Dr. Ewen Cameron & The Nazi, Illuminati, CIA Connection

Donald Ewen Cameron was elected/ selected/ drug from the sub basement of Glamis Castle to perform the admirable task of making Rudolph Hess appear like he had lost his mind at the Nuremberg trial. Well, that sounds familiar. Cameron tried to do the same thing to my mother and father. Cameron did the same thing to 1000’s of other family members in Quebec and Ontario, indeed there are reports of people traveling from all over Canada and the States to subject themselves to the mad probing/ drugging/ electroshocking of the bad doctor Ewan Cameron.

Good Nazi/ Bad Nazi

Rudolph Hess was the deputy furor to Hitler during WW2. This is politically identical as Chrystia Freeland (curiously her family were Nazis in Ukraine) is the deputy prime minister of Canada to Justin Trudeau right now. Hess parachuted into Scotland with a peace accord that was not entertained by Churchill. Instead Hess was tortured with MK techniques and his testimony was discredited and his reasons for peace extinguished. Sounds to me like a group of cultist didn’t want a redemptive humanitarian end to things. Soooo, Hess was sent to Spandau prison for 50 years and then he killed himself, just before he was set for release. Righhhhtttttt. Yeahhhh..

It seems plain as day to me that Churchill, Cameron, Mengele and Alan Dulles were working like bugs in a rug together. They all speak to membership in the dark arts, the hidden hand, insert any secret society cult here (the playbook: it all stems back to the fallen, synonymous with gods, aliens, angels and demons,  one’s relationship to them and the knowledge that was stolen and sold back through membership hierarchy). Their attempts to control the world via WW2 were met with a confabulation of contrasting cult forces that didn’t see their overt overlord natural supremacy of uber man manifest destiny package manifested.

But you know the saying, Try try again; If at first you don’t succeed… So no one got punished. No one went to jail. Nothing was corrected and nothing was exposed or admitted to by any of the SAME PEOPLE that are stepping into Cinderella’s slipper today.

I posit that the druid death cult ancestry to Egyptian pharaohs, tribe of DAN and Sumerian Kings moved to Scotland (Cameron’s birthplace and graduation place). They tried to legitimize both the torture techniques of days of old Babylonian master/slave relations and  they tried to stake a claim to embody these old pharaohs/ nephalim/ raphahim spirits via whatever manner of blood oathing and ceremonial hooplah their ghoulish desires acted upon. Alas it was all just bad theatre.

Before we draw that conclusion, we must consider the success of their delusion. Cameron was able to ride the authoritarian hegemony to learned men of science wave until he forced himself off a cliff on a nature hike in 1967. In all those years, hundreds of thousands of Canadians were used as grist for this bad theatre operation. My parents were both used in this operation. I have expressed myself and the anguish over the unresolved trauma that befell me and my brother and sister in my videos, articles, interviews, art and judicial and formal communications for as long as I can remember, but I have narrowed my focus to this cause specifically over the last 5 years.

To borrow from first nation’s rhetoric, NOTHING is SETTLED! Whatever sealed up compartments of programming that the genius scoundrels of Satan’s scourge tried to blow up on me didn’t work! This isn’t just one big tragic coincidence. It is OBVIOUS!

Read all the reference material below. I have credited all the authors with links. Thanks for all the scholars and survivors making moves to correct this HORRIBLE unspoken evil that lurks like a bad smell today. Read the part about Cameron’s son Duncan being the primary psychic in the Montauk experiments. The way in is the way out. Rout out the Cult. It starts at home. 2020 must mark the year for initiating settlement btwn the cult and myself. I care not who or what position any of them have.

JOIN US on April 17th for the next Rally for Justice for “the Montreal Experiments”.

McGill University to the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you,

Ellen Atkin

MK Ultra Girl


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Donald Ewan Cameron

Donald Ewen Cameron was born in Scotland in 1901. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1924. He began his career as resident surgeon at Glasgow Infirmary, but in 1929 moved to Canada to work in the Brandon Mental Hospital.

In 1936, Cameron became Director of Research at Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, and in 1938 was appointed Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Albany State Medical School. It was at Albany that Cameron conducted research into sensory deprivation and memory.

During the Second World War Cameron began working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). However, in 1943 he went to Canada and established the psychiatry department at Montreal’s McGill University and director of the newly-created Allan Memorial Institute.

