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Is the Cult Operating Through Bad Faith Survivors?

This isn’t about how much I’ve been deceived as it is about how much rope I give to people until they hang themselves. I don’t fact check much. I am not a ground crew member or a clean up crew member either. I am most interested in the spiritual side of the MK ultra dialogue and speculation, but I am also involved in the legal side of things since the case of my family is now part of a true class action lawsuit. My public expose of myself and my quest for answers has mostly been positive so far. Personally I have healed more than I ever thought possible and I am on the road to remedy and resolve in the courts.

The Cult Operated through me BEFORE I realized I was a True Survivor, not AFTER!

Before discovery in October, 2015, (the event of recognizing myself in the mkultra girl photo), I was already public about seeking justice and answers about my mother’ s and father’s mental health hospital records. My first blog post about the subject was Jan. 2014:

MK Ultra; Dr. Ewan Cameron; The Allen Memorial and My Mother

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing, but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron. My father had been in the psyche ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young. Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, quest for justice with my work as a visual artist and media influencer. Go to my blog, mkultragirl.org to understand more. Stand by for UltraNationMedia.com

Before that, I was connected to many spiritual and activist groups. I was involved in almost all social justice causes, health activism was big for me & spiritual renaissance was a dream of mine. I followed Keenan, Fulford, Cobra, Wilcock AND I was a boots to ground truther, keeping track of intelligence around exposing real crimes like 911 and child trafficking. There is a whole history there with many local Vancouver activists and of course, Abel Danger, who were naming much bigger names well before Isaac Kappy and Fiona Barnett.  I wrote about the apparent split in directional pull in 2009:

Inevitable Doom and Creating Your Own Reality

Now I see it was the cult of new age woo woo & some good old faith based xtianity mixed with the economic reevaluation (Nesara, Swiss Indo, Dinar) mixed with the basic “save the world” activist psi op, project mocking bird loop that turns out to be engineered by the same people who physically and emotionally and spiritually scarred my mother and father enuf that it made my sister violently psychotic, turned me into a cast out, and my brother sacrificed to death at 19 yrs old in a ritual that can not be traced to what we call in the judicial evidentiary world, a crime.

Yet, I know the signature of what happened when my brother died. I know how I was involved in the most abstract implications that amount to no more than feelings. I look back and see things differently now that my own life has been exposed as an MK Ultra project.

I can see now, looking back, that I was sexually groomed. I took it as being simply the culture of my time. I was always free do as I pleased. I also strove to create a professional life, which I did, but I had to cut myself off from my past to see it through. The biggest break from my past was moving to Vancouver from Toronto in 1993 alone. The breaks I’ve made in the last 10 years have been metaphysical just firming and reaffirming in my recognition of the tru god from the fake god. repenting as I go. Really glad to be post menopausal celibate.

My life became episodic. I hope to express it all one day, but for now, since 2015 and MK Ultra Girl Discovery, I have taken a stand, planted a flag and expanded my territory, using all the skills I have and the right side of heaven as my banner to stop the madness that has invaded my bloodline and myself. That is all that matters. No other cause trumps my cause, no other offense tops my offense.

Ultra Nation was founded in response to The One World Order Scam called Swiss Indo

I will not be cast off for another diversion in the name of the greater good manufactured by something or someone else and sold up as inevitable manifest destiny package. Enter Sasha Stone (Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams), sex cult guru spoof cut out agent provocateur for many cult branches. Sasha Stone’s save the world plans are several. New Earth Nation is one of them. With communities called, Universal Shamans of the New Tomorrow, I remember thinking this was a great idea!~

Sasha Stone was part of the Swiss Indo cult I was being recruited into at the same time I discovered MKULTRA girl! This was the reveal I wrote in Feb. 2016, exactly one month after going public on Wolf Spirit Radio in Jan. 2016.

The Great Indonesian Money Scam

I wrote Rise of the Dragon Scam in the fall of 2016 to further emphasize the warnings I was heeding in my own life.

There are so many agents here and they are still using all the cult insignias. Why would it end?

Bloody Thumbprints. Join our cult of Natural Justice. BTW, We are the Judges!

Another Sasha Stone save the world plot is the self created common law court called International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Stone himself and the dubious potato faced idiot Robert D. Steele appear to be both founders and the henchmen of this operation.

CIA Spook Agent Robert D. Steele
Cult Spoof Agent Provocateur Sasha Stone

The flakes start falling with Sasha Stone, RD Steele, Fiona Barnett and David Shurter all associated together in a conspiratorial ball. There is always fall out when rogue agents sniff out power and influence, jostle for it and then get caught by their own game. There are many many more players around this shit show, some got hurt, some got dead. Isaac Kappy got dead from this psi op.

