Health Food and Politics

Health Food
and Politics
Originally Published 2010
If you are
in good health, you respond better, you think better, you feel
better. If you are not in good health, you feel depressed, slow,
achy, or worse yet, you may have a disease. What is the difference?
How do you get from one polarity to the other? Who fault is it? Whose
responsibility is it? 
Well, you
can blame the government for letting genetically modified
frankenfoods slip into our food supply unlabelled and untested. You
can blame Monsanto for creating them. You can blame some undisclosed
sentient being (s?) for spraying hazardous chemicals into the air
through contrail emissions. You can blame the government for adding
fluoride to the water. You can blame pharmaceutical companies for
their sick making drugs and vaccines. You can blame your doctor for
prescribing them. You can blame mainstream media for underreporting
all these facts because their bosses are members of the same club
promoting these bizarre and inhumane practices. Let’s not leave
out factory farming either. 
I called a
Canadian Senator’s office recently (Art Eggleton) to protest the
passing of bill C-6, which rolls over portions of Canada’s
sovereignty to an international body, (the World Health Organization
and the Food and Agricultural Organization) and engaged in a little
debate with the secretary. She asked me if I wanted Canada to become
the dumping ground for substandard international products, like milk,
baby bottles and something else she assumed I needed. I told her I
didn’t drink milk and that people should just be educated about
good health. She immediately replied that that is unreasonable.
I thought
back to government education programs like ParticipACTION in the
early 80’s and the continuous promotion of healthy initiatives from
all levels of government hence. What is so unreasonable about that?
They do it all the time.
All this
being so- brainwashed clerks in government, (well you have to admit
it must be easier to handle that way), a poisoned food and water
supply, processed and refined food with no nutrient value seen as
normal, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, SUGAR… you can choose
to not engage in any of it.
Turn away and you will find a thriving
alternative health community. Converging aspects include, the Slow
Food Movement, The 100 Mile Diet, the Living and Raw Foods Movement,
buying and growing organic, fasting and cleansing, fermented and
cultured food, seed storing, herbal remedies, and on and on…
movements have emerged because our increasingly poisoned and toxic
environment has taken second stage to the profiteers of industry. Indeed, our great grandparents practiced most of these movements as a
matter of course. Now we want to maintain the integrity of these
movements so they will not be co-opted by the powers that be. Codex
Alimentarius recently discussed allowing a certain chemical into the
production of organically labeled bananas. Codex Alimentarius is the
project funded by the World Health Organization to set an
international standard, supposedly for our own good, on everything
ingestible. This is the international standard the senator’s
secretary was talking about. Codex Alimentarius is comprised of
international delegates who almost solely defer to the interests of
big agri-business hell bent on controlling the world’s food supply.
For our own good? Yeh right. 
we can assume that these modern, back to the good old days, movements
are only adopted by a small percentage of the population. You may
hear about them but adopting them is another story. True, the
grocers are bending to the trend by offering more local and organic
food, but there is more to understanding your food than pulling it
off the shelf. 
You may
know that you need to do something about your eating habits but
before you even begin you may read a disparaging article in the
newspaper that headlines organic food has no more nutrient value than
regular food and breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have to
change. Or you may have seen and heard someone speak about the
wonders of being on a certain diet and got turned around with morbid
fascination and incredulity at a very sickly looking person speak
about health. There are many paths to finding your own good health
One in four
people are still getting cancer. Nothing breaks my heart more than to
see the cancer industry continue to throw the wool over well meaning
people’s eyes. I have seen a broke small business woman write a
check for 100.00 to some ridiculous marathon for cancer research;
young girls at a film festival brightly and innocently asking for
donations for breast cancer; and the most heartbreaking of all,
grannies set up in the mall with hundreds of man hours worth of hand
knitted and crocheted baby stuff, doilies and toques ready to hand it
all over to a bunch of crooks. With all the brain power in the world
these days and billions of dollars down the drain, does it make any
sense that there is still no reported cure for cancer?