Cameron continued to work for the OSS and in November 1945, Allen Dulles sent him to Germany to examine Rudolf Hess in order to assess if he was fit to stand trial at Nuremberg. According to one source, Dulles had told Cameron, that he believed the Hess he was about to examine was not the real Hess and that he had already been executed on the orders of Winston Churchill. (Gordon Thomas, Journey into Madness, 1993, pages 167-68).

It has been argued by John Simkin that Cameron might have been sent to Nuremberg to help the British intelligence services with a problem concerning the real reasons why Rudolf Hess arrived in Scotland in May 1941. Cameron’s task was to remove Hess’s memory of past events. This is why in 1946 Hess was unable to recognize his former friends and colleagues such as Hermann Goering, Julius Streicher and Joachim von Ribbentrop. Cameron next job was to provide Hess with a new memory about events dating back to May 1941. That is why Hess was able to provide Major Douglas M. Kelley with a comprehensive account of his trip to Scotland.

After the war Cameron worked at the Albany State Medical School. Cameron developed the theory that mental patients could be cured by treatment that erased existing memories and by rebuilding the psyche completely. According to his research assistant, Dr. Peter Roper, “He (Cameron) had a technician called Leonard Rubenstein who modified cassettes so there was an endless tape, it could keep repeating itself for hours at a time. If Cameron could give a positive message, eventually a patient would respond to it.” Cameron would play the tapes to his patients for up to 86 days, as they slipped in and out of insulin-induced comas.

In the late 1940s Cameron developed a new treatment for mental illness. The authors of Double Standards argue that his “major inspiration was the British psychiatrist William Sargent, whom Cameron considered to be the leading expert on Soviet brainwashing techniques. Cameron took this work and used it for what he called ‘depatterning’. He believed that after inducing complete amnesia in a patient, he could then selectively recover their memory in such a way as to change their behaviour unrecognisably.”

In 1953 Cameron developed what he called “psychic driving”. Cameron developed the theory that mental patients could be cured by treatment that erased existing memories and by rebuilding the psyche completely. According to his research assistant, Dr. Peter Roper, “He (Cameron) had a technician called Leonard Rubenstein who modified cassettes so there was an endless tape, it could keep repeating itself for hours at a time. If Cameron could give a positive message, eventually a patient would respond to it.” Cameron would play the tapes to his patients for up to 86 days, as they slipped in and out of insulin-induced comas.

Cameron discovered that “once a subject entered an amnesiac, somnambulistic state, they would become hypersensitive to suggestion”. In other words they could be brainwashed. The CIA became aware of Cameron’s research and in 1957 Cameron was recruited by Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, to run Project MKULTRA. Documents released in 1977 show that MKULTRA was a “mind control” program. As it was illegal for the CIA to conduct operations on American soil, Cameron was forced to carry out his experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute in Canada. The CIA arranged funding via Cornell University in New York.

Cameron had to commute to Montreal every week to carry out his work. According to official documents, Cameron was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKULTRA experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute. Documents released in 1977 revealed that thousands of unwitting subjects were tested on as part of the MKULTRA program.

Dr. Peter Roper later claimed that Cameron and his team had visits from senior military officers “who briefed us on brainwashing techniques”. One newspaper journalist later claimed in The Sunday Times that “using techniques similar to those portrayed in the celebrated novel the Manchurian Candidate, it was believed that people could be brainwashed and reprogrammed to carry out specific acts.”

According to the journalist, Craig Howie (The Scotsman, 6th January, 2006): “Roper blames politics in the psychiatric profession for Cameron’s sudden departure under a cloud from the Allan, in 1964, four years before the end of his contract. There was no farewell, no gift, he went – as it were – out the back door without any noise. All his research was tossed out.”

In 1961 Cameron was appointed as president of the World Psychiatric Association. He was also president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations.

After leaving MKULTRA in 1964, he returned to Albany as Research Professor at the Albany Medical School and Director of the Laboratory for Research in Psychiatry and Aging at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital.

Donald Ewen Cameron died in 1967.


MKULTRA Scientist Ewen Cameron and His Prize Subject, Rudolf Hess

Dr. Ewen Cameron: Turning Loose a Monster

MKULTRA mind control and brainwashing project headed by Sidney Gottlieb began on the order of CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles on April 13, 1953. But its techniques dated back to WWII under the direction of Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (1901-1967).

Cameron’s claim to fame was torturing and experimenting on the minds of his human subjects. For this, he became — at least in his lifetime — a heavy hitter. Demonstrating in spades the twisted and inverted world in which we live, in 1961 Cameron was appointed president of the World Psychiatric Association. He was also president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations.

He experimented on his human guinea pigs with various paralytic drugs, as well as electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. His “driving” experiments consisted of putting subjects into a drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case), while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements.He experimented on his human guinea pigs with various paralytic drugs, as well as electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. His “driving” experiments consisted of putting subjects into a drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case), while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements.

His experiments were typically carried out on patients who had entered the institute for minor problems, such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression. Many suffered permanent damage from his actions. His treatments resulted in victims’ incontinence, amnesia, forgetting how to talk, forgetting their parents and thinking their interrogators were their parents.

Cameron’s work inspired other goons, such as British psychiatrist William Sargent, who paralleled his work at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and Belmont Hospital in Surrey.

In 1938, Cameron was appointed professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Albany State Medical School. It was at Albany that Cameron conducted research into sensory deprivation and memory. The Albany Medical Center was the only Level 1 trauma center and academic medical center for the 25-county region between New York and Montreal. Yet, there is almost nothing online about its history during this time period.

During WWII, Cameron began working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). However, in 1943, he went to Canada and established the psychiatry department at Montreal’s McGill University and became director of the newly created, Rockefeller Foundation-funded Allan Memorial Institute. Here, he was a key member of the Truth Drug Committee.

We know that well before 1947 he was using the “de-patterning” technique to erase patients’ memories. Cameron believed that after inducing complete amnesia in a patient, he could then selectively recover their memory in such a way as to change their behavior “unrecognizably.” In other words, Cameron was giving them a new past, rebuilding their psyche completely.

According to his research assistant, Dr. Peter Roper, “[Cameron] had a technician, one Leonard Rubenstein, who modified cassettes so there was an endless tape. It could keep repeating itself for hours at a time. If Cameron could give a positive message, eventually a patient would respond to it.” Cameron would play the tapes to his patients for up to 86 days, as they slipped in and out of insulin-induced comas.

In the late 1940s, Cameron developed his de-patterning theory. The inspiration for this was the British psychiatrist William Sargent, who Cameron considered to be the leading expert on Soviet brainwashing techniques.

They were particularly interested in “resistant sources” as test subjects. The Soviets and western allies had unlimited fodder for breaking and experimenting on the “hard cases” with the multitude of Axis POWs. Most of these captive test subjects were used up, never to be be seen again.

So well before he unethically fried the brain of his regular patients in Montreal, Cameron was brought in to rewire the brains and do “mental hygiene” on the losers of WWII.

The Case of Rudolf Hess

Image result for hess at nurembergThere is every indication that Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess — who was also known as “The Conscious of National Socialism” — flew to Scotland on a desperate-but-failed peace mission in May, 1941. Upon his arrival and thereafter, he was kept in near solitary confinement until he was suicided in 1987 at the age of 93, just before he was due to be released from prison.

I suggest that Hess was reduced by Cameron and his British colleagues into a blubbering and broken man as performance art to embarrass the other co-defendants, to reinforce the “crazy Hess” narrative and to deflect away from his courageous peace mission. He was seated right next to Goering throughout the Nuremberg trials. Cameron also was tasked with removing Hess’ memory of past events. This is why, in 1946, Hess was unable to recognize his former friends and colleagues, such as Hermann Goering and Joachim von Ribbentrop.

Von Ribbentrop responded by suggesting that Hess was not really Hess. When told of something that Hess had said, and he replied, “Hess, you mean Hess? The Hess we have here?” [J. R. Rees, “The Case of Rudolf Hess,” page 169]

When he came face to face with Hermann Göring at Nuremberg, Hess remarked, “Who are you?” Göring reminded him of events that they witnessed in the past, but Hess continued to insist that he did not know this man.

Karl Haushofer was then called in; but even though they had been friends for 20 years, Hess once again failed to remember him.