Stone’s common law court is a direct rip off of Kevin Annett’s common law court, International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. FYI, Kevin spent way more time and energy for way better reasons to create his court than Spook and Spoof ever did.  Any one can create their own court and do this. This is part of our justice system. Do they have power and influence? You be the judge. 

Not only did Spoof and Spook steel Kevin Annett’s idea, they tried to put Kevin Annett in custody, force a psychiatric examination on him and charge him with sedition, fraud and … more! Nice people. Sasha Stone and Robert D. Steele took their case against Annett to the crown. Phew, good thing it was there when they needed it! All they did was write a letter, yes folks, a letter to the commonwealth asking to pick up Kevin Annett and within 24 hrs, the commonwealth did just that, according to Kevin Annett. Examine the press release Kevin’s org. released about the threats of these 2 agents.

So Kevin says he was held at the Canadian Border, coming into his own country. We here in Canada, especially in BC, know all about Kevin Annett.  I don’t care if Kevin Annett is the anti christ. I will not have a CIA spook like RD Steele and a sex cult guru spoof agent provocateur like Stone do that to anyone of my country. In what comic universe did these 2 jokers think they could get away with this in?

The one that operates as a new world order one world government and religion mystery school (Whisper: Luciferian fallen angel (synonymous with dracos & archons) worshipers..) filtering the bottom layers of as yet unrealized mk distopian mind wipe in social groups to act as …. AGENTS/ members.  When those who claim to be working on behalf of “victims”, especially “children” start doing the very thing they are accusing others of doing, I call EXPOSED!

So the very organization I rebuked to promote mkultra girl is the one that Fiona Barnett uses to “get the word out” spread awareness. I mean really, what are they doing? They offer no remedies. I think they are plotting to create this reval scenario, AGAIN. I know because I was involved in the same thing 4 years ago. The ordination of their crowns must have been put off another year since we still haven’t got this thing off the ground yet, but damn, the plot GOES ON! Without me!

So, while I was supporting the likes of Fiona Barnett, David Shurter and Stone’s quasi kangaroo copy cat kort of Kevin Annett’s kangaroo court for the attention they were bringing to “the cause”, I couldn’t help but noticing:

1. They were not supporting me

2. They were not interested in collective or organized resistance. When Fiona does ally with people, they are always the wrong ones.

3. They were not acknowledging other survivors

4. They were trying to control the narrative for all survivors

5. They were sucking the air out of the public survivor discussion

6. They were using the survivor movement now dovetailing with the xtian and maga and q movements as a wellspring of ill informed good intended folks from which to draw support.

7. They were sending a consistently negative message that there wouldn’t never be any justice for what they claim was done to them. Pot/ kettle black much?

8. You need to prove to the them you are “real” because there are so many fakes. Instant red flag.


Alright I won’t go on, but you get the point. I finally had it out on twitter with Shurter on the 17th of May, 2019. He blocked me for the 3rd time in as many years on social. Even when you support these people they hate you.

Using Isaac Kappy’s death to create a false narrative around his vulnerability is truly scum sucking lower than low, IMO. Why is he & Fiona alive and Kappy is dead? ‘Cause, Jesus?

Kappy didn’t out anyone except his friend Seth Green, with nothing but wild conjecture. Meanwhile Barnett and Shurter have a laundry list of accusations against who is who over decades.

Naming names by the mother of all conspiracy de engineering divorced duo Abel Danger was well ahead of Fionagate & Pizzagate without getting killed or complaining of it.

This is an intelligence game whether you like it or not. Most like/share whores don’t know there are lots of people who know the origin of most of these recycled viralizing glitter bombs. The establishment of digital thought influence is an INVESTMENT. It is all real estate.

D shurter

So this Q is sitting with Trump but has no ability to ask for help in
protecting advocates?Did he mention Kappy-express any concern? Where
is the help for advocates?Considering we end up dead- and they r
trying to kill my sis and I- I can say from PERSONAL experience
there’s none

Ellen Atkin
Oh please. I am not going to die and nobody around me is going to die.
anytime soon. unless of course. they eff with the plan… and that is
not me doing the fixing. note to survivors: this is not the
inevitable. Rebuke.

D shurter
So what IS the plan exactly and what are the specifics? And I wish my
sis and I and myriads of others could claim the same as you. But then
– why would they have reason to come after you?

Ellen Atkin
·start here david.  MK Ultra Girl
Generational Trauma Based Mind Control Experiment Family featuring The
Atkins and the Crunicans. Ellen Atkin resolves MK Ultra.

D shurter
So they killed others- Issac, Jenny, Max- but since they haven’t
killed you none of that matters. Fiona had to get offline- they are
after me AND my sis. But YOU are fine so it’s all good?

