Help Stop Bullying and Extortion by LAPS Animal Control in Langley, BC

Mom Slapped with Threats and Fines at Christmas from the Langley
Animal Protection Society for Erroneous Claims against her Dog,
December 21st, For Immediate Release
Friday, December 19th, Jacqueline Gwen Anderson, 24 yr
Langely Township resident, was forced under duress to sign a
contract with LAPS that includes paying installments totaling over
$1,400.00 over a 10 month period, a demand to build an enclosed
kennel, and a 20 dollar a day impound fee until the thing gets built
(she has 2 weeks!) before they will release her dog. Earlier in the
day they threatened to kill her dog by the end of the day on
Saturday, the 20th if she didn’t come up with $1,000.00
and would of released Diamond without the kennel stipulation if she
had! All this because her dog got off his chain and escaped through a
hole in the fence. 7 years ago this dog was deemed aggressive over an
erroneous claim that LAPS will NOT revisit under any circumstances.
We the people are now demanding an investigation into the allegations
of Diamond being aggressive. And declaring this contract null and
void in its entirety. LAPS forced her to sign the contract containing
the clause that the dog is capable of killing someone or, once again,
they would kill the dog. LAPS initially alleged that the “victim”
of the scratch from the dog 7 years ago was on the street, when in
fact, the incident occurred upon “the victim” entering the
property uninvited! Diamond was doing his job protecting his family.
This smacks of a smear campaign. Jacqueline Gwen Anderson has spent
countless years as a dedicated volunteer and community organizer for
the SPIRIT program that supports recovery. Her daughter participated
in a fundraiser for LAPS recently! Is this how we allow our paid
officials to treat us? Let us know if you have a similar story. Thank
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calling Jacqueline at: 604 856 6777 or 604 897 3920
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1 thought on “Help Stop Bullying and Extortion by LAPS Animal Control in Langley, BC”

  1. Thanks to one very concerned fellow community member; Ellen Atkin, i am reading this sad truth.

    As a person – i am duly appalled.
    Speaking as a 'dog owner'- i am moved .. beyond tears – since i have 2 well-trained Labs – sis and bro.

    Right now, i feel very fortunate that i do not live in Langley, or anywhere close to LAPS.

    I myself, am all too familiar with 'smear campaign,' s, as set forth by simply being a brave, single homeschooling Mother who does not fit into the misplaced ' norm.'

    Who gives any one or others .. the authority to judge, 'put down' and certainly not – ' KILL' another blessed sentient being?

    Cowardice is apparent

    LOVE is transparent.

    Standing up for what i believe in,

    Katherine Marion

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