Hess replied, “I just don’t know you, but it will all come back to me, and then I will recognize an old friend again. I am terribly sorry.” [Peter Padfield, “Hess: The Führer’s Disciple,” page 305]

However, Maj. Douglas M. Kelley, the American psychiatrist who was responsible for Hess during the trials, stated that he did have periods when he did remember his past. This included a detailed account of his flight to Scotland. Hess told Kelley that he had arrived without the knowledge of Hitler. Hess claimed that “only he could get the English King or his representatives to meet with Hitler and make peace so that millions of people and thousands of villages would be spared.” [J. R. Rees, “The Case of Rudolf Hess,” page 168]

The reaction of fellow prisoners was confused and not so enthusiastic. Göring was amazed and upset; and while he enjoyed the frustration of the court, he demonstrated considerable resentment that he had been so completely fooled. Von Schirach felt that such behavior was not the action of a normal man; and, while he enjoyed Hess’s jest upon the world, felt that it was not a gesture expected of a good German, whose position was as important as that of Hess. Ribbentrop became quite agitated and seemed to feel such action was not possible.

He stated, “But Hess did not know me. I looked at him. I talked to him. Obviously he did not know me. It is just not possible. Nobody could fool me like that.”

Years later, clues emerged. In a letter to his wife dated Jan. 15, 1944, Hess wrote:

I have been sitting here for literally several hours, wondering what I can write to you about. But I get no further; and that I regret to say is for a very special reason. Since sooner or later, you will notice it or find out about it, I may as well tell you: I have completely lost my memory. The reason for it I do not know. The doctor gave me a lengthy explanation, but I have meanwhile forgotten what it was.

Cameron and the OSS were doing this during WWII. Cameron was suspected of having been given access to Hess starting in 1943, but for certain in 1945. Before 1943, it was the British working Hess over. Hess and other captured hardcore Germans were this crew’s guinea pigs.

In this linked video, there is a presentation entitled the “Psychiatric Enigma of Rudolf Hess” based on his mental hospital internment before Nuremberg. It’s disingenuous, but there is important evidence here that “experts” ignore.

Starting on June 26, 1942, Hess was held at a small facility called Maindiff Court. Wikipedia points out that this facility had “electroconvulsive therapy treatment” and the Gwent Specialist Substance Misuse Service on site. Hess was “treated” by John Rawlings Rees, who was director of the notorious Tavistock Clinic. Rees was later president of the World Federation for Mental Health. Hess’ diaries record many meetings with Rees and Henry Dicks (also Tavistock) in which Hess accused his captors of attempting to poison, drug and “mesmerize” him.

In 1945 to 1946 after working over Hess, Dicks advised the Control Commission for Germany on de-Nazification and reseached so-called “collective psychopathology of authoritarian regimes.” He was a British physician of partial Jewish decent who moved in Freudian circles and thus injected that quackery (see Sigmund Fraud: the Father of Psychoanalysis and Neurotic Charlatan) into these projects, even hypothesizing that Hess and Hitler were homosexual lovers.

As people in the audience yucked it up, we learn by sheer coinkydink that hospital records admit to giving truth serums and observing “patient” paranoia and atypical amnesia that made no sense. “Paranoid” Hess thought he was given neurotoxins in his food. See The Use of the Neurotoxin Fluoride for Influencing Brain Function. He stated that he was worked over by strange glassy-eyed freakish individuals that in his so-called “paranoia” he felt were Jews. Who knows what drugs were administered to Hess, but this is not too dissimilar to what McGill’s victims described.

Where have we heard all this before? McGill? Ewen Cameron? Yes, that’s the ticket. If it wasn’t Cameron directly, it was his colleagues. We also learn at minute 43:30 that Hess, once in prison, started writing lucid, poetic letters home and demonstrated reasonable memory. Then they go into why Hess, right as he was about to be declared not fit to stand trial, suddenly proclaimed he was fine and had been pulling a ruse. But there is even logic to that when you consider he wanted to stay in the spotlight rather than go back to Cameron’s tortuous experiments.

Hess wrote to Oswald Mosley:

I have been imprisoned for four years now with lunatics, and had been at the mercy of their torture without being able to inform anybody of this. But the worst were the doctors, who employed their scientific knowledge for the most refined tortures.

