False Prophets of Cultural and Economic Recovery

There will not be a cultural or economic renaissance. 
I have been warning against this since Jan. 2016. 
This reset/ collapse is only a ruse to get you to go along with the next phase of end time prophesy. 
During this initiatory time, people will either hear the truth, get right with creator God, or be devoured in the ages old demonic tricks of soul stealing/annihilation. 
I am sorry that none of us ever got to enjoy life on this earth as awake and aware and untargeted people but the truth is, we will only know those times in heaven through our spirits with a solid truthful knowing connection to creator God. 
Satan mirrors creator God’s every creation because this is Satan’s world. 
I am here to warn people and save as many souls as is the mission of us time lords. 
There will be a time soon approaching when i will not be able to preach the gospel as was foretold in the bible. 
When every last soul that can be saved will be saved, the EVENT, will happen. the fallout will see those deceived rushing to the wrong saviours. 
The deception runs through the new age communities, all religions and all societal institutions.

We are often confronted with those taken over by the little g gods of this world, with those who cleave to the system – to the world as it is in it’s lie of a form. 
We can pray against the oncoming handlers like Ann Diamond and Cathy Fox Blog who identify their form with that of the world. 
We can warn them, but only creator God knows the ultimate plan for these lost souls.  
We can run the gauntlet of the info war but ultimately you will come to this conclusion or you will be absorbed into the death eater system of timeline genocide, as Andrew Bartsiz puts it. 
That would be the timeline of your own soul exsistance.
People constantly deny the very reality of their own soul operating in a human form. 
This form is not meant to ASS END. It is the worm. It is the stolen rib of the still sleeping Adam. Only our soul inside (spirit) can see through this with a connection to Creator God which was made clear by the birth of the first unlawfully created DNA entwined being, Jesus, the first born son of the lying little g god. Lucifer/Eve/Mary/Lillith/Nefertiti on and on. Wouldn’t he know?
Thanks to Dr. Scott McQuate’s research on this subject for clarifying the mystery. 
It has been groundhog day since the beginning of time on this earth rock. 
When you die, you become unentwined. You may choose to come back through willingness or deception but it is all the same day.
Identify your soul and claim it as Creator God’s family. 
Just do it and keep doing it.
Entrain your intuition with your being to that conscious claim. 
I know how well deceived one can be. Trust me on that. 

When all the timelines collapse into one, singularity as the false prophets call it, we will experience the EVENT.
Good Luck. 
Ellen Atkin
MK Ultra Girl

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