INCOMING! MK Merc, Craig Sawyer wants YOUR money!

I’d been seeing this guys mug on the net for a while. IMO, like all the alt. vet. sites, you can’t trust em.

Here is what he is doing:

“Help V4CR raise funds to produce the documentary that will expose the
dark world of pedophile rings, human sex trafficking and other child

This has got to be the most pathetic pitch. For one thing, there are already 1000’s of vids on you tube about this. The world does not another glossy doc. about pedo gate. So you want to give your money to making a movie?

FYI: There are multitudes of REAL activists that have been working in this field for years, that A) never ask for your money, B) would never be so foolish to think making a movie will solve anything and will be happy when this latest deep state teletubby offering is pulled back into the bases.

So, who died and made you the boss, macho man? YOU DO NOT get to claim the narrative of tru survivors. We don’t want your help!

Apparently he is going to use YOUR money you donated to hire a lawyer to try to silence real survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and trauma based mind control on children. Yeh, that is right. I just read it on his FB page. That is all anyone should need to pick up the trail.

Think Ken Okeefe, think Kevin Annett, think all the new age operatives, think co intel pro, think counter opposition, think snake oil salesman. THINK!

This is the media babe, the last frontier, not your little target zone. You shine the light. That is right. You shine that light… boy.

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