Probably 10
– 15% of the population actually makes efforts, often misguided and
misinformed, to live a healthy lifestyle. Probably 25% are sick and
dying. The rest are in a regulated state of slow decline. We will
probably see a rise in sick and dying as more people are born with
failing systems due to inherited malnutrition. What is going on here?
While we
should be heralding breakthroughs in agricultural science, soil and
water purification and increased yields, we are choosing to die for
bad habits stemming from misinformation. This is where choice and
personal responsibility come in. You decide if you want to live in
health or decay. Nowadays disease reversal can easily be accomplished
through simple diet modifications. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and
the entire, ever increasing, list of labels for internal toxic sludge
are easily reversed to radiance with a little discipline, fortitude,
positive attitude and a whole lot of education. Use your common
sense when you wade into the alternative health arena. If you are
feeling better you are on the right track. Don’t buy some guru’s
diagnosis of “healing crisis” if you aren’t feeling it. I have
been fasting and cleansing and making diet modifications (swinging
from good to bad) for over 30 years and I have never had a “healing
I have reversed all kinds of cumulative nuisances like, indigestion,
gas, bloating, joint pain, sallow skin, constipation, asthma,
allergies, liver spots with diet modifications and cleanses. My
biggest evolutionary leap occurred in 2006 when I officially “went
raw” or became a raw foodist. Within a few months of eating a 90%
uncooked diet, I lost 15 pounds and experienced a remarkable rise in
energy, vitality and endurance. I could articulate better. Joint pain
disappeared. Oddly enough, these two things put together made me a
faster typist. My skin sparkled. Things began to improve on another
level as well. My dreams became more vivid while I slept better. I
became more psychic and aware while awake. I actively set about to
find God. I changed my whole life. I abandoned all I found
disagreeable in my life and plunged like a mad adventurer into the
I would
like to think that I have staved off larger health concerns by being
aware for the better part of my life about alternative health. Lucky
for me one of my first jobs was in a health food store that wasn’t
very busy. So I read a lot of the books on the shelf. Maybe you
aren’t so lucky. The point is start somewhere, or not. I could
really care less. Just don’t complain to me about your ailments.
Nothing is incurable. In the final equation, you are responsible for
your own health. 
the middle isles in the supermarket, relearning everything you knew
about food preparation and adding supplements that you have never
heard of are a few of the modifications you may make. At first it can
be expensive but once you get the hang of it, a living foods diet can
be a lot cheaper. It really isn’t that easy until you do it.
Thinking about it is the hard part. 
There is so
much good news coming from the alternative health and organic food
movements, that there is no need to succumb to illness, malnutrition
or hunger. One example of breakthrough science includes a subtle
energy enhanced water filter developed by Ken Brown and Dr. Yuri
Kronn of Energy Tools International. Dr. Kronn has invented a way to
impart the energetic frequency of vitamins and minerals no longer
present in our soils, into the filter, which carry out to the plant.
It really works. 
scarcity and overpopulation is a myth invented by the same people who
are trying to curtail and co-opt the thriving alternative health
movement because they see their monopolies being weakened. People
don’t want to go along with the idea of a few large businesses
controlling the world’s food supply. So government is trying to
make taking responsibility for your own health illegal! Well it won’t
happen. If it takes another election to finally get this nasty
business of Bill C-6 off the table, then so be it. 
The fight
against bill C-6 and the corresponding Health Care Bill in the states
is on. It is not about your health. It is about control, population
control specifically. It is important to fight these bills not only
to maintain your right to access natural cures, but to stop this mad
agenda against sovereignty on a global scale. 
It will be
an interesting time ahead as we watch consumers continue to define
the marketplace and agribusiness shuffle and hustle their positions
to stay in control. Redefine terminology a little here, jail a few
herbalists there, and raid a few organic farms, heck they must really
be losing it. It has gotten so serious that they are trying to
legislate their way into total domination. It only takes a change of
government that has the moral fortitude to buck the
internationalists. As a leading and uniquely positioned member of the
industrialized nations, it is really Canada’s job to do this. 
2017 addendum- Canada has another MKUltra puppet at the helm. There has been no change. No opposition party- to their shame- has picked up on one of these issues. 
copyright 2009 by Ellen Atkin
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