Dream Log: The Hounds of Hell?

Quite often in the dream, I will remember that I had other dreams about the same phenomenon. If I go down those roads in the dream, I will lose my current dream, so I try to flash remember and get back to the dream that is happening.

This Mengele sighting image was got from a from a yearbook published in 1949 by Hopital Saint Michel Archange in Quebec city. The guy in the chair looks a lot like my dad, who was admitted to a mental hospital around the same time after a “nervous breakdown” he had while attending St. Peter’s seminary in London On. My dad would be 18 or 19 yrs old there.

In this case, 2 nights ago. I was dreaming of a guy with dark hair in a white lab coat. Some part of me that was observing the dream had to tell myself that this is how Mengele looked. If you have done any research on Mengele, you will know that he was fond of wearing his characteristic white lab coat. He has it on in many of the images he is in, including the ones brought out by Orion, who wrote The Bush Connection, which is full of intel gained from the end of days testimony of Otto Skorzeny of the 3rd Reich. Otto was pissed the CIA owed him money and decided to blow the beans in his nineties to one of his neighbours, Erik Orion. There are lots of images of Mengele in his white lab coat in that book and all over the web.

I have researched quite a bit on Mengele and will be putting a paper together in the future. One of my survivor freinds has a lot to say about his unknown of daughter who was living as a perfect suburban housewife elite illuminati luciferian ritual going Jewish mother of 3 in the US in the 70’s and 80’s. Another one of my survivor friends was an abused foster kid with multiple horror stories and a permanent learning disability gained from being drug tested as a child as far back as she can remember with $500 worth of monthly meds. She never did anything to warrant this cocktail. She was on them as long as she could remember. Her doctor was the famous “Dr. Green” whom she visited once a month until about ’77 in small town British Columbia. When she moved to a new town, he was still her doctor in the new town! She has identified him as Mengele from web photos. There are many other survivor stories with Mengele in them. Lauda Leon is one of them.

In my dream, he was very busy.  He was doing this, doing that. There was something lind of dopey about him. Once I came from outside the dream to recognize it might be Mengele, the dream switched to White Rock, BC. I lived in White Rock for more than 5 years on and off. I was down on Marine Drive, but it was different from reality. It was nicer. There was an old house that I was in the main floor of. This house was listed on Air BnB. The upstairs was anyway. I looked at it from the first floor and saw a desirable little suite with the sun reflecting off the patio table. There was a large well maintained grass lawn around the house that I had come upon first. I realized the lawn was part of the house, although it seemed more like a public park.  This place was probably the house I used to rent on Marine Drive that was rumoured to be one of Al Capone’s old places.

Anyway, I left that place and started walking down the sidewalk towards the busier side of town. On my way, these 2 beasts started barreling towards me from the rear. At first they looked like giant wart hogs or wildebeests but they soon turned into a couple of wolf dogs. Large ones. They were dangerous, but I know that I had seen them before and I wasn’t afraid. I let them whizz right by me on their mission to scare the hell out of people. They didn’t seem to notice me. A couple other guys were there and I made a point of talking to them. I asked if they had ever seen them before and one of them had. He said there is a lab where they go. He saw them around there in a cave with 2 young drug addicts.

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Ellen Atkin


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  1. My memories/dreams are very scattered. I do have clearer visions of the Rothschilds, the Bushes (Bush Jr. is a very much an MK asset), Cheney, Kissinger and the Skull & Bones crew.

    I’m not sure if Mengele was involved. Although I did see a man who called himself Dr. Prinz. He was German. He was a Nazi. He liked to play around with his name and make Disney allusions with it (Someday my Prince will come). He was of a changeable nature, one moment kind the next a raging sadist. If he wasn’t Joseph, he was definitely someone who trained under him. I have a feeling he adopted many of the Mengele characteristics. Perhaps all of the man’s proteges turned themselves into his mini-mes.

    I have the notion that I was asked to leave one program because of dangerous behavior (kind of laughable in that environment). Did I bear fault for the incident? I think so. But he became my advocate just to mess with them. He made me out as a Saint and of course made the situation 50x worse. He said he could get me into any program in the country and they would be happy about it even with my “fault”. I feel deep shame, even thinking about it. I was only 10 at the time.

    The Alien thing…yeah, I was part of that program and it failed miserably with me. I never believed it even when it was forced onto me via MK ULTRA. I always and only saw Human Beings. Regular Human Beings. Not Reptiles. Not Blue Avians. Not Greys. Not huge Aryan types. Just regular people. The alien thing is programming for the masses. They want everyone living in fantasy worlds like the hard programmed ones.

