kite; knight; night

I know this post has been a long time coming… truth is, I feel guilty…. my life had been one big social scene for a while now… I can hardly apply myself to my business and whenever I do, it seems totally pointless. I’ll be heading home in 2 weeks from today, so I’ll worry about it then… there is only so much of this one can take, too much of a good thing as they say…

In the meantime, past and more to come, my life has been a circus, a carnival, punctuated lustily with music, art, dancing, food, and ….

but a small slice…  You will notice my favorite kiteboarder of all time, shawn richman in most of the kite shots… for someone who rarely gets inspired, I am totally inspired by him.. It was that way from day one… 
Scotty is preparing a show in prolific fashion.. it is amazing to watch. there is an abundance of inspiration here, it was about time someone expressed it in ways other than sports and partying.  It is all the more enjoyable because he actually is good… 
oops, I forgot to learn how to kiteboard, AGAIN!


this is me pretending to work

I actually did do something, check out this before and after:

and this

amazing what a little paint will do….

So, if you like what you see, there are some weeks open for next year.. activities: yoga, raw food or modified raw foodist meal plan, kiteboarding, kayaking, painting and assemblage, astrology, how to become an activist without really trying, lightwork, fishing, free diving, photography (nearly forgot)… 
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