Dream Log: The Hounds of Hell?

Quite often in the dream, I will remember that I had other dreams about the same phenomenon. If I go down those roads in the dream, I will lose my current dream, so I try to flash remember and get back to the dream that is happening.

This Mengele sighting image was got from a from a yearbook published in 1949 by Hopital Saint Michel Archange in Quebec city. The guy in the chair looks a lot like my dad, who was admitted to a mental hospital around the same time after a “nervous breakdown” he had while attending St. Peter’s seminary in London On. My dad would be 18 or 19 yrs old there.

In this case, 2 nights ago. I was dreaming of a guy with dark hair in a white lab coat. Some part of me that was observing the dream had to tell myself that this is how Mengele looked. If you have done any research on Mengele, you will know that he was fond of wearing his characteristic white lab coat. He has it on in many of the images he is in, including the ones brought out by Orion, who wrote The Bush Connection, which is full of intel gained from the end of days testimony of Otto Skorzeny of the 3rd Reich. Otto was pissed the CIA owed him money and decided to blow the beans in his nineties to one of his neighbours, Erik Orion. There are lots of images of Mengele in his white lab coat in that book and all over the web.

I have researched quite a bit on Mengele and will be putting a paper together in the future. One of my survivor freinds has a lot to say about his unknown of daughter who was living as a perfect suburban housewife elite illuminati luciferian ritual going Jewish mother of 3 in the US in the 70’s and 80’s. Another one of my survivor friends was an abused foster kid with multiple horror stories and a permanent learning disability gained from being drug tested as a child as far back as she can remember with $500 worth of monthly meds. She never did anything to warrant this cocktail. She was on them as long as she could remember. Her doctor was the famous “Dr. Green” whom she visited once a month until about ’77 in small town British Columbia. When she moved to a new town, he was still her doctor in the new town! She has identified him as Mengele from web photos. There are many other survivor stories with Mengele in them. Lauda Leon is one of them.

In my dream, he was very busy.  He was doing this, doing that. There was something lind of dopey about him. Once I came from outside the dream to recognize it might be Mengele, the dream switched to White Rock, BC. I lived in White Rock for more than 5 years on and off. I was down on Marine Drive, but it was different from reality. It was nicer. There was an old house that I was in the main floor of. This house was listed on Air BnB. The upstairs was anyway. I looked at it from the first floor and saw a desirable little suite with the sun reflecting off the patio table. There was a large well maintained grass lawn around the house that I had come upon first. I realized the lawn was part of the house, although it seemed more like a public park.  This place was probably the house I used to rent on Marine Drive that was rumoured to be one of Al Capone’s old places.

Anyway, I left that place and started walking down the sidewalk towards the busier side of town. On my way, these 2 beasts started barreling towards me from the rear. At first they looked like giant wart hogs or wildebeests but they soon turned into a couple of wolf dogs. Large ones. They were dangerous, but I know that I had seen them before and I wasn’t afraid. I let them whizz right by me on their mission to scare the hell out of people. They didn’t seem to notice me. A couple other guys were there and I made a point of talking to them. I asked if they had ever seen them before and one of them had. He said there is a lab where they go. He saw them around there in a cave with 2 young drug addicts.

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Ellen Atkin


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