Ellen Atkin
stop it. I have invested 3.5 years intense focus and 1,000s of dollars
of my own money and a lifetime of anguish over this. I rebuke your
cynical derision that your own pain eclipses mine. What are you doing
is the ?. drumming up more death cult sycophants?

D shurter
Oh please- your whole argument is that mine and others pain don’t
matter cause it isn’t you. Go play the fucking victim with someone

Ellen Atkin
Yah, cause you’ve got that space fully filled.

D shurter
What the Fuck ever. You know- there are a LOT of fakes in this- and
honestly- since I’ve been at this for decades like Fiona and have
never fricking heard of you until now- that says something. And funny-
your defending Q, diminishing the deaths- while deflecting your own

Ellen Atkin

D shurter
Oh- more projection and name calling. For not being one of them you
have their game down to a T

Ellen Atkin
is this your endgame? is this it? have you tried organized resistance?
have YOU a plan? what is YOUR plan.

D shurter
Funny- how do you propose to do that when no one knows who you are.
But the – I asked your plan first. Unless it is just attacking and
dismissing advocates who have been at this for decades of course.

Ellen Atkin
You do not know who I am. clearly. Everyone else knows David.

D shurter
Lol- and you know “everybody” knows you do you? Funny- no one has
mentioned you. EVER. And I know the leaders- in fact I’ve worked
publicly with them. And let me point out- you haven’t answered ANY of
my questions. The only thing you’ve shown is you don’t like what I’m

Ellen Atkin
Do you actually consider yourself a leader? Because you do not act like one.

D shurter
I’m not a leader. I don’t have the ego you have. Everyone doesn’t know
me. I’m just someone who is trying to get my family investigated.
Someone who cares about others getting murdered. And THAT is what
started this- you attacked and dismissed me for what I’ve said about

Ellen Atkin
do your research.

D shurter
No thanks. I don’t research those I have no respect for- and if this
exchange has taught me anything- it is that I don’t respect you. Any
more than you do me.

Ellen Atkin

then you and your friends are failures.

D shurter

Yeah- Fiona has more success honey than you EVER will. And we are
real. We don’t go around using fake pseudonyms. Done any interviews?
Written a book? How about your documentary?

Ellen Atkin
bingo. I just called you out. Success eh? You call what you do
success? and i think that Fiona would appreciate you NOT speaking for

D shurter

I’ll ask her today when she calls. I make a point to bring you up.

Ellen Atkin

I want the full report! make it public please. inquiring minds want to
know. Who else wants to hear?

D shurter
Well why don’t you ask her yourself since she obviously knows you. I
mean you are claiming EVERY ONE does- so…

Ellen Atkin
catch you on the flipside David. looking forward to that report.

D shurter
I’m sure you will. Not that I give a crap.

 Another, the Same International Conspiracy AGAIN!

When I think back to the conversation I had with Fiona in 2016, the stand out point was her assertion that her cia spook Gittinger was far more brilliant than my cia spook, Mengele. Wow, I don’t even remember what happened to me. The only clues I have are my dreams and real evidence that the lawyers have…   So, I think it was Mengele and there are other survivors who claim they remember him but other than him showing up in my dreams, I have no memory of him. What’s the end game then?

2 years after that conversation she sucks Kappy into her public image and they do nothing to help each other or anyone else. Their periscope beach bench talks were like listening to the mean kids from school talking shit about nothing. Hardly what you expect from what Shurter, claimed her to be, “a leader”.  6 months later Kappy is dead.

So, when I recognized the same plot for NWO promoted by the we know best change agents dovetailing with Fiona Barnett fronting with the how to mount an insurrection incarnational event 2.0, the ITNJ, I call foul. Copy kat kort media whores spook and spoof enact a renditioning of Kevin Annett into his own country the same week Fiona wraps up in the Jesus blanket to eulogize another target that she blames for doing dark. He goes dark and she gets the light back? Sounds like a you know what to me? Did they think no one would notice?

Timing is Everything

Don’t these sacrificial rites involve 3’s. All in one week.

Isaac Kappy dies, Kevin Annett gets abducted & Tom Hanks dies in the VEEP finale.

Was Kevin supposed to die right after Kappy? Kevin was enjoying a successful run again in the American alt news outlets calling ITNJ’s pretentious shit out. The nerve. And that awful accented attitude of agent spoof. Last year, Fiona showed up like a crown jewel at the rip Kort ITNJ. Other testimonial givers included a Morman woman using the name Kristy Allen who has also been known before as Wanda and a Dutch swindler bad boy mafioso type.

Allegedly, Kappy died to prove that you will die if you go public with your survivor story according to Shurter. And he talks to Fiona all the time.

