How to Support a Survivor

Svali is an ex illuminati trainer. She decoded these great points to bring awareness to what is going on within the often conflicted aims of survivors and why they often attack each other.

I am getting an idea of how the Atkins and the Crunicans are involved in the illuminati and how my natal family turned out the way we did. We were at once resisting and participating, but there were no rituals, only my father consulting with priests,politicians and educators. He was politically involved with attempting to influence the education system but all his attempts failed. He hung on to his principals.

He was no saint. He was abusive, physically, verbally and I have a feeling and one visual record of early sexual abuse, but nothing like other stories out there. He fought his own demons in front of us. This was expressed daily as we watched him eat us out of house and home every night. He was a glutton. When he lived on his own after my mother separated, he became a filthy glutton.

We jokingly called him the Tasmanian devil because you could not get in his way when he was in the kitchen. He was like a hell cat, picking up globs of raw hamburger and eating it before he got to the cooking stage. Then he would just turn off. He often had to sleep on the spot whereever he was. In fact, the TV show, This Hour has 22 minutes cut to a image of my father sleeping in the stands of the Liberal convention as part of their comedy show.

Like many hard targeted trauma survivors he was a bad traveler. His frustration looked like this. Stunned bunny look straight ahead; jerking his arm violently, as though to jump start his body/ mind connection; a singlar focus that could not be broken; abrupt and gruff verbal assaults to anyone in his earshot but mostly at us.

Unlike Alison Steele, who got her mom’s medical records from the Dept. of Justice in Canada, my mother’s records are not with them. Reason being, she did not apply for the class action in the late 80’s. D of J only has the records of those who did.

I have to go through this procedure:

-Copy of your mother’s death certificate
– Copy of your mother’s last will and testament
-Copy of the will search from the Chamber des Notaries
-Copy of the will search from the Barreau du Quebec
-Signed request from the liquidator of the succession/ executor of the will
-If she died without a will,  you would need to sign the request and include a proof of relationship ( birth certificate with your parents names on it)
-Specify exactly what you want/ need from  your mother’s medical record

-Specify why you need your mother’s medical records

The info came through today. At least they are responding. 
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