Dream Log: Otto Skorzeny

There was a lot going on; Lots of people in the house, in and outside of it. I was in the house with Otto Skorzeny. He appeared to be opening drawers and rifling around in his office, standing up and moving around, while I was standing talking to him, in my inquisitive, direct and friendly manner, I pursued my line of inquiry while he kept on with his shuffling. 2 smaller stature men came into the room. There was some talk btwn them and Otto dealt with them. I excused myself and this presented some relief to Otto.

I shortly came back into the room and the scene changed to a drive by shooting at a school yard type of setting. I was in the car. There were 2 others, perhaps children in with me. It appeared that Otto the man hurtled his fist through the glass from the yard as we drove by on the road, but the damage manifested as a what a bullet would do.

Scene switch again, back at the house; I enter through the doors behind Otto,  who is sitting and eating with the 2 men. As I approach to his front, he immediately says he is sorry and we both laugh. I continue into the room toward the kitchen area and talk to the women.

There were 2 prominent older women in the house the whole time. They tell me that I can come over and cook for them anytime and I think one of them hugged me. Now as I was doing all this, as I said, there was lots going on. I was getting information from LOTS of beings there. I had to deal with all this chatter to get to Otto. And there were lots of people there in the background. Dealing with all of them, in fact, was preventing me from dealing with him. However not completely and these 2 women were his family. The 2 men were not.

There were more family behind these two women, children too. I was communicating with my people as well, letting them know who Skorzeny was. The most historical thing he is famous for is that he freed Mussolini in a glider raid during WW2. I informed my people in the dream of this. Perhaps it was the kids in the car.

This is not the first time I have dreamt of Otto Skorzeny and his family. He has, in my opinion, been the best whistle blower of the nazi paperclip  lot.

First he leaked his memoirs to Orion before he died, then his family (!) sold some of his papers at auction that were bought by Major Ralph Ganis who authored The Skorzeny Papers. These papers are the basis of this book, that is supposed to be the playbook on the JFK hit. Otto apparently ran the op.

Well well well. It appears that Otto has more to tell me. Go wild in the comments with your interpretation. I have mine but I won’t influence yours here yet.

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