Everything’s Great.. Hhrmmpphhh

Well, well well, how great things are. I have meerly upgraded on many things but the essence of my existence hasn’t changed.

It’s nice to get my stuff back and live in a nice place, but my goals are still the same and, in fact, are still unmet. So being able to work and get money for it isn’t the end all I thought it would be. As though I didn’t loose everything to learn that. …

Still, I am loving going to yoga every day and being 100% in control of my life and not having to have a job. I have to say again, been saying this for years actually, ALL JOBS SUCK!

No matter how great your job is, YOU ARE A SLAVE! There is no such thing as a good job. ALL jobs are bad. I respect the independent a lot more than the employed.

So, I respect myself, but I had a brief sentimental thought today about the type of security and numbness that comes with having a “job”.

The lesson here is that you must have a constant forward plan when you are self employed or you falter. The lesson in the last road trip was, “to have what you need is enough.” The lesson in the ’06 road trip was “letting go.”

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