End Targeted Torture with Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics Analyst Amy Holem & Sean Frankforth

Watch the entire show here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Os8MldFrRoXw/

Amy Holem is a Computer Forensic Analyst.
She can prove that 5G and multiple agencies and corporations are harassing & torturing people.

Almost finished her courses, she has already won several cases with her reports that evidence many many perps in isolated audio files.

At last the nightmare is both proven and indictable.

Sean Frankforth is our returning guest who works hard to reverse his targeting by getting evidence and fighting against the oft diagnoses of crazy.

Amy and Sean work together to build Sean’s case which is now moving forward. Doctors and lawyers can no longer ignore this.

Amy explains what she does and how she finds digital fingerprints that can’t be denied.

Help Amy build her equipment studio: