I met a Lightbearer today on my Sales Calls

Man, that day felt like work. And the Canucks are playing. Wanted to get out of Dodge (Chillwack) and get back to the Rock. Peaceful, sunny. I suppose I could turn on the tv and find out what’s happening to the nucks. another knucklebiter. no score in the 3rd.

anyway, I had to rationalize my day so as not to feel too depressed about not bringing home a boat load of money. I had every conceivable excuse. I didn’t fight it, but it was worth reminding myself of that old sales job I used to do. It is better than that, but that job cut my teeth at sales. SCORE!

So, the highlight of my day was meeting this woman, Laura Taylor-Jensen BA, MAc, who is now the primary custodian of the works of the great master himself. I swear, how on earth, I could of met her after all the farmers I spoke to that day, is beyond me. So we had a bit of enlightened chat that I could AT LEAST say that there was some divinity to my day.

Maybe I should go back to being 100% raw. Today, I ate a bowl full of the clam chowder I made last night with the clams Eva and I dug up the night before. I think Val can attest that it is the best manhattan clam chowder either of us have ever tasted. Green drink and my morning chocolate shake. 7 or 8 roaste3d cacao beans from Guatamala, 2 bananas, sunflowerseed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, ice, hemp oil. OMG… it is so incredibly good.

I found myself wanting to fall asleep but was being pulled home. I didn’t realize Chilliwack was such a sketchy place. Roving security guards in the Price Smart parking lot; Got majorly searched just going into the law courts to use the bathroom. I nearly had a heart attack. Note to self, don’t do that again.

Lots of dark energy there in the town. The farms arn’t too bad. Nice country. That’s the problem with it there. It is beautiful. But the rivers are breaking the dikes and the city won’t do anything, except study it. So that blew one sale right there. When they were all positive and wanting to see it, I didn’t have it. Overlooked. sigh.

Someone was hit by a car and lying on the road after I left another homeless abode. Weird. A lot of people were stopped, so I figured he was okay. I was turning the other way.

I have a lot to say, a lot of catching up to do, but for now, I have to move forward and just happy that I reunited with my original blog ULR, RawTraveling.blogspot.com…. AHHHHH… I made a mistake… ! It really takes time for google to recognize you, so don’t go throw 4 years of ramblings out the window for some attempt at “re-invention”.. Another lesson learned. I am already getting my rankings and followers back.. OOps, sorry… ! I love you all. Jesus loves you too.

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