How to Vote this Oct. 14, 2008

The predictions are that Obama will win but not take office. George Bush is the last President. The strategy behind Harper calling the election BEFORE the American Election, is to take his best shot at a majority before the “fit hits the shan”. His Agenda will be to fully implement the NWO plan of creating The North American Union and one currency, the Amero, between Mexico, Canada and the US. This will be easy if he has a majority.

This Aim is the real agenda of the Security and Prosperity Meetings between the three countries that began in March of 2005 between Paul Martin, Vincente Fox and Bush. At the meeting in Montebello Quebec in 2007, three protesters were later identified and admitted as undercover police trying to incite violence in order to discredit the true and peaceful protesters.

So every police state measure that is and will be enacted in the states will automatically be extended to Canadians. Indeed many such laws are already in place with each signing of the agreements between the three countries. Harper has already legalized the use of US military within Canada. Without an opposition with power to bring down the house at any non confidence vote, these draconian measures will be our future as early as November, 2008.

Canadians must continue to hold Harper in check. Let’s not repeat typical Canadian voting patterns. Harper does not deserve to have majority rule just because he is the most likely leader. These social trends are 100% manipulated and controlled by the international elite through their mainstream media outlets. After all, Harper and John Reynolds did go to Bilderberg (secret elitist annual meetings that set the course for all economic and political movements worldwide) in the early 2000’s well before he was elected.

Although I ideally recommend to vote for the candidate you most believe in, this time I am recommending to vote strategically for the one and sole purpose of keeping Harper in a minority government. The good folks at Avaaz pointed me to this handy tool to determine by riding which candidate has the most chance of defeating a Tory. Now I don’t buy a lot of this climate change stuff, especially not that it is my fault, so just over look the reasoning behind their motives like I did. I want to keep my country, currency and freedoms as they are with an aim to INCREASE the benefits associated with each concept.

It is finally time to wake up and smell the green tea. This is a good thing. No doubt harsh new realities are in store, but the more power us PEOPLE have to fight against each onslaught against our personal liberties, the better. We will need every ounce of strength. At the same time we will be rebuilding our own structures that will change the value of everything. People will be working and helping each other and our goods and services will reflect their true value because it will be US determining what that is. We are entering a new and exciting time of great hope and potential for humanity. Don’t fall for the fog blanket that Harper is try to pull on you. Those days are OVER. And if you don’t see it now, you will be sorry in a very short time.

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