I was given reports by British Consulates about the treatment of Jews in Germany according to … Jews. [I was told I was being treated] “like the Gestapo treats their political enemies.” … It was typical of the Jews to claim that their enemies did what they did themselves.

Apart from the chemical that caused toothache, there was unmistakably a strong laxative and a poison that irritated the mucous membrane in the strongest possible manner. The last was responsible for my nose stopping itself up with congealed blood, that I had a hemorrhage in my mouth, and that my bowels burned like fire. The doctor could not hide his satisfaction when there were signs of a hemorrhage in my intestines.

They had been hypnotized to torture me until I became crazy and finally to kill me; to do everything in such a manner that nothing could possibly be proven and that my complaints could be explained by auto suggestion.

[Bernard Hutton’s “Hess: the Man and his Mission,” 1970 (pp.160-165)]

At the trial, Hess faded in and out. It was not overtly jest. But also remember that Hess was a consummate political infighter with a high degree of cleverness, even in his reduced state. Some of the survivors of Cameron’s mad science at McGill in the 1950s were the same way.

At minute 4:02, the diminished Hess post-Cameron can be seen in court. Starting at 7:40, there is an informative interview with his former American warden, Eugene K. Bird, who became a close friend. Bird wrote a book about Hess’ imprisonment titled “The Loneliest Man in the World” (which I’m unable to locate in .pdf, the paperback is expensive, and there’re no other videos on Youtube). He describes Hess as very introverted, isolated but lucid in his old age.

1941, 10 May – Just before Germany’s 22 June ‘Operation Barbarossa’ invasion of the Soviet Union, Rudolf Hess is persuaded to fly to Britain on bogus ‘peace mission’.

1941, 12 May – Martin Bormann, takes Hess’ job running the Nazi party, controlling promotion and access to the Fuhrer.

1996, Sunday 1 September – Publication of ‘Op JB, The Last Great Secret Of The Second World War’ by John Ainsworth-Davis under the pen name Christopher Creighton because he is worried about being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. It details the top secret operation masterminded by Ian Fleming and Churchill’s private secretary Major Desmond Morton for commandos to rescue Bormann from Berlin, via canals, at the end of World War Two. The story is endorsed by letters from WWII Royal Navy intelligence commander turned author, Ian Fleming and Winston Churchill. Another endorsement later emerges by Lord Mountbatten of Burma.

Was the Nazi reign of terror a test-bed, or model, for a future authoritarian, technocratic regime which would ignite ‘perpetual war’ for its own political purposes? George Orwell predicted as much immediately after WWII.

‘It has been said that, as a young man, Winston Churchill was a member of the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt. In view of his tirelessly inquiring mind, it would not be very surprising if that were so.’

Dennis Wheatley, The Devil & All His Works, Hutchinson (1971)

Tony Gosling

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Quebec’s Duplessis Orphan Scandal

Cover Ups at All Levels.

Credit: Wikipedia

Silvio Day was an orphan and an orderly who worked at St. Jean de Dieu Hospital in the 1950’s and 1960’s. His task was transporting the corpses of fellow orphans killed in secret experiments, from the operating rooms downstairs to the basement morgue for later burial behind the hospital. In a three month period he moved 67 bodies and says that he saw children with holes bored in their heads and one with its brain falling out. Others were kept in straitjackets, lobotomized, given drugs and had experimental surgery done to them under the cruelest conditions. Doctors often targeted those children who had no families.

Day recalls, “One day there was a “priest” in the hospital known as Father Josef. Later I was shown a photo of Dr. Josef Mengele and I recognized him saying, ‘That is Father Josef.’ ” Father Josef worked in the hospital along with director Camille Laurin who would later become Quebec’s Minister of Health. Other photos have surfaced and Mengele is identified in many of them. Josef Mengele (16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) was a German SS officer and a physician in the Concentration camp Auschwitz.

There is credence to this story as Dr. Mengele escaped Europe in 1948, some say with the help of the Vatican, and then moved about to various countries in South America and then to points north including Montreal. His work at Auschitz involved Trauma-Based Mind Control and this became the basis for the MK-ULTRA program brought into effect by Allen Dulles of the CIA in 1953. It was this MK-ULTRA program that was used on the Duplessis orphans.

