First Product Launch Results

Just made my first 100.00 on the first day of my first launch. It is a crazy offer but hey, things have changed in the photo biz and you either sink or swim. I’ve been listening to these internet marketing gurus for a year now. I finally decided to take action on my own. GUESS WHAT? It works! Small start but hey.
Thought I would give you the opportunity here. This is an amazing deal. Almost every business person in White Rock, tells me they are looking for new photos for their websites, brochures and collateral. Well, I am going to take the pain out of doing that for you. First, I am GIVING AWAY unlimited usage rights to my latest (Nov. 2010) greatest aerial panorama of White Rock this WEEKEND ONLY.  Grab it right now off this link. I will pull it down Monday morning. So do it now!

That’s right you can use it for your calendar, website, business card, heck you can even publish posters with it, just make sure I get a credit! You cannot resell it or give it to any business other than yours.  Got to draw the line somewhere! I still retain ownership of the image, but I am licensing it to YOU for unlimited use for ever.  This is IF you grab it now before 8 am on Monday morning.

Next, I am almost giving away a years access to over 75 high quality White Rock Lifestyle images.. The pier, sunsets, shopping, events, Mt. Baker, the rock, night, the totems, the bear and the tide pools, ect.  Plus I will be adding to this album periodically for the next YEAR, so you will always have access to FRESH images. These images are also royalty free! Make calendars, brochures, business cards, Whatever!!! I will also be adding aerials to this album.

I regularly sell this access for $300.00. But I am feeling silly right now… Crazy with my first launch… and I am going to make it almost free as they say in Mexico. Take it and run with it right now for $100.00. Yup… A year’s access to updated quality photos of White Rock. Ready to print, ready to use. If the specs on the files don’t fit your usage, then let me know and I will convert to your specs. They can all be billboards. Let your imagination go wild. Your link will be sent to you with a few hours.

If you can’t use this offer but know someone who can then please forward it to them. I will be stopping all orders after 8 am on MONDAY MORNING.  After that the price goes back up to $300.00 which is still an incredibly good deal. If you know anything about licensing images you will know that that is usually the price for one photo for one time use in one way. Marketing has changed, have you changed your marketing? 

See if you can find your place in one of these aerial photos.

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