Tom Hanks dies in the most acclaimed TV show in history’s finale, VEEP. (which was foreshadowed in season one). Tom Hanks ducks the crosswind fall out of the Kappy sacrifice, whilst his real accuser, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, remains mute through out and going forward.

I debunked the bottle cap circle jerk.

What is Your Ultra Agent Name?

For now, the empire is safe. The circular firing squad of the on line new age, survivor, save the world, SSP, post paperclip Kultra has assured that.

The ground crew keeps the fringes fraying in the space warrior ranges with all the fringe cults exposeings (Q etc..).

Shurter, Fiona, Stone and Steele will never get past my expose.

Or should I write my own letter to the Queen accusing them all of mental instability, sedition and fraud?

Shurter big mouth blabs it all to Fiona. She needs to enjoy her life.

No wonder the satanists were after him. He is a disgrace, even to them.

Praying to the Wrong God Equals Mental Illness

Just the fact that David Shurter speaks to Fiona on the telephone almost every night should tell you something. Shurter has been her hell hound for years. He brags about talking frequently with her.

How could associating with the foulest example of mental illness praying to the wrong god anti christ abdicator unlikely victim found in David Shurter possibly be a good thing?

They all have had religious conversions of the unquestionable kind. Trust me, I know, I have had them.

Both Shurter and Barnett claim to be Xtians.  But they don’t act like Xtians. And how is it that someone who claims to have risen up to the top position of the top satanic cult in Australia just walk away after a realization that what she was involved in was bad and Jesus Christ saved her? Ever since then they left her alone?

She doesn’t live like most targets I know. She doesn’t work, doesn’t seem to need money, I don’t know what her husband does, but they seem to have it all and live unmolested in their insular above median income lifestyles. smellleee the fisheeee?

Survivors are Pissed off

Do you know how many survivors tell me no one gets back to them? Nearly all of them.

People mentioned above are using the survivor movement to further some horrible agenda in a really terrible acting kind of way and are not the collective voice. They are individual voices that seek to define a movement, manipulate it and personally benefit.

All survivors have battled demons and been graced with saving. You can’t trademark that.

This psi op ain’t about your subscription fees, this is about scaring survivors into the silence program, enacting a cult ritual killing in public and getting caught in the act while hoping to kick start the same new aged pied piper scam sprinkled with bitcoin that the higher ups got in the how do we spend our money today delusional world. I get it. I don’t care. me no signa the dotted line. me no consent.

So why are the so called leaders of the survivor on line gossip sewer b novel acting like the very people they are not having any luck getting justice from? Because they never wanted it? When given the opportunity for justice for what happened to you or your family, would you take it?

Or would you create a psi op court system that denied burden of proof evidence and made you arbiter of justice for the new system that you will run from now on? There are reasons these people will not see justice. Perhaps their crimes are worse. This double bind psi op is maybe supposed to scare you away from even thinking of it?

Maybe my timing was a bit off by months meaning years, but I am definitely going to take their traffic in the info war before it goes down.

I want Spook’s paycheck! He Doesn’t Deserve it!

If you want to know how to proceed as a survivor, waking up out of generation mk and currently being mked, I can help. There is help. After 5 years of this, my case has moved along. My work has been moving forward. This is the message that needs to be heard in the survivor community who have all the evidence in their testimonies.

There are many possible legal remedies for what is happening and has happened to us. There are many social and practical remedies to take. Personally I couldn’t take another 5 yrs of this. But it may not be available anyway. In this form.

So, on that note, I am formally announcing the return of The Truth to Power Hour starring me with guests, syndicated on TruthTainment TV with the V.

Stay Posted

I still need a lot of help. Honestly, I am thinking of offering a large return on anyone who wants to invest in a biometric facial analysis project that would really help me to gain big in real court. This is all very frustrating to me. I don’t get to live. I just have what I need and have to have real grit to find purpose in all this.

Good news! Revenue Canada returned my audits with even more write offs! Did I ever think I would be saying that? You want some of this rabbit hole then remember I’ve been talking about the dreams since I started this.  The audit was a result of a dream I had with Stephen Harper and there were others before that. I almost look back like that was a golden age or something.

PM if you want to know the truth about Q. PM if you want to know about any agent. If I have intel, I will spill.

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21 years after my 1st attempt, I am still filling out forms to mail to institutions to get medical records. No fun! The Cabal is more afraid of Agent Ultra GRRL than any info warrior out there.


Ellen Atkin

Ultra GRRRL/ MK Ultra Girl

Badassador of the Nation of Ultra

Bombassador of the Court of Mine

Code to Operating Agents: Old priest warrior time lord of a particular fallen line mixed with original salt of the stars through a mythical authoritarian bloodline.