How to Start RAW

My lovely Diva friends (Tera and Amy) at The Raw Divas have teamed up with my other lovely friend, Angela Stokes to bring you a well thought out and loaded with goodies program to get you going on raw. I often get asked where to begin. And I think back on how I started. I really planned and changed so many things in my life to make it happen. This program can do all that without turning your life upside down.

You may recognize Angela Stokes as the model in many of my organic farm shots here. Some of these shots were also used by CNN for what turned out to be The Top Health Story of the Year. The Divas have revamped their Body Enlightenment System to include a larger focus on weight loss and greens. I know from having Angela as a guest here that she is very much into green juice and green soup and not so much into fruit and sweets. I think this is an evolution toward optimal health. So you can start out on the right track.

This program is a condensation of years of trial and error on a raw diet by both Angela and the Divas. I highly endorse both these entrepreneurial partners and urge you to start or re-vamp your raw journeys now by checking this time limited special (Oct. 21 to Oct. 25 2008) out.

Body Enlightenment System - Don't Lose Weight Only to Find it Again

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