    1. I love your testimony Kerry. I am working on getting my daylight self to remember, but I have enuf lucid dreams of these people to write a book, which I am doing. I seem to be approaching this from the outside in. One thing I have noticed when survivors relay their testimonies, there is a heightened sense of awareness in me. In some cases, it feels like Deja Vu, or my memories, or remote viewing, which I do spontaneously sometimes. It makes me wonder if all of us subjects are not connected in “the Feild”. These dark scientists/ satanists were using us to study and control the Field, (which translates as Eden in Sumerian Cuniform). Those memories were the source from which they stole/ studied the frequencies of the feild. Did they copy and paste those frequencies into a small database, which we all shared back then, that expands to what we know as our culture (kultra) today?

      1. In relation to the field and Remote Viewing, I “spontaneously” developed the ability this past year. I was working with someone who could do that and it seems it opened up that frequency field in me. Its treated in the mass media as something special, but I don’t think it is, I think it is a natural talent of the human race. It has been so stifled that it seems rare. They control this ability because I think they use it to send messages to one another.

        What gets me angry now is that I believe they plan to label us hard programmed people as robots. They laid out the game plan in their entertainment such as Blade Runner and Westworld. People who are genetically altered (us), programmed (us) and have computer chips/implants (us) will be called cyborgs. It will immediately protect the criminals from being prosecuted for slavery. It will also allow them to destroy us at will. All they had to do was create the MK Ultra narrative AI WORLD. And people are falling for it.

        1. I hear ya, but I operate from the perspective of our assured win, which I also know happened. All those boggy swamps to navigate through. That is why I consider the work I do as clearing the field. However, I can only speak for myself. It is possible/ probable that, where I get off the wheel of fire, the chariot of destiny, the karmic cycle, others will continue on with the narrative like you mentioned. I believe our timeline now is in over extension mode created by the dark arts practitioners to avoid their soul annihilation upon death, which is the natural action for those souless unrepentant murder and mayhem decriers. This over extension of time mode was/ is created using our frequencies. The end of time happened already.

  2. We were kept in cages. Stacked 3 high, I don’t know how many ran long. We were naked and it was always cold as the air conditioning ran non stop. We were never to speak or make eye contact with one another. We were not to communicate in any way. If caught attempting to do so the punishment was severe. I was born in Germany, my mother full German and my father an American soldier. I was bilingual and my thought processes were mostly in German. Almost all of the time the others I was grouped with were highly intelligent and very empathic. It became known that I could understand and speak German. Often those in control also spoke German, especially if the wished to speak freely without being understood if they were overheard. They forgot about me. The other kids would watch me and based on my reaction, however subtle as I tried not to bring any unneeded attention on myself, they could anticipate what came next, whether it was going to be bad or even worse. Eventually this was noticed and they wanted to put a stop to it. I don’t know how, I can’t remember but I lost the ability to communicate in any other language but English. My mother explained it away saying it was some sort of mental block. She never really elaborated further. Despite my interest in other cultures (I went to university to study for a degree in Anthropology which is inclusive of linguistics) and efforts to learn to speak other languages (French, Spanish, and even German) I could never retain the knowledge/ability. I still understand much of what is spoken in German however certain dialects can be difficult especially if spoken quickly but I get the gist of it. There have been a few times in my life I have been told that when heavily inebriated I seem to have perfect command of the language in both the familiar and formal. Strange…mental block indeed. Apparently the ability is still somewhere in my memory banks that my dominant selves can’t access. I remember vividly how it was when they came to pull me from my cage. I couldn’t stop from trembling and one of them took pleasure in humiliating me for not being able to keep my emotions in check. He made mention of some of what I was in for and rage took the place of fear I wrestled myself loose from the grip of the one holding onto me and proceeded to kick and claw at him. When he had grabbed my arm I bit him so hard I felt his skin crunch and I tasted blood. He grabbed my hair at the back of my head I heard someone yell at him not to leave any marks when something happened that flashed and hurt before everything went black. Whatever happened afterwards I have no recall. Absolutely nothing. I can’t place the incident accurately in my timeline. I know when it started but I am not sure when/where it fits in my memories after that. I do know at that stage in my life much of what I can remember is my mother’s interpretation more than my own. Not too long we moved to Northern California. Yes, there are a lot of places there where programming is done.

    Sorry I I went on long. It hits when it hits. I have been silent too long. There were a lot of them who speak German. I could tell who it was that were native speakers verses those who learned it. Sometimes being German gave me a little leeway, maybe respite or reprieve. A time or two it did not work out in my favor. The worst part of all this? My mother is one of them. She allowed this to happen. She continued whatever training at home. Yes, she is biologically my mother. I will never understand nor forgive. I have gotten past it.


    1. Well this is why I do this. Lex. Thank you. If I can provide a platform for this information to be entered into the zeitgeist (!), then I am proud. Thank you for your testimony. Much has been spoken of these things through third hand testimony. First hand is where it is at and I know that getting to the point of actually spilling the beans, no matter how incredulous it may sound, it not an easy feat. If I can lay the paving stones for others by doing just that, then I am glad to leave that legacy.

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