Kraken Released, True Leaders Emerge, Genie Stays Out

Never again! Like a war won, like a
virus inoculated, Harper and the Conservatives are out. What now?

Well don’t hold your breath, Canadians
aren’t quite ready for real change. BUT we have a friendlier feeling
now around the same old style of domination and control politics. And
that is still worth celebrating. One step at a time.. incremental
gains.. easy does it. Blah blah blah.

So you thought that die hard
conservatives were unmovable? What about that 32 percent of voters
who STILL didn’t vote? Some jaded and impotent no doubt, but most of
them are like the cable installer at my house the other day, I
presume. Until there is someone worth voting for, there will be no
engagement. Trudeau pulled off a replay of Harper’s win 4 years ago
with only a few statistical variations.

Moving on, the real work of leaders is
now emerging and it has nothing to do with politicians, news
agencies (mainstream or alternative), or opinions in titled
positions, (self appointed included). The engagement of people in
online discourse is what changed.

And we can all thank Harper for that.
Like a rubber band snapping back to flaccidity after the great pull,
we are relieved. There is no going back for all who knew it was their
time for their issue, despite or in spite of centuries of
suppressing, scapegoating, sidelining, and denial.

Sharpen your pencils ladies and
gentlemen, the best is yet to come. No matter what Justin tries to
pull out of his hat, he will never have the veil to hide behind
again. We broke through. Now it is just our own awakenings,
individually and collectively that will occur, but this time

Stay tuned ….

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