Ellen Atkin On Black Magic, Biblical Lies, Fallen Angels & Targeting! – The LanceScurv Show

Its been along time since I did any published talks, so when the 1 year anniversary of my first interview with Lance Scurv came up, I contacted him to see if he wanted a one year follow up chat.

I love Lance. He is so real and he puts his whole self into what he does. And he is not afraid to talk about ANYTHING to ANYONE!

I still sound like I am coming from out there somewhere, but, IMO, I am starting to make some sense of this whole thing.

I am at the Resolve stage of the mkultra girl phenom. It goes from Discovery, to Integration to Resolve. And that is the title of my book, MK Ultra Girl: Discovery, Integration & Resolve.

It may not be the resolve that anyone wants but for me, it is the truth as far as I can grasp it, and I love to grasp.

I am imparting information here, so I tried to keep to my intended talking points. However, Lance and I rapport quite a bit and Lisa Renee jumps on with her pinging off every imaginable survivor take on things. Then I get cut off.

Then another guest comes on who takes offense to the Isis is Ishtar is Mary is Lucifer reference from the work of Dr. Scott Mcquate.

There are 3 main sources that I am drawing from here.

Dr. Scott Mcquate and his books, talks and papers.
James Endredy and his books.
And Alec MacLellan and his book, The Lost World of Agharti: The Mystery of Vril Power

All these authors are linked in the Good Reads column on the right side bar.


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