Dr. Ewen Cameron of Canada was also involved and as he had served as President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry during his career, he was asked in 1945 to evaluate war criminal Rudolph Hess’ psychological state at Nuremberg. Cameron is the subject of a book called, The Most Dangerous Game which traces the history of top-secret CIA mind control operation termed MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the his patients.

At the St. Jean de Dieu Hospital in Montreal, the graveyard was called the pigsty as the nun’s pigs were kept there. It is claimed that thousands of dead orphans were dumped there and countless others were sold to be dissected for $10.00 each to research facilities where no records exist anymore or never did. When the land was sold for development, workers found enough bones to fill countless boxes and bags that were obviously human but nobody would investigate further despite the public outcry.

Activist and author Rod Vienneau says that, “no court in the land wants to touch this place.” adding, “I have written hundreds of letters to every imaginable higher-official in the Vatican, in the Canadian government and in the U.S.; this is equivalent to the Canadian holocaust, but everyone in the Vatican, in the North American governments and in the media is covering it up.”

Perceived Closure and Compensation

Writer and Duplessis Orphan Representative Rod Vienneau, whose wife was a Duplessis orphan, spent seven years researching his book published in 2008 and titled Collusion: The Dark History of the Duplessis Orphans. He has interviewed orphans, medical staff, clerics, hospital directors, and nuns while also delving into the atrocities themselves. He is quoted as saying:”These criminals calling themselves doctors, have no consideration whatsoever for human lives, and I do believe, that their training came right out of Nazi Germany.”

After 18 years of getting the runaround from Quebec’s Justice system, attorney Jonathan Levy from Washington D.C. agreed to file a human rights complains with the UN Human Rights Council of Geneva. On November 29, 2010 the complaint was filed in an effort to seek justice from the Catholic Church, government ministries and even the media.

In 2012, the Duplessis Orphans finally accepted a settlement offered by the Quebec Government. Quebec Premier Bernard Landry offered a “fault-free” offer of compensation to the Duplessis Orphans. “It was the acceptance by our society of a sombre episode in our history.” Each person received a $10,000 lump sum and $1,000 for every year spent in an asylum, which means about $25,000 per person. The orphans had been hoping for a larger settlement but choose to accept the offer noting that,”considering that some of the people researching the scandals were making $1000.00 a day this compensation is insulting and ludicrous.”

The story of the Duplessis Orphans is not widely known in Canada thanks to cover ups and a lack of accountability on the part of the church and the government.  When one researches this deplorable era in Canadian history it is clear that many high powered people have ties to this story and wished to keep it quiet.  Sadly, no matter how many apologies are made and no matter how big the cheques for compensation, the sad truth is that countless men and women today have been robbed of productive meaningful lives and fulfilling relationships. Greed, cruelty and a lack of respect for humanity by those who were in a position of trust and power have taken all that away.


Nicky Molloy Sat, 06 May 2000 01:00:25 -0700

Subject: THE MONTAUK PROJECT by John Quinn 7/8


Research has shown an extraordinarily high level of involvement on the part
of certain families or clans--blood lines, in other words--in a great many
interdimensional activities and related operations along the lines of
Philadelphia/Montauk; members of which apparently possess specific psychic
and genetic characteristics which facilitate certain of these endeavors.
Many of these blood lines are German (Teutonic) and/or Celtic.

The primary psychic used in the "heyday" of the Montauk activities up until
1983 was Duncan Cameron, directly related to the truly horrible Ewen Cameron
who conducted the well-known experimental mind control research (mostly
drug-based with some EM/RF aspects also) at Montreal's Allan Memorial
Institute (mostly in the 1960s and early 1970s.). Duncan's father was deeply
involved with clandestine (and not so clandestine) government agencies which
funneled hordes of Nazi officials and scientists into this country; much of
this well before the end of WW2.

The Kennedy clan is historically related to the Cameron clan and Joseph
Kennedy, in his office as US ambassador to Great Britain, was unabashed in
support of Hitler even after WW2 began--in direct conflict with the position
and wishes of his president Franklin Roosevelt.

Masterminds of Philadelphia/Montauk and related operations are thoroughly
tied to the Nazi/Aryan agenda and even for lower level, non-esoteric,
noncritical activities and experiments will often utilize subjects with
"Aryan" genetic characteristics and blood lines: these people are often of
German or Celtic descent. The reason these groups have been "selected"
(let's not say "chosen") for such a thoroughly unenviable distinction in
connection with such activities is due to what project operators believe are
strong psychic, intuitive and mystical/ magical abilities inherent in people
of these races.

