Inevitable Doom and Creating Your Own Reality

Having spent inordinate amounts of time pouring over enlightening, uplifting and revealing materials that relate to spirituality, religion, new age thought, channeled information, Jesus, personal development and metaphysics, while at the same time removing myself from otherwise gainful measures to listen to, watch and read any and all kinds of alternative media relating to the impending doom wrought upon humanity by an eons old reptilian death cult (that we are all supposedly related to) that has infiltrated all outward expressions of our culture (government, religion, media, health care, education, popular social movements, you name it), I sit here weighing the two futures heralded by both viewpoints.

Neither viewpoint seems to entertain much of the other. People who, to quote Niall Bradley who is quoting a senior advisor to Bush, “believe that solutions emerge from a judicious study of discernible reality” want only to focus on what can be proven, within the parameters of “discernible reality”. What of this NWO death cult, with its array of ignorant to complicit minions, which we are reacting too? Does it not steep itself, indeed has it not risen out of ancient mystery schools, secret societies, and occult worship that involves everything in Satan’s wicked lair? They play with earth energies, celestial energies, lay lines and geomancy, all the while leaving us “realists” to playing with only our hearts and minds. Not a fair fight I would say. Why not arm ourselves with some celestial tools as well?

Truth is, most everyone has had an experience that confirms there is more to this life than “discernible reality”, so there is nothing to prove there. Yet, are we dealing with Dr. Strange style inter dimensional game play, are we passively waiting to be lifted up to heaven during the rapture when Jesus returns to earth, or are we merely creating our own reality with thoughts of peace, love and harmony as so many new agers would have you believe? It is totally taboo to talk about the NWO “realist style” within the new age community. You will get shut down and accused of creating that reality.

Indeed much of what is discussed among the “realists” empowers and enforces the elitist agenda. You are supposed to get angry and do something about it, but more often than not, you just feel sick about it. Normally, one feels revulsion when encountering, to put it mildly, the bad news that humanity is the rat in the maze with no idea that it is in the maze in the first place. Alternative media, has been ringing the bell for years now about the very public and very documented and very searchable evidence that we are in big trouble if the controllers of our destinies continue to have their way with us. Not too many people can argue that we are approaching an apex of some sort. Call it the end times, call it the shift, call it 2012, call it a pandemic, call it an Orwellian nightmare, call it whatever you want to call it. In the final analysis, you will call it.

It is hard to imagine anyone of a certain age who hasn’t been caught in a circumstance where there was nothing to do but pay up, shut up or put up, against all inner feelings of non compliance at all of these options. If you start paying attention you learn to avoid the naive assumptions that led you to being cornered in the first place. Contrarily, you make positive actions that get you to the reality you favor (lying on a beach in Mexico for instance). Essentially this is the formula for humanities’ emancipation from the dying embers of the new world order.

Yes, the dying embers of the new world order. In these enlightened times, all the masks are coming off the players. Corruption is being revealed on a global stage and even the most uneducated, uninformed backwards peasant will tell you the government is corrupt.

It is actually a lot easier than you might think to discharge this corrupt agenda. Governments and up the line are marveling at how far they have come in their grand plan. They can’t believe it themselves. They know it takes massive amounts of effort in a cyclone to keep on target. The universe moves towards harmony not deviance. The NWO fights against the prevailing energies of the universe. Repeating this agenda without offering a better alternative or at least a neutralizing statement, is actually contributing to their purpose, in my view. We need more good news on the activist fronts.

And here it is, the NWO will fail, freedom will reign, man will live by God’s law in accordance with our true and rightful destiny. Government and the police state will stand down. They will be ordered by the people.

To quote a website ( dedicated to revealing and defeating the NOW, “The legislators are bought or frightened by the New World Order, to keep making up this legislation, to rip you off, make you poor, and enslave you. So, the only way that you’re going to stop that from happening, is if these legislators are more afraid of you than they are of the New World Order. And the only way that they are going to be more afraid of you is if you tell them what’s going to happen to them if they don’t keep God’s Law and get rid of all this illegal legislation that they’ve made up. You have to put the fear of God into these people. What are you waiting for?”

Politicians aren’t powerful and they know they aren’t powerful. Even the most masterful illuminati high priest is afraid of what you can do. These people are to be pitied and in some cases, sentenced for their crimes.

I’ll give you an example of how easy it is to change things. Last year at this time, I was sent urgings through the health community to contact my government opposing bill C-54 (now bill C-6). I did. I sent Stephen Harper and his entire cabinet an email that said, there will be a shit storm if he tried to pass this bill. Then I sent an email to the Block and the NDP (didn’t bother with the Libs- irrelevant at that point) that said, “Bring ‘em down.” Two days later the house fell. Who says you have no power? Try it on for size. The universe is bending for you.

If that doesn’t sit well with you, then something as simple as imagining the world where your heart wants it to be and knowing it will happen as sure as your already booked vacation will work wonders as well. Is it any less plausible than the draconian nightmare proposed by our corporate controllers now?

In the final analysis, nothing is a foregone conclusion. I am excited about the future myself. There is plenty of opportunity; Opportunity for a new government to make new laws that finish off the NWO; Opportunity for people to feel and be a part of a new and positive future. How are we expected to go from our present state, to a world of total slavery and domination? There is a heck of a lot of maneuverability in between. Knowing this is a big step in seeing the right future become reality. It has in fact already been done. The NWO has already failed. It is our mission as sovereign souls to wake up to it, anyhow, anyway; the sooner the better.

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