainly, to sustain a false reality using the raw data from consciousnesses all hooked up to a computer that overrides everyone’s biology, but it can’t go on forever.

This is what the end times are about.

Whether they are still using bits of my consciousness (I suspect yes), they are definitely still doing it with fresh crops of children all the time and I suspect in greater numbers.

The soul currency is created through trauma. This is the greater horror of our time.

We are fighting the principalities of darkness.

You can’t put a bullet in a ghost.

Everything returns back to the lie that we were created thru: that these human flesh sacks will transform like the larvae to the butterfly into an equal being of the tru GOD.

That is what is behind Luciferianism. That is why they do this.: To bide more time for their dead lying creator to go on lying to everyone, including themselves.

Can we deal with it now?

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