Internal Review

April 1st is a big day for me. Last year, on April 1st, I returned to Canada from my first odyssey to the States and Mexico. I remember pulling into the parking lot at a mall in Surrey to buy a refurbished juicer to start my Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. This was a gift from my favorite people in Oregon at Angel’s Health Food Institute. I drove back to Kitsilano to park my 20ft rig, Whitey. I bought a month pass at the Kitsilano rec centre and started this great cleanse and work out regime while I figured out my next move. I released 7 pounds in 10 days and kept it off, while living on the street in Whitey with no money.

I officially credit April 1st, 2006 as the day I went raw. It was, in fact, the opening day for Green Smoothie Land, which was a little juice bar that I opened up on Main St. in Vancouver. I was so enthusiastic, I did this as a kind of wild, jump in the sky, statement. It was a little narrow spot in my friend’s clothing store. It had a half window onto the street and was a perfect place to stand and preach. I had to go back to work after 7 weeks but kept it open for another few months before I cut my losses.

This year, I am just thankful for not being in the same space as last year. I am thankful that I know what I am heading for; that my direction is clear. I am thankful that I have timed my return for May 1st, not April 1st. I can’t really express how much I love my little life here in Mexico. It has been so great for me. I swim in the ocean almost every day. I eat the best fresh fruit and vegetables.

I am so proud of my blog. I go to it just to look at it. Especially now that it is finally three column. I learned how to do it here. If you check out the beginning of this blog (Dec. 2006), the posts are really bad- just fragmented stuff. Interestingly enough, however, I had Henry Rollins posting back then?! My writing has developed so much here. It took a while though. I only really started in November 2007 to write full articles. I didn’t even know what a blog was, even after I had one for a year. is getting a new website. I will pull all of my work together there. I am really moving into a great place after so much turmoil. I am fulfilling all my dreams. It is just funny how I got there. One thing is for sure, if I had stayed working for that stupid phone book company, I would not be in this position. Having come through the bankruptcy and having a load of lucrative work lined up, doing exactly what I want, is a great feeling.

The raw food journey has been so interesting. I have used it as a backdrop. Since I am basically a loner, the raw food movement has been like my family. I used it to fill in the gaps, and give my life some meaning. The movement is like a religion to me. I still have a lot of health goals to meet. I am over due for another cleanse and I have to get my blood tested to see exactly what is going on. I have a offer from Sam (handsome, buff guy in the video) of Body Tune Up in Vancouver to get both those things done. This time I will take him up on it.

I am so happy to see this on Dorit’s links page on Serenity Spaces. Looks like everyone is falling behind the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation in the Charity Poll. Maybe if more people VOTED, it would be more equal.

As my trip winds down here (only three more weeks left!), I am finally getting to do some touristy stuff. So I will be off to Cancun this week for a few days and then to Chitzin Itsa next week. Lastly, I will post a picture of me about 6 months before I went raw (Sept. 05) and one about two weeks ago. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this journey possible for me and all the truly inspirational people in the raw world.

Goofy BEFORE Pic (try to find a better one when I get home)

September 2005 – 6 months before going raw.

AFTER 2 Years Raw, 15-20 lbs lighter

Easter Sunday, 2008 (46 in one month)

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1 thought on “Internal Review”

  1. wow Ellen you look Marvelous. for sure…. 46 eh? getting younger daily…. I will send a pic of me…. it is happening to me too….yay me!

    today we hung up hammock, did the garden. and lied in the hammmock…Neveah all giggles. wow. so happy. haven’t worked in months. nice blog. I’m trying for the book, website and movie before it runs out but will do some jobs if pop up!

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