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August Long Weekend Secret Location Get Away

Diet, spirituality, real time commentary, inspiration and updates- all the things I talk about here at raw traveling. I only get fleeting reminders of my inspiration to write nowadays because I am bogged down with this career thing. Lately, I have tried to shift the cannibalistic self defeating attempts to drive myself toward success into more profound experiential free flow living, like the traveling days. Traveling does help. The moving force, the changing landscapes, the new portals lend themselves to more meaningful encounters with the universal now. Which way do you think I like better?

I am coming to a certain loop here. I have stayed way longer than I expected in White Rock. My vision ran out. And I found myself on the hamster wheel. Now didn’t I spend the last two years getting off the wheel? Talk about patterning. At least, I have not made any negative desicions that will set me back. Well, something happened anyway. My car died. Perfect. It all went really well actually.

It could of happened on any of the mountainous highways I was on last week, but it occurred as I was pulling into my parking spot at home. I had already decided to sell it and buy a van, so I don’t need to waste time trying to get money for it, I will just scrap it. And I sold the lighting set I bought in June, that I only used once, for what I bought it for. So, I have the money to buy the van with. Why do I always, just get what I need, no more? And when I try to get more than I need, I confound myself? Money is not the answer. Deciding what you want and getting it, is the answer. I can do fine at that. I guess, I am really not that serious about the farm in Saskatchewan or I would be there now.

Truth is, I don’t want to settle down until I have someone to settle down with. There is no point in getting stuck somewhere alone again. Although I am a total homebody, I might as well be living a rich life of experience until the family life takes shape. I am totally ready to settle down and have kids. I am not concerned about my age at all. The difference in creating a family as opposed to a career, is that other people are involved and you can’t control them.

Well, that covers the personal musings, now for the rest…. diet has been a bit of a mixed bag. Indulgences include, baked goods, organic cheezies, cheese, crackers, popcorn, grilled and steamed veggies, and most recently potatoes. Still good with the smoothies, juices, pates, salsas, fresh nuts. dont need that much food, which is good. Wine of course, dont know where that fits in. a few glasses is fine. more than that and i get a little bagged the next day. I beleive I am holding steady health wise. neither going forward nor going backward.

Updates! I stay connected to the raw world through emails sent to my inbox. I detailed my preferences in this post. Recently, Raw Food Right Now, put up this funny link to a reality TV show that starred David Wolfe as the nudist, among other alternative lifestyle people. I seem to remember this show being on the air, although I dont think I watched it. The episodes are available on which unfortunatly is not available to watch in Canada.

I joined this handshake across the world thing. The Dalai lama started it in London. It is a form of positive protest to encourage meaningful dialogue with offending govenments (all of them, I guess) rather than condemnation. It is also a positive message to China during these trying times of hosting the Olympics. Since I began writing this post over 2000 people have joined. I am not much of a organized protester, but this one seemed ok. Politically, I see that the criminals who run our world will be brought to justice soon, as they try to wring out the final drops out of their evil plot. There is no winning in asking your oppressor for mercy or understanding. What are they to do? Punish themselves? It is, in fact, the other way around. The call is out, stand down now and you will be dealt with mercifully as far as justice allows. There is no getting around it, our world will change forever soon. The answer is for good people to face down, capture and try the criminals.

And last but not least the raw spirit festival is gearing up for its probable last time in Sedona, AZ. If I hadn’t experienced the inner workings first hand, I would probably have a desire to go there. It is a big alt, hippie, raw vegan, new agey freak fest, which will probably be a lot of fun if you can set all expectations aside and suspend your disbelief. The expense of getting there from Canada is prohibitive as well. I actually had a ticket coming to me for the work I did for them, but it was nixed because, “those people would of come anyway.” Well, I would of sold it anyway.

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