To whatever extent this may be true, those of Celtic/German descent are most
unfortunately being exploited in service of a truly hellish and
near-unremittingly evil agenda. It seems more and more evident that
cherishers of true human dignity and freedom must all use any powers we do
indeed possess; such as positivity of thought and strength of mind, body and
spirit, used with compassion and insight, to overturn and counteract the
operations of these despoilers of humanity to the greatest extent possible.

Aleister Crowley, a British intelligence agent with strong sympathies for
the Nazi movement in addition to (being) a well known "mystic", was
thoroughly in on much of this type of skullduggery earlier in the century,
employing his own peculiar mixture of mysticism, Aryan fascism, elements of
psychosexual mind (and astral) programming, and cloak-and-dagger weirdness.
The Crowleys also reputedly has clan connections to the prominent mystical
family Cameron and Aleister himself had strong connections to Montauk.

The Merovingian Bloodline

Fritz Springmeier

“The Curse of Canaan” is an interesting book along with its mate World Order by Eustice Mullins. One of the books which I looked with difficulty for before finding it, was Gerald Massey’s A Book of the Beginning (Secaucus, NJ: University Books, Inc., 1974.) The book goes in and shows in detail how the inhabitants of the British Isles came originally from Egypt. This is Important because (as this newsletter has always contended) the Druidism of the British Isles was simply a derivative from the Egyptian Satanic witchcraft/magic of Ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian word Makhaut (clan or family) became the the Irish Maccu of the Donalds (clan of Donalds) now reflected in the name MacDonald. The sacred keepers of the Clan-Stone in Arran, were also known by the family name of Clan-Chattons. Another word for clan is Mack and the Clan-Chattons were also known as Mack-Intosh. Ptah-rekh the name of the Egyptian god Ptah was passed down to us by the Druids adopting the name Patrick, which sounded similar. St. Patricks day then is a Christianized form of a druidic holiday which originally had its origins in Egypt. The All-Seeing Eye can be found on ancient buildings in ancient Chaldea, in ancient Greece, and in ancient Egypt.

The Illuminati is the continuation of the Mystery Religions of Babylon and Egypt. And the bloodlines of the Illuminati go back to people who at one time lived in Babylon and Egypt. Just how the House of David (the Satanic one) and the Holy Blood of the 13th family fit in with everything else in history I can’t say. I’m sure It would be a big story to tell If I knew. But I do feel that somehow the 13th Illuminati family does goes back to ancient times. Is this via the Tribe of Dan or via some Druidic bloodline or is it via the Merovingian’s or is it via all three’ And where do the Guelphs and Black Nobility fit Into this?

The 13th bloodline has kept its genealogies very secret. I would welcome more Input from informed persons about this bloodline. The tribe of Dan was prophesied to be the black sheep of the nation of Israel which would bite the other tribes of Israel. The tribe of Dan had the snake and the eagle as its two logos. The tribe of Dan left its calling card all over Europe as it migrated west in the names of many places. The tribe of Dan ruled the Greeks, the Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and many others which used the eagle as its logo.

Great Britain is the mother country of Satanism. Scotland has long been an occult center. The national symbol of Scotland is the dragon (the snake), and for years the chief of Scotland was called the dragon. The Gaelic language is an important language for Satanism, although English and French are also use extensively by the Illuminati. The planning sessions for world takeover that some ex-Satanists experienced were held in French.

The British Royal Family have long been involved with the occult. For more information on this there is a detailed examination of the Royal family and the occult in the book The Prince and the Paranormal -the Psychic Bloodline of the Royal Family by John Dale (1987).  They have also been actively involved with Freemasonry. (See the chart.) British MI6 has been a major vehicle for the Satanic hierarchy working behind the secret veil of Freemasonry to control world events.  British MI6 is the most secret intelligence organization in the world. (It is properly known as British Secret Service not to be confused with the U.S. agency by that name but performing a different function entirely.)

1. Interviews with numerous ex-witches and ex-Satanists.

2. Copies available from Bury House Christian Books, Clows Top, Kidderminster, Wores, DY 149HX, England.

3. Confidential interviews.

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