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I left Canada on November 4th, 2008. The third exodus south since 2006. These migrations are the inspiration of this blog. Health and well being and spirituality are the topics around these migrations. I am back on the road. Back in the magic flow. Back on.

This being the third time I have driven through that border, I am not as excited or as expectant as I have been before. Okay, I guess this is becoming normal. Do I need a new challenge? I will contemplate that next year.

Nonetheless, I am very happy and elated to have arranged my first contacts in Oregon. Who knew? I actually have relatives in Oregon? My father’s cousin was born and bred in Oregon. I have an old family, as I have mentioned before, with relatives all over North America that I am not in contact with due to familial discord and typical separation. It is my hope to meet all my relatives while I am still alive.

Turns out Josephine is my grandmother’s sister’s daughter. I didn’t even know that. I thought she was an Atkin. But she is a Purcell. I learned a lot about my grandmother’s family and cleared up some misconceptions about it. For some reason, my father talked up the atkin side and talked down the purcell side. but it seems as though the opposite should of been.

I saw pictures of my dad and my uncles when they were boys and teenagers. And My hosts were so great. I am so glad that Josephine has an interest in Family. I hope to be a genealogist myself. Beyond that, I was thrilled to be a guest at their house. Her husband Don, helped me out with my dead battery and was so nice. I am thrilled to have normal relatives. Not just normal, exceptional. Josephine and I stayed up until after 2 am talking about family stuff.

Here we are:


cells phones popping popcorn:

link in case you didn’t get it:

Although, I have known about how banking works for decades, here is a video that explains it well again:I am sharing this from Hazelmere Farms. Havn’t heard about it anywhere else but here.

“It never ceases to amaze me how people can use their energy in a negative way by being fraudulent. In the US , Dr. Bronners Soaps and the Organic Consumer Association have sued the organic certifier ECOCERT to stop the certification and misleading labeling of fake organic personal care products that are fundamentally made-up of synthetic ingredients and petrochemicals. Dr .Bronner’s has launched a further umbrella lawsuit against specific companies who label their products as “organic” but have primary ingredients that are synthetic. After hearing oral arguments earlier this month, the San Francisco County Superior Court ruled on October 8th that Dr. Bronner’s Soaps can proceed with its lawsuit seeking to compel so called “organic” companies and certifiers to drop or stop certifying deceptive organic label and brand claims. They include Avalon “Organics”, Jason “Pure, Natural & Organic”, Nature’s Gate “Organics”, Kiss My Face “Obsessively Organic”, Giovanni “Organic Cosmetics”, Head “Organics”, Desert Essence “Organics” and Stella McCartney’s CARE “100% Organic”.”
Farmer Gary & Naty
Hazelmere Organic Farm
1859 184th St South Surrey, B.C. V3S 9V2
604 538 3018
New Store Hours:
Wed,Thursday & Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

And lastly, at the risk of being labeled (okay we can all just roll over laughing now):

Our National Anthem – at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Please read and forward to as many people you can think of – thank you


Bruce Allen is on the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee and new Canadians (specifically Hindi’s/Indian’s) want him fired for his recent comments outlined below:

I am sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Hindi – enough is enough. Nowhere or at no other time in our Nation’s history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It was written in English, adapted into French, and should be sung word for word the way it was written.

The news broadcasts even gave the Hindi version translation which was not even close to our National Anthem. I am not sorry if this offends anyone, this is MY COUNTRY – IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY, SPEAK UP — please pass this along.

I am not against immigration — just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past — and LONG LIVE CANADA!’

It’s time we all get behind Bruce Allen, and scrap this Political Correctness crap. His comments were anything but racist, but there are far too many overly sensitive ‘New Canadians’ that are trying to change everything we hold dear.

ARE WE PART OF THE PROBLEM ??? Think about this: If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone, will we still be the Country of Choice and still be CANADA if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries who have come to live in CANADA because it is the Country of Choice??????

Think about it! IMMIGRANTS, NOT CANADIAN’S, MUST ADAPT. It is Time for CANADA to speak up. If you agree ? Pass this along; if you don’t agree ? Delete it and reap the ill wind because of your complacency!

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