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Trigger Warning

I am disappointing that I have to say this. This is for survivors and regular Kultra MK people. Some survivors get triggered, I don’t know why. I don’t. I wrote up how I feel about triggers a while back.

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I grew up surrounded by mental illness. It is much easier for me to shrug it off, understand it, laugh at it than most. My family was not unaware of our uniqueness. I just happened to navigate out of the traps that caught everyone else.

Plus, I did the work. I have persevered and learned how to operate in the world by trial and error. I am grateful to all my clients, bosses and friends who helped me. It was because I was trying, I was willing and I was humbled.  I had faith and that faith was verified.

This blog is a testimony to that. (It started out as a diary of a traveling raw foodist trying to find god.) I found God. It worked. My prayers WERE answered. Now I know.

So, now, for me to present this material that is disturbing to most, it is just the facts for me. Once again, people would try to silence me based on their own inability to process the information. I am fairly tired of people trying to do this (handling) when I AM THE ONE WHO HAD TO LIVE THIS!

I AM THE ONLY ONE left in my family who CAN present this material. I kept the evidence because I hoped this day would come.

I am scrambling to find work, resubmit income tax for 2 years (being audited) and pay my bills at the moment and I can’t finish this documentary, but I did get a 10 minute rough cut up on Patreon. I already put over 40 hours into the 10 minute first cut.

Watch Justice for Jane Intro

It is behind a paywall for a couple reasons.

1. If my personal troll and mk gawkers want to discredit me, they will have to pay for it.

2. It isn’t ready for prime time.

3.  I am getting feedback from my supporters on how to proceed.

4. The purpose of this film is to provide EVIDENCE to the courts for the class action that has been filed: Photographic, written and testimonial. That is what is in this film.

Please if you are trying to help good people, fight the good fight, end abuse, suffering and expose evil, support me today. Who do you think has held steady for 40 years against a tsunami of BS? Life has NEVER been easy for me. I remember having intense anxiety every month for 30 years to pay rent, bills, ect. Now, I let creator God take my worry, but I still have the challenges.

Going public has helped my case and others as well. I can’t take credit for all of the surfacing of information and impetus for legal action in “the Montreal Experiments” but I know I helped nudge it along.

I am a thorn in the establishment side; I always have been the antidote to the cult. If I cared about fitting inside the box, I would be CRAZY TOO! This is well beyond convincing a bunch of MK gawkers if I am real.

I have the smoking gun(s). I have the proof. I don’t need their records (although I would really like to have them). It would be nice if I can convince you that I am doing more work, the real work to end the things that the cult of personality info warriors are getting attention and money for not doing.

Please support this work through patreon, paypal, etransfer and any other means of liking and sharing. I am in the cross hairs right now.

Watch Justice for Jane Intro


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2 thoughts on “Justice for Jane Documentary”

    1. Thanks for recognizing that Ingrid! I hope I have done and continue to do some good. Big plans, yet the road is winding and sometimes obscured. Things have definitely improved on a personal level for me since going public. I understand why others can’t or won’t do it, but it did wonders for me. I am so much of a better person. There are no more walls between me and the world. It is amazing really. I just burned all the filters. Or rather, Mk Ultra Girl did.

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