How to Support a Survivor

UPDATE: I have some medical records from the Allen for my mother. The lawsuit is well underway and we are well represented. Please consider joining my cause to further help my group bring this awareness forward (by the survivors themselves, not by trendy alt media personalities) and help other groups in nascent formation. I have been laying it out for 4 years now. Same plan. Healing, deprogramming, revealing, remedy, resolve, reverse engineering the death cult. Listen to Julie Gold talk about what we have accomplished with this lawsuit here.


Svali is an ex illuminati trainer. She decoded these great points to bring awareness to what is going on within the often conflicted aims of survivors and why they often attack each other.

I am getting an idea of how the Atkins and the Crunicans are involved in the illuminati and how my natal family turned out the way we did. We were at once resisting and participating, but there were no rituals, only my father consulting with priests,politicians and educators. He was politically involved with attempting to influence the education system but all his attempts failed. He hung on to his principals.

He was no saint. He was abusive, physically, verbally and I have a feeling and one visual record of early sexual abuse, but nothing like other stories out there. He fought his own demons in front of us. This was expressed daily as we watched him eat us out of house and home every night. He was a glutton. When he lived on his own after my mother separated, he became a filthy glutton.

We jokingly called him the Tasmanian devil because you could not get in his way when he was in the kitchen. He was like a hell cat, picking up globs of raw hamburger and eating it before he got to the cooking stage. Then he would just turn off. He often had to sleep on the spot whereever he was. In fact, the TV show, This Hour has 22 minutes cut to a image of my father sleeping in the stands of the Liberal convention as part of their comedy show.

Like many hard targeted trauma survivors he was a bad traveler. His frustration looked like this. Stunned bunny look straight ahead; jerking his arm violently, as though to jump start his body/ mind connection; a singlar focus that could not be broken; abrupt and gruff verbal assaults to anyone in his earshot but mostly at us.

Unlike Alison Steele, who got her mom’s medical records from the Dept. of Justice in Canada, my mother’s records are not with them. Reason being, she did not apply for the class action in the late 80’s. D of J only has the records of those who did.

I have to go through this procedure:

-Copy of your mother’s death certificate
– Copy of your mother’s last will and testament
-Copy of the will search from the Chamber des Notaries
-Copy of the will search from the Barreau du Quebec
-Signed request from the liquidator of the succession/ executor of the will
-If she died without a will,  you would need to sign the request and include a proof of relationship ( birth certificate with your parents names on it)
-Specify exactly what you want/ need from  your mother’s medical record


-Specify why you need your mother’s medical records
The info came through today. At least they are responding.
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7 thoughts on “How to Support a Survivor”

  1. I think one thing going against survivors, and this is by design, is that no two stories are alike. There is no “theme”, no step by step “method”. Basically mind control programming is loosely set around some facts, some theory and just basically stealing from the victims. Whatever works, is what they do. And not only do we have real, ground level basic training but we also have false stories built into us as well.

    So what will come out of every survivor will be real mixed in with a lot of false covers. And this makes us look flaky. Which is all thought out from the beginning.

    I’ve read Svali’s blog and Springmeier’s books along with other survivors accounts. I see some common elements in my own experience. But not everything.

    Plus we have programming to fight with one another to control the discourse, to prove that our story is the real story, the real agenda and the real programming. All I know is that I’ve had enough strange experiences to know I was in the program. I know wasn’t full “Illuminati” like Svali. I wasn’t part of the “Super Soldier” crowd. I wasn’t part of the “presidential models” experience. I have my own experience. It doesn’t fit the current narratives and therefore people would question that.

    Another thing going against us is that most of us, our fronting alters, are quite coherent. Everyone expects us to be raving in asylums and running around the streets as homeless people. I don’t think everyone fully realizes that this SECRET WORLD on top of ours constantly searches for exceptional people. They need enough brain power to run their programs and have enough left over for us to be normal citizens.

    What we are doing now is scratching out a recovery method for ourselves. But I don’t think we will fully be free until it is all declassified and the records of every victim released. I hope to see it in my lifetime. I hope.

    1. Agree. Every programme was designer responding to individual character. note to self: get to know your character, no we are not all the same. character matters. the internet is not a magic sin eraser machine. it is a foil a mirror and a deceiver. get to know yourself and you will avoid the perils of coming out as a survivor. No wonder the train has stalled with all these nutcases dominating the blogosphere. I would never say the things I hear from other targets. I know what I am doing. No one is gonna kill me. I am putting the world on notice, not the other way around. this should be a great time for coming out because coming out is healing on a personal level and that alone is worth the price of admission. yup. i think the old seth bloodlines are the ones that can take the most shit, so they use us the most as vessels to this insanity. I said fuck that. as soon as I found out what it all was a bout. wasted life, destroyed life. and there i was making something out of myself. still didn’t matter squat. I was labeled. Well label this. ultra gRRRRLLLLlllllll will empty the vaults of the hallowed halls and take it all back.

      1. You don’t seem to be an ongoing victimn of mk uktra and electronic slow kill murder torture like I am. I am happy for you. The rest of us out here aren’t so lucky.

  2. I am a 63year old U.S. army veteran and targeted individual and mk ultra survivor. I am looking for someone to contact for some real live actual help. So far nothing but trolls perps and bullshit. Can a brother possibly get any help? I need to talk not write. Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes, organized resistance is the key. I keep trying to get more digital assets up so we can interact and support each other and gather evidence ect. That is happening in the class action law suit I am involved in. But remember, I have been public at this for 6 years. I set a goal, an intention to make this happen. I worked towards it against all odds, against other targets and vics who should have supported me but chose to handle or attempt to destroy me. The kind of organization against this future doom machine needs funds! We are fighting big money. I am doing all I can but so many others seem to get money and support to keep telling their audiences about our stories without crediting us! That needs to stop. I do take calls from people. I would be happy to talk to you.

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