Hi friends

Hey there everyone. It took me a while but I finally set up a blog which was of course incredibly simple. I plan to write about all of the events and people I have enocuntered while on my personal oddesy. I am in LA right now and will be until the new year. I will cross to Mexico after that. LA is a mecca for raw foodists. I have been to several events and have met some interesting people. It becausem clear to me early on in my journey that I will be doing a documentary film aobut this journey rather than a book. This blog will serve to keep in touch with all my associates and friends within and without the raw food community as well as see my photos and clips along the way. That is it for now.

update: Nov. 2017

The intended movie never happened, the intended book never happened. I didn’t even spellcheck or use capitals. Wow, what a beginning. But it was a beginning. Think of my consciousness at this point as grasping at a viewpoint, an expression and a form. Starting this blog has been the best thing for me. At this point, with Mk Ultra Girl Resolve (the actual book I am writing now) in the baking, it all makes sense. I found my purpose, I found my calling, I found answers. That is incredibly wonderful.

Sometimes we forget that everything and everyone has its day. Even though our days here can and are similar to walking through dense fog with glue on our heels, with intention and perseverance, one can get to where they want to be. Or narrow the path to where they want to be, because it is still obvious we all have a long way to go…

Nibiru, Nibiru, over here..

Ellen Atkin
aka MK ultra girl

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