Kultra Explained

Joan of Arc

MK ultra is the culture we live in. Kultra.

It was created by using experiments on children mainly, to sustain a false reality using the raw data from consciousnesses all hooked up to a computer that overrides everyone’s biology, but it can’t go on forever.

This is what the end times are about.

Whether they are still using bits of my consciousness (I suspect yes), they are definitely still doing it with fresh crops of children all the time and I suspect in greater numbers.

The soul currency is created through trauma. This is the greater horror of our time.

We are fighting the principalities of darkness.

You can’t put a bullet in a ghost.

Everything returns back to the lie that we were created thru: that these human flesh sacks will transform like the larvae to the butterfly into an equal being of the tru GOD.

That is what is behind Luciferianism. That is why they do this.: To bide more time for their dead lying creator to go on lying to everyone, including themselves.

Can we deal with it now?

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  1. “Everything returns back to the lie that we were created thru: that these human flesh sacks will transform like the larvae to the butterfly into an equal being of the tru GOD.”

    Yes, the heart of MK ULTRA is that the controllers think they are creating advanced human beings through Trauma based programming. I personally don’t feel so advanced. And I hate the thought that my direct programming made it possible for the controllers to program the greater populace via the subconscious connection we all share.

    1. You get it. Bingo. Once one realizes that they were in this programme, it is obvious, but people have a hard time believing it. Advanced right eh? Hoping to get on disability, suing the government (which is a big step), putting myself on public display as the hurt traumatized self healing mk ultra vic is NOT what I had in mind when I spent the entirety of my life avoiding the traps of insanity and control, working alone, forging a ‘career” that turned out to be worth nothing, but heck, balls to the wall. 180, rePENT! I found my target! 57 yrs old. realizing all this. wasted life, so effed around. from the fetal stage! Well, watch this. mkultra girl has a mission.

    2. I was a victim of mk ultra. I was in a suspended animation for about five months at the very start of my life. I communicated with people with a technical telepathy as I was unable to move, breathe or see. I worked with them and allowed them to use me further to be as much help as I could. The statement you made about overriding people’s biology seems to explain some of what I went through, the pain was tremendous and I’m still very affected. At least now I know why, having only remembered this starting in ’13 with a flashback of the torture in ’72. I’m looking for answers and help finding my place in all this, I would very much appreciate any contacts or information you could provide to me, thank you.

      1. It seems more and more likely that we were all sharing a consciousness data base and still are, but it has leveled up to the tune of needing much more energy to survive. We need to separate from it then if we want to survivor when it goes down and it will. Thanks for commenting. I am glad you found me here. I have a good network and will direct you with any help you need and I will answer any questions you have. Before I go, this one has been nagging at me to be told and it relates well to this post. I grew up in Huntsville Ontario. That is where I was living when the picture was taken and where I remember having many odd symptoms. We moved out of there in 1972 or 3 or 4. I only went back there a few times since. During the 00’s, I had a lucid dream about an opening of a building in Huntsville Ontario. I was there. It was a gallery or a cultural centre. And yes, they did open one. How did I know. I was there! Someone there was sharing my consciousness or using it. it could be a perp or it could be another kid in the programme who still lived there. That would explain it better than spontaneous attraction.

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