Escape from Arizona and the Never Ending Encounter with Madness

First off, I would like to announce my new blog dedicated to promoting my wedding photography:
I am in Cozumel until April 30th so I want to get some work while I am here. In the meantime I am signing up for time share presentations. When my friend comes from Canada, I will have all kinds of passes and rentals ect. Looking forward to a week of true holidays.

Backtracking a bit, I went from the frying pan to the fire after leaving Happy Oasis. I had a friend from Canada who is now in New Mexico. I went to see her intending to stay for two weeks while i waited for my flight out on the first. The first day I was there we went on a road trip to drop off her friend at the Hopi Indian Reservation. We were supposed to stay the night and go back. Needless to say, what followed was the road trip from hell. I had forgotten that Tracy was crazy. Like homicidal maniac crazy. She was one of those people that was in so much trouble back in Mt. Currie, that no one would help her, except me. There were three women in all who fit the same bill back there in the ’90’s. Each one I regret getting involved with. Each one caused my life unbelievable turmoil.

Her idea of a road trip was driving aimlessly until the first bar showed up, then glomming onto someone or twelve, then useing them for a place to stay or whatever food or alcohol they could provide or she could steal, and drinking from sun up to sun down, cursing non stop, driving drunk and reckless, passing out every night and making no sense ever.

I was lucky to make it back to Albuquerque where I had broken the cardinal rule of separating myself from my car and my stuff for an extended period of time. Not only that, she drove straight to Arizona where I had just come from. 4 nights later, a little incident with the police in Globe, AZ and I was driving away from her as fast as I could while she had transferred her wrath to this poor girl who was staying at the house she was also staying at.

I remembered why I never hung out with her. Total embarrassment for a Canadian. Worse than any American for sheer vulgarity and rudeness. The only rational is that she is crazy. Ok bipolar whatever, she recently had a breast reduction and was dealing with all the puss that they don’t drain out any more. It must of gone straight to her brain and mixed with the alcohol to make homicidal maniac lady.

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