How to Reverse Target. FINALLY

so why is everyone ready to kill themselves?
because its the best time of the year.

try to lift your spirits and shine and the “beams” get occulated over you with sine waves.

So? Here.

Recognize that. It is not you, it’s them.

Capture the moment in time with your super conscoius knowingness mind. put the thing on notice so to speak and spin the wheel of the mandela.

Fuck that shit. Call the game. The thing is a frequency. Grab it. follow it back and nuetralize the shit.

We are all only worms in this form. there is nothing we are supposed to be do or get. or become.

No one or thing has the right to interfere with you.

Personally, I send out sheet lighting with my mind, clipping off these nasty nasty lies and deceptions through all dimensions.

If you just realize this thing and help along with the task then the shearing will become easier.

I get it, my mom had to live with this shit and it was the saddest thing and I am so sorry I could not have been more help, but we were all in the dark. Deceived, shocked, blanked spaced. Within these spaces lies the receptors for the outside frequencies which are only first created by these trauma frequencies in the first place, which means, it is mine, it came from me and others like me.

Fooled ya! See. There is nothing really going on. It is a loop, groundhog day, all fueled by the bouncing frequency ball.

Do not forget Joe Marshalla’s universal law of repeatlessness. No 2 moments in time are alike, ever, thru the dimensional portals because they are being changed by observation and a whole set of laws that are real laws is engaged. Not these stupid earth laws.

Hope that helps. I have to do some chores.

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