DOXXING is NOT Exposing

There are many idiots in the lunatic running the asylum style of intel and counter intel agents, particularly among the survivor crowd.

Pointing and accusing does not automatically gain you credibility or immunity.

And of course, the biggest piece of intel everyone needs to know. NO BODY EFFING CARES about your stupid flame wars with wackbag.

People are just staking positions within a medium and a context they do not understand. IMO.

The most interesting part of all of this is seeing peoples’ characters. Most people position themselves from the baby sucking tit position, which is my first clue to figuring out their game.

search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
“hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

Fine, certain people deserve to be doxxed. BUT NOT SVALI! Some douche bag doxxed Svali. Svali helps people.

She is a nurse. She works in her field and is applying her considerable inside knowledge to creating and implementing therapies that are scarcely available to the hard core MK and SRA survivors. But, because someone tracked down her address and workplace, they think she is a fraud, even though it all adds up.

Why wouldn’t a trained nurse practice her career to help others? The disconnect here appears to be, if she has a job and a place to live, she must be a phony. Do I need to go into the ludicrousness of this thought train? Her sister denies her claims. My sister denies my claims too, but hey she is on the max recommended dosage of 8 different meds and spent 15 years in an asylum and lives in what is basically an open air psyche ward, anytown ON. What is left of my mother and father’s family are ALL trying to cover their tracks now that this is coming out.

SEE UPDATE BELOW*Someone recently tried to dox/ expose Fiona Barnett which caused her to go dark. The attempt was ALL conjecture from a place of ignorance and total lack of intelligence analysis. I will give them good detective skills but no commanding officer would have authorized that release unless it was for nefarious purposes. Not that this doof had one. The programme runs itself now.

Eternal unaccountable crimes within our most valued professions (priests and kings of old- intercessors to the nephilim- sons of the fallen) have led to this. Now the survivors/ victims themselves are doing all the work!

Intelligence officers take note. You aught to be ashamed of yourselves that the weakest members of society are doing a better job than you for free against the biggest criminals, your bosses.

That goes for the medical and legal professions as well. Clean up your own professions. I can’t do everything.

Maybe Fiona has character flaws. I am pretty sure she does. Maybe her hubris trapped her front line of attack.  That is what you get in war games. But taking the baby out with the bathwater, no no no, that is not intelligence work.

Just because YOU can’t believe survivors are people too, working, creating, oh, GAUD FORBID, trying to help others, doesn’t mean they are frauds, charlatans, attention seekers. I mean think of it, who would do that for those reasons?

People who grew up watching TV in a post project paperclip, Mengele clone army inspired, pre apocalypse, moral relativistic Kultra? Maybe? Oh hey. You know what? I was there too! Idiots! You can not kid a kidder. You are the problem.

Some of us are talented, smart, funny, compassionate, ironic, goofy, poetic, and tyrannical. Every good quality has it’s other side. This is not news. Everybody, survivor or not, wrestles with this.

So don’t think  your positioning in the creatisphere guarantees you ANYTHING that puts you above or out of reach of basic human character traits. If you play that game, you are what I call, a Mystery School Fool, and that includes fake and ill informed Xtians.

Most of the survivors and people in the alt intel agent crowd who insert intel that is basically internal ramblings, conjecture, imagination and metaphors are SELLING what amounts to a fart in the bathtub.

You aren’t helping anyone. I know exactly who you are and if you come close to me the forces of nature around me naturally expose you. NONE of you have any authority over me. AND FUCK your lack of loyalty, lack of honor, lack of dignity, lack of intelligence. Fuck you. Go back to your baby bottle and short sell. AND the rest of you go back to your mengele playbook. He is still your handler. I know who you are.

  *SEE UPDATE BELOW. very important

UPDATE: May, 17th

Well the MK shit show low level operatives went to the rails this week. Everyone who should be exposed IS! YES..
SHURTER are top of the list.
we call that Fionagate.
enuf rope hung yourselves.
Same week Annett is ARRESTED by the VERY fucking new age cult that I know fully of so you are all busted. Sasha Stone is a sex cult guru. He has a eastern inspired orgy paradise ashram in Bali marketed as some save the world thing with mystery funding is now, placing the crown on notice to arrest Kevin Annett on charges, one being,sedition, where Stone reveals himself to be an agent of the crown.
And Robert David Steele, in typical CIA dumb ass parlance puts forth his learned opinion and reasoning for threatening and following through on that threat to have Kevin thrown in a psychiactic ward for evalutaion, “obvious lunatic with no legal standing.”
FYI, Neither do you fuck wad. unless you work for the cia and pull an op for the death cult in front of our noses. maybe..
You are henceforth blocked as being an obvious lunatic with no legal standing.  I will defer to the ITNJ as to what legal action, including referral of you as an individual (Mr. Kevin Annett) to the authorities for psychiatric evaluation and possible removal from the public sphere. 
Robert David Steele,


This is the very thing we are fighting against. this was done to our
parents ourselves our loved ones. these people are doing it to others
within the movement and we are not noticing? this is an occult ritual?
Kappy sacrificed with fionas energy all over it? is Kevin next? NO.
pick any rapper who died last weak to fill # 3 slot. I know how this
game operates.
Fiona is supporting this kangaroo court, that copied Kevin’s court,
that a fur sure. so did the guv. wow. just stop. horrible. as though
our institutions will not rise and your swiss indo 2.0  ecumenical
satan worship scam will not be exposed. will pied piper us to the fake
future of your own desires. no thanks. wrong. no consent. no fucks
given fuck off. stupid is actually the kindest way I could put it.
that is engaging these over the top gangstalking agent provocateur
moves. I heartily protest.

Where is abel danger in all this. broken apart. same shit. survivor nightmare. fuck off. this